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Tournaments  | Story  | 10/5/2022

Freshman Worlds Kicks Off in West Palm

Blake Dowson     
Photo: Rookie Shepard (Perfect Game)
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – The WWBA Freshman World Championship will begin its 10th iteration on Thursday, Oct. 6 and run through Monday, Oct. 10 when a champion is crowned inside the stadium at FITTEAM Ballpark of the Palm Beaches.

Twenty-three states, as well as Canada and Puerto Rico, will be represented across the 116 teams signed up to participate in the WWBA Freshman World Championship.

The stars of the 2026 class will be out at the Freshman event. Eight of the top-10 prospects in the class will be in attendance – Rookie Shepard (No. 1), Quentin Young (No. 2), Kruz Schoolcraft (No. 3), Deion Cole (No. 4), Alex Harrington (No. 7), Kevin Roberts Jr (No. 8), Lorenzo Laurel (No. 9), and Beau Peterson (No. 10). Shepard, Young, Cole, and Roberts will all be playing for MLB Breakthrough Series 2026, instantly making that team one to beat at the event.

Overall, 39 of the top-100 prospects from the 2026 class are rostered for the event, and only 17 of those top-100 prospects have made their college commitments.

MBA 2026 Scout Team claims quite a bit of that top-100 talent, with Brady Harris (No. 12), Aiden Arnett (No. 13), Wilson Andersen (No. 18), Brayden Harris (No. 23), Ethan Wheeler (No. 40), and Tyler Ellis (No. 79) on the roster. Canes National 15u must also be included among the on-paper favorites, with Alex Harrington (No. 7), Andrew Costello (No. 19), Brady Murrietta (No. 22), Carson Bolemon (No. 24), Hunter Harrington (No. 30), Gabriel Milano (No. 75), Will Hynes (No. 80), and Colton Haire (No. 98) suiting up for the club.

For more information on the WWBA Freshman World Championship, including ranked players and scores/schedules, click here.

PG Tech in Attendance at WWBA Freshman World Championship

If you are thinking of attending a Perfect Game Showcase and want to know how your numbers will stack up against the competition, PG Tech is offering an opportunity to find out for free at the WWBA Freshman World Championship.

PG Tech will be setting up a hitting cage at the Freshman event where you can measure your max exit velocity and see what your percentile would be at a PG Showcase. This experience is free for all tournament players. After you measure your swing, you will also have the paid option to post the results to your PG profile or get a breakdown of your swing and a personalized plan to improve it.

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