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High School  | Rankings  | 11/28/2023

Class of 2027 Rankings Risers

Tyler Russo     
Full Class of 2027 Rankings

Mac Morris
, MIF, Taylors, S.C.
New Rank: 10 | Prior Rank: 21

Although it was only 11 spots, any jump into the Top 10 of an entire class is a huge deal. Morris had one of the best showings you’ll ever see at the Freshman Worlds in West Palm, hitting .529 with over half of his hits going for extra bases, including a pair of home runs (with one being a walk-off in the semifinals), in addition to even more strong contact than that number shows. It’s a highly athletic profile, chalked full of big tools from arm strength to defensive capability to big offensive impact all while being only 5’10/160; he’s trending up in a pretty huge way right now.

Kaiden McCarthy, RHP, Chester, Vt.
New Rank: 16 | Prior Rank: 34

It has been a steady upward trend for McCarthy this year, as the stuff has made excellent strides across the board, and now he’s establishing himself as one of the better arms in the entire class. He’s an athletic right-hander who now lives consistently in the upper-80s, peaking at 90, and his secondaries are coming along nicely; he has a bunch to build on and plenty more in the tank. He turned in nice outings this fall, and even played up in travel ball’s biggest event (Jupiter) at ONLY 15.

Brayden Landry, SS, Puyallup, Wash.
New Rank: 17 | Prior Rank: 44

Landry is way on the younger end of this class, so he played on the 14U circuit this fall, and he made the most of his events hitting over .500 at the 14U World Championship, on his way to MVP honors, and then .460 at National All-State. He’s a dynamic athlete who can impact in a number of ways, obviously with the bat with high contact rates and sneaky extra-base impact, while defensively he stands out in a big way on the dirt as someone who easily fits the middle.

Levi Leathers, 3B, Waco, Texas
New Rank: 18 | Prior Rank: 53

Leathers is like Landry in that he’s young, so he also played 14U this fall, shining at National All-State as well where he hit a ridiculous .733 and took home MVP honors of the event. He’s a big 6’2/175 right-handed hitting corner guy who has an exciting blend of now juice and leverage with pretty significant long-term power upside at his size. He’s already getting separated with consistency and some of the impact he creates is hard to match in this class, even this young.

Rylan McMahan, LHP, Green Cove Springs, Fla.
New Rank: 33 | Prior Rank: 66

Prior to Freshman Worlds, the last time we saw McMahan was back in the spring where he was pitching into the mid-80s with the same deal of upside he has presently; in West Palm, he was 88-90 from the left side with a really fast arm, clean delivery, feel for solid secondaries and the size/components to dream big on. It’s easy to see why he’s trending up in such a significant way.

Kyler Meccage, OF/LHP, Bradenton, Fla.
New Rank: 44 | Prior Rank: NR

This fall was the first time we’ve seen Meccage on the national stage and it was a huge showing in terms of production and what he’s likely to become. He hit over .500 at Freshman, with near half of his hits going for extra bases, using a loose and pretty left-handed swing to impact the baseball in a big way to all fields. Pair that with the fact that he can hop on the mound and run it into the upper-80s from the left side with a good breaker and you’ve got a high-end two-way follow.

Jacob Seamon, OF, Waxhaw, N.C.
New Rank: 50 | Prior Rank: 80

Seamon is yet another on this list that is super young for this class, at only 14.3 right now, and you wouldn’t think it when you see him standing at 6’4/165. He hit well in a couple events this fall, showing that the handle of the barrel with his longer limbs at his age stands out, while the biggest draw here is that the upside of the profile overall is hard to match given all the aspects.

Christopher Wall, C, Gotha, Fla.
New Rank: 51 | Prior Rank: 100

All Wall has done this year is hit at every stop and doing it in a few big events this fall was the key for this jump he made nationally. He has hit over .400 across 45 games on the circuit this year, with hitting traits that include fast hands, good pitch recognition and an ability to make necessary adjustments, all while being a solid defender behind the dish to add to the profile.

Aidan Kent, RHP, Irvine, Calif.
New Rank: 63 | Prior Rank: NR

It was some really brief work at Freshman Worlds that was enough to be a coming out party on the national stage for Kent, as the 6’7/200 right-hander (AT STILL 14) pitched at 86-89 for an inning under the lights, showing that he produces it pretty easy and has an obviously monster ceiling if everything continues to click. There are things to progress on, but the upside is huge.

Nathaniel Fuller, OF, Little Silver, N.J.
New Rank: 99 | Prior Rank: 195

Any time you go and hit almost .600 across a circuit of fall events, there’s a good chance you’re going to find yourself trending up, and this was certainly the case for Fuller. He’s a solid athlete with explosive aspects to his game, showing up in the left-handed swing where he creates both big bat speed and jump off the barrel, while also having real arm talent and can run a good bit.

