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Tournaments  | Story  | 11/23/2022

9u Top Performers & 11u All State Games Standouts

John McAdams     
Photo: Perfect Game
Given the abundance of talent on the fields at the East Cobb Complex during the National All-State Select Championships, we would like to continue to highlight Players to Watch after the conclusion of the event.
*With so much time and room for these players to grow and mature, we will not use any scouting verbiage in describing these player's skills, but rather just highlight them as standouts from the event.

9U Top Performers (Hitting/Pitching)

11U Standouts

Leyland Henry (Texas)
Boston Targac (Texas)

Oliver Emmons-Boden (Carolina)

Cannon Browne (Pacific NW) 
Brayden Worthen (Texas)

Maddox McBryde (Texas) 
Jaxxon Hanen (Arizona)

Maykel Jimenez (Northeast) 
Jesse Soberal Jr (Northeast)
Jason Spray, Jr. (Alabama)

Rocco Lamotte (California) 
Aiden "ACE" Gonzalez (Texas)
Landon Bono (South Florida)
Karsten Dunmar (Arizona)
Calvin Madenspacher (Carolina)

Christopher Cabrera (South Florida) 
Jett Schoolcraft (Pacific NW)
Josiah Lavea-Aldridge (Nevada)
Luca Briggs (Chesapeake)
Amari Kirschner (Pacific NW)
Jacoby Laranio (Nevada)

Jacob Miller (California) 
Brandon Sweeney (California)
Jeremiah Dorsey (Chesapeake)
Trevor Lujan (South Florida)

Triton Wong (Hawaii) 
Amani Tuiasosopo (Pacific NW)
Noah Drew (Georgia)

Brenner Brown (South Florida) 
Matias Pelaez (Northeast)

Tillman Bellotto (Texas)