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2022 Top Prospects

Max Bianchini  RHP - 2022 - Schaumburg, IL

Bianchini was 84-85 mph with clean mechanics, and he shows a bright future on the mound. He has a long and lanky 6-foot-3, 150-pound frame with plenty of room to fill, and there is a lot of projection to like as he continues to grow and develop.

Josh Ortiz  RHP - 2022 - Portage, IN

Ortiz had a loud round of BP, sending multiple balls to deep left field and showcasing his power potential. In addition to his present bat speed and barrel control, he flashed his arm strength on the mound, running his fastball up to 83 mph.

Blake Daubenmier  1B - 2022 - Cedar Rapids, IA

Daubenmier has an uber projectable 6-foot5, 190-pound frame, and his long levers help produce gap to gap carry off the barrel. His impact potential is exciting given the physical projection.

Braydon Cooper  RHP - 2022 - Waukesha, WI

Cooper utilizes a smooth and controlled motion on the bump and showed good command of his fastball at 84 mph. He has a large 6-foot-3, 198-pound frame, and he flashed a three-pitch mix that has potential with added development.

Ryder Derouin  C - 2022 - Mukwonago, WI

Derouin has some projectable components on the mound that make him an intriguing prospect. He has a lanky 6-foot-3, 185-poiund frame with room to fill, and the arm action is quick and whippy. He flashed a sharp slider and generated nice two-plane break on the curveball.

Max Nemickas  OF - 2022 - Cedar Rapids, IA

Nemickas showcased his arm strength in a big way, recording an event-best 88 mph from the outfield. He utilizes an aggressive approach and displayed good intent to his actions.

2023 Top Prospects

Mark Quatrani  C - 2023 - Springfield, PA

Quatrani is a tooled-up prospect that put up some impressive numbers in this one. He threw 89 mph form the infield, recorded a 94 mph exit velocity, and produced a 1.81 second pop time at 81 mph, all of which were event-bests.

Jackson Muir  3B - 2023 - Ann Arbor, MI

Muir put multiple tools on display in this one, running a sub-7 sixty yard dash and throwing 88 mph across the infield. He has present athleticism and the body projects. He ran his fastball up to 85 mph on the mound, showing some intriguing two-way potential.

Johnny Checheris  RHP - 2023 - Chanhassen, MN

Checheris was powerful on the mound and at the plate, as he ran his fastball up to 86 mph and recorded a 95 mph exit velocity. He does everything with high intent, and his secondary pitches were quite impressive during his bullpen.

Sam Marek  RHP - 2023 - Excelsior, MN

Marek stands at a tall and lanky 6-foot-2, 175-pounds, and projects very well on the mound. He has a live arm with plenty of whip to it, and he ran his fastball up to 85 mph. He displayed a four-pitch mix to boot, including a curveball with swing and miss traits.

Cooper Thompson  SS - 2023 - Marion, IL

Thompson is a solid all-around player that put on a good showing in this one. His best tool is his glove, and he shows smooth actions and footwork with soft hands at shortstop. His bat is nothing to scoff at though, as he displayed a projectable and fluid swing in the box.

Roderick Tanamor  SS - 2023 - Davenport, IA

Tanamor is another talented shortstop that showed well in all facets, flashing smooth actions and soft hands while also recording an 87 mph exit velocity. He displayed definite feel for the barrel, as he was consistently on time and produced line drive contact.

2024 Top Prospects

Preston Barr  3B - 2024 - Harper Woods, MI

Barr was a standout, two-way prospect in this one, showing smooth and athletic actions in the infield while running his fastball up to 87 mph off the mound. There is a lot to like about his potential on both sides of the ball, and there are plenty of pieces to project on for the future.

Tanner Warner  RHP - 2024 - Kansas City, MO

Warner showcased a quick arm in the outfield and on the mound, where he topped out at 86 mph and 83 mph, respectively. He flashed impressive movement on both his fastball and curveball, showing a nice two-pitch mix for his age.

Saahas Jetti  RHP - 2024 - Urbandale, IA

Jetti is a projectable young prospect with plenty of physical development still remaining, and he showed a nice mix of actions and arm strength in this one. He recorded throws up to 85 mph from the outfield, and displayed smooth and effortless actions in the infield. There is plenty more velocity to come for him on the mound.

Easton Bobb  LHP - 2024 - Chippewa Falls, WI

Bobb is a young left-hander with a loose arm that projects well on the mound. He ran his fastball up to 82 mph and showed good depth to his secondaries, flashing a curveball with two plane break and a changeup that played well off his fastball

Brady Lash  LHP - 2024 - Medina, MN

Lash showed some intriguing two-way potential by taking a solid round of BP and running his fastball up to 81 mph. The left-hander's stuff moves all over the place, making for a tough at bat and flashing signs of real swing and miss potential with the three-pitch mix.

Reid Meier  OF - 2024 - Cedar Rapids, IA

Meier put up some formidable numbers in this one, running an event-best 6.91 second sixty yard dash and throwing 81 mph from both the outfield and on the mound. He has smooth and clean actions in everything he does, and he has a great chance to improve as he gets stronger.

Matthew Stoltenberg  SS - 2024 - Hiawatha, IA

Stoltenberg is another young prospect with clean actions who does everything with relative ease. He has quick feet and he moves well in the infield, where he recorded throws across at 83 mph. He topped out at 83 mph with a smooth operation on the mound and he will continue to gain velocity as he grows.

Keegan Waters  RHP - 2024 - Morris, IL

Waters is a big-bodied right-hander that sat 80-82 mph. There is some strength to the frame, and he has upside on the mound as he continues to develop and clean up his delivery.

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