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As the premier provider of amateur baseball events, hosting the highest quality of travel team tournaments and individual showcase events throughout the country, Perfect Game is passionate about raising awareness and utilizing best practices for the safety and care of its youth baseball players. That is why in early 2019, Perfect Game launched its “PG Athlete Safety Program” as its zero-tolerance campaign to prevent any type of abuse from occurring at PG baseball events. This is being done in conjunction with US Congress passing federal legislation to protect youth sport participants against would-be predators.

Parents can rest assured that Perfect Game will endeavor to promote a safe environment in Perfect Game events that is free from abuse, including emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, of any participating amateur athlete.

Effective immediately, Perfect Game is implementing the following company-wide practices for the prevention of sexual abuse and violent crimes at PG events nationwide:

  • Annual Background Checks to be conducted on all Perfect Game employees, umpires, and subcontractors*;
  • Annual Abuse Prevention Education Training to be completed by all Perfect Game employees, umpires, and subcontractors*;
  • Mandatory Reporting of suspected abuse to be required for all Perfect Game employees; and
    Company-wide implementation of Written Policies and Procedures for best practices to prevent emotional, physical, and sexual abuse of amateur athletes at PG events.

At Perfect Game, the safety of our youth participants is paramount, and parents can trust that Perfect Game is doing everything in its power to keep kids safe. The “PG Athlete Safety Program” serves as yet another example of Perfect Game carrying the torch as the industry leader - providing the highest quality amateur baseball events, while at the same time keeping youth athletes safe against abuse.

To complete a background check and Child Safety Training, click here - PG Athlete Safety Program

*Perfect Game encourages team coaches to participate in receiving annual background checks and abuse prevention education training through Perfect Game’s national provider. Additionally, Perfect Game encourages parents and players to contact other baseball event host organizations in the industry to learn more about what each one is doing to keep kids safe from abuse. Any questions, comments, or concerns related to Perfect Game’s “PG Athlete Safety Program” can be directed to Perfect Game at the following: betty@perfectgame.org or 319.298.2923 ext 106.