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Tournaments  | Story  | 6/10/2023

Metaprime's powerful hitting earns victory

Hannah Jo Groves     
Metaprime Scout Team 2024's offense dominated 5 Star Tampa White 18-7 in five innings. 

Though the teams went back and forth through the first four innings, Metaprime ran away with the game in the top of the fifth - getting 10 runs on the board.

Second baseman Mario Magana sparked the offense with a perfectly-placed ball to left field for a three-run double in the second inning - keeping the fire burning with two RBIs in the fifth.  

"I was just hunting the fastball," Magana said. "First fastball I saw, I crushed it."

No matter what different defensive strategies or how many pitchers it sent out, the 5 Star defense could not contain the solid hitting from Metaprime. 

Adding to Magana's five RBIs, shortstop Devyn Rolle contributed three of his own, along with Gianni Rademacher, Adam Hernandez and Trevor King all getting two and Elijah Andino, Chase Turner and EJ Ofstein each adding one as well. 

"Stay short through the ball," Metaprime head coach Chase Turner said. "Keep your head still. Keep it in the circle. Focus on just making solid contact. Focus on the sweet spot. Be patient. Stay relaxed."

Before Metaprime's dominance in the fifth inning began, 5 Star Tampa showed its strength and perseverance through the first four. 

Two-way player Brady Michaels hit a two-run single in bottom of the third. Jordin Reynolds also contributed two RBIs on the game, hitting a well-placed ball out of reach from the Metaprime left fielder for his first. 

Also contributing were Elijah Sayre, Michael Dressendorf and Jacob Rief - each with one RBI on the board. 

Though 5 Star was able to come back from behind and keep pace with Metaprime for an inning, they ultimately could not stifle Metaprime's explosive offense. 

"We only had nine players and we really worked together today," Turner said. "[We] didn't have a lot of pitching, but we found a way to win. I'm just proud of everybody."

Metaprime will try to continue their success on Saturday at 10:15 a.m. against SWFL 2024 Select at Fort Myers High School.