Blake Gonzales, 3B, Casa Grande, Ariz.
New Rank: 114 | Prior Rank: 194

Gonzales was certainly busy this fall as he played in a number of different events, shining a good bit across all of them. He has steadily gotten more physical, which brings an exciting element to his game of being able to create some really strong impact off the barrel, but also enhancing his ability to make adjustments and pick up hits even without getting some of his better swings off.

Jayden Pearl, OF, Mt Juliet, Tenn.
New Rank: 125 | Prior Rank: 199

While many on this list used their respective World Championships to make a big statement this fall, Pearl used the talent-filled High School All-State event to show that the tools he has are no joke. He’s got a really exciting blend of physicality and athleticism, running a 6.77 while also producing a peak exit velocity of 97 MPH; it’s big tools and has performed in game action too.

Ryan Noll, C, Germantown, Md.
New Rank: 126 | Prior Rank: 224

Noll was one of the big winners of the Freshman Worlds event after hitting .636 there with well over half of his hits being for extra bases. He’s 6’1/178 with good looseness to the swing, but it is the bat speed and impact he creates that stands out immensely, being able to drive the ball in the air all over the yard already; he also has real arm strength that plays well behind the plate.

Daniel Padilla, OF, Ocoee, Fla.
New Rank: 177 | Prior Rank: 302

Padilla is really starting to come into his own offensively as the combination of his good all-fields approach with his quick/clean swing from the left side bodes well for when the power naturally comes given he’s 6’3/200 and has yet to mold into the likely left-handed power bat he could be.

Ty Beck, OF, Farmington, Minn.
New Rank: 178 | Prior Rank: NR

It only took a couple games of looks at Beck to see that there is certainly something interesting there and he did it on a big stage down in West Palm Beach. He hit a triple and a bomb early on at Freshman World, showing both a really good swing from the left side and the obvious ability to create strong impact already; the profile checks a bunch of boxes and he’ll be followed close.

Grant Stafford, MIF, Lufkin, Texas
New Rank: 181 | Prior Rank: NR

Stafford has shined in different spurts this year but has really started to come into his own this fall as he brings a ton to the table in terms of easy things to like. It’s a simple and smooth left-handed swing as he sprays the field already with his barrel skills and can grow into some impact given the size/lack of physicality. Add in that he’s also a high-level defender on the dirt and you have an intriguing left-handed hitting middle-infielder profile that is plenty far from his ceiling.

Jalen Bowman, OF, Phoenixville, Penn.
New Rank: 182 | Prior Rank: NR

Bowman had a strong year with the bat coming into this fall and followed that up with a few solid showings across the circuit he played, including Freshman Worlds. He’s a twitchy athlete with real barrel skills to go with a good approach, athleticism and plenty of room to grow into some more impact given he just turned 15 and stands at a good foundation of 5’11/155 now.

Ryder Simon, RHP/1B, Orlando, Fla.
New Rank: 189 | Prior Rank: High Follow

Simon went to 2 of the biggest events of the fall and just showed well at both. He’s a 6’5/185 primary arm who can run the fastball into the mid-80s with good traits to continue to see the velocity tick up, while he also has a good swing and some of the biggest power in this group.

Payne Hotman, C/OF, Tyler, Texas
New Rank: 193 | Prior Rank: 277

Hotman is already starting to trend up in terms of his tools, as he showed at the High School All-State; he’s an athletic catcher with a big arm, already into low-80s from behind the dish, and is also athletic enough to play the outfield where he’s got a low-90s arm at barely 15. Offensively, it’s a strong combination of intent on each swing and bat speed, creating steadily hard contact.

Gavin Ruvalcaba, OF/LHP, Hialeah, Fla.
New Rank: 200 | Prior Rank: High Follow

It only took a couple events to see it, but Ruvalcaba is someone that looks the part of a young prospect that can continue to trend up from even this new spot. He’s 6’0/175 with a clean and functional swing, allowing him to be steadily on the barrel, while creating nice lift even without being super physical; he also can work the low-80s from the left side with arm talent and feel for spin.

Brady Holliday, MIF, Stillwater, Okla.
New Rank: 203 | Prior Rank: NR

Holliday is on the smaller end physically right now, but fundamentally he is as sound as anyone on this list or in this class on both sides. He’s a table-setter with real barrel skills and ability to use his hands to spray the field; defensively, the instincts, range, timing and glove work are all really good. As he starts to grow, the foundation is certainly there to be an impactful prospect.

Cooper Devries, OF/RHP, Simpsonville, S.C.
New Rank: 221 | Prior Rank: Top 1000

DeVries is trending up in a big way as the tools really start to show from power in the bat to arm strength and plenty in between. He’s physical and has some explosiveness, generating big impact in the bat when he gets squared, while the arm talent in running it into the upper-80s on the mound is certainly something to monitor given there’s probably a lot more in there soon.