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Softball | Softball Tournament | 10/22/2021

KC Fall Showcase Scout Notes

Photo: Perfect Game
The champions of the showcase, Heartland Havoc 05, had a great showing and it was known around the ballpark. Kendra Lewis (2024, Milan, Ill.) had a great mix of pitches to show off. Her rise ball came right through the zone to get the batters swinging, but rising just enough that it was untouchable.
Along with Lewis, Heartland Havoc had Payton Brown (2023, Taylor Ridge, Ill.), a right-handed pitcher, who was hitting 55-57 mph consistently. Brown pitched in the championship game for Havoc, in just 2 2/3 innings pitched she had 4 hits, 3 strikeouts and only 1 walk. Brown helped her team get the win defensively along with hitting a solo home run to tally on a run offensively.
Finalists Southeast IA Allstars 16u Gold-Hall put a good fight in the final championship game. The small but mighty Ysabel Lerma (2024, Muscatine, Iowa) had a solid drive Sunday afternoon off the fence in left field to help her team advance to the championship game.
Kierra Goos (2023, Manhattan, Kan.) with Nebraska Gold 816 16u had some power moves in the circle over the weekend. The right-handed pitcher consistently hit 55-57 mph on her pitches and worked every inch of the zone. Goos had bases loaded with 1 out and she got back-to-back strikeouts to get her team out of the inning without letting a run score.
MN Waves-Nessler 16u had a great showing as well. Right-handed pitcher Addie Bowers (2023, Saint James, Minn.) consistently hit 60 mph pitches, mixing in a drop ball and coming back with the rise to leave batters chasing. Saturday morning Bowers started off with a back-to-back-to-back strikeout inning to introduce herself in the circle.
Sydney Jacobs (2023, Mankato, Minn.) was the definition of a leadoff batter for the MN Waves-Nessler 16u. Jacobs consistently put the ball in play and used her speed to guarantee herself on base. The runner continuously clocked in at 2.8 seconds to first base. Jacobs had some major power slaps to get the Waves a few RBI over the weekend, helping them get as far as they did.
Molly Roe (2024, Davenport, Iowa) with Southeast IA Allstars 16u Gold/Blk played the position of pitcher well along with keeping her pitches speed between 55-57 mph. Roe worked every inch of the zone to keep batters on their toes. Roe was quick to respond to a pass ball on Sunday and helped herself out by getting the stealing runner from third out on the tag.
MN Force- Bruzek brought Maddy Anthony (2025, Oakdale, Minn.) into the circle and she showed great up-and-in spin on the ball while keeping it in the 57-60 mph range. Anthony had a nice hidden release that kept batters questioning where it was going to cross the plate.
Hayden Nelson (2025, Wahoo, Neb.) with Nebraska Gold 16u Jarzobski had a feel for the barrel and she showed it. Sunday morning Nelson had a full count on her with bases loaded and she drove the ball to straight center field over the fence. Nelson definitely helped her team to win that game as the score ended 8-4. Nelson also had a natural scoop playing third base and a strong arm across the diamond.
So Cal Athletics Marinakis/Jaquish 24 National’s very own Jamison Gilman (2025, Century, Fla.) brought it in the circle. Gilman had great spin to her off-speed that left batters waiting and chasing. Gilman kept her pitches at 57 mph, while doing her part and playing the position as well to get results.
Maddie Jo Holtry (2025, St.Charles, Iowa) with Nebraska Gold 515 15u showed great potential on the field. Holtry showed great leadership defensively at shortstop, and she didn’t let any play get her down. A hard-hit grounder she may have bobbled she was quick to recover with an on-point throw to first for the out. Holtry also had speed on the bases to get herself on and continuously move around them.

-Molly Reyes

Natalie Pratt (2024, Blue Grass, Iowa) of Lady Hitmen 06 had a strong arm behind the plate and enabled her to throw out runners at second base with no problem. Her athletic stance and quick feet helped her to stay ahead of runners. Consistently she was hitting middle-of-the-ball with hard contact hits.
The quick-footed center fielder Hannah Green (2023, Kansas City, Mo.) of Athletics Jendro Russell was a standout player on base and in the field. Her quick feet gave her the advantage in gaining bases with multiple steals to third. As a left-handed batter her slapping ability was consistent with constant hits to the 5-6 hole. In center field she was aggressive at the ball and was consistent with the extra stride to snag short fly balls. Promising future for the quick-footed outfielder.
Catcher Makena Hall (2025, Aurora, Mo.) of Regal Athletic 16U stood out behind the plate with a strong glove to frame in strikes and quick feet to jump into place to block the ball. She was a wall behind the plate with resilient blocking ability. As a three-hole batter she often hit middle contact of the ball resulting in line drive hits to holes in the outfield to follow with aggressive baserunning to push for another base when the opportunity arose.
Right-handed pitcher Kaelee Washington (2024, Saint Joseph, Mo.) of Select Fastpitch 16 Salazar/Chester had a quick windup with average mid-60s with her pitches. Her changeup was a touch lower to cause a hiccup in the opponents swing for a miss or watched strike. With excelling movement in her pitches, she had a strong rise ball and screwball added into the mix that made her a knockout pitcher. In one game she had 11 strikeouts that attributed to a win for her team. With the accuracy and movement on this pitcher she has a promising future for the next level.
Ava Smith (2023, Waukee, Iowa) of Iowa Bandits had a powerful swing with an even stance that gave her multiple home runs. In one game alone she had two home runs and four RBI. With middle-of-the-ball contact she was consistent with line drive hits to the fence. As a center fielder she was aggressive to run up on pop flies to snag outs.
Carley Stych (2025, Omaha, Neb.) of Bish’s RV Softball was solid as a right-handed pitcher and second baseman. As a pitcher she had a quick windup with accuracy to follow. In 5 1/3 innings pitched, she allowed zero walks and zero runs with only one hit allowed. As a second baseman she had wide range on the field and was successful to snag some deep hits to get the out at first base.

-Rachel Klipper

Emily Koranda (2025, Marion, Iowa) stood out among the rest for her athleticism and skill. This 5-foot-6 right-handed pitcher takes reign in the circle, having collected the top number of strikeouts, with a total of 42. Koranda has an elite four-plus pitch mix, highlighting her rise ball that clears the zone and continues to climb. She is an all-star at the plate as well, tallying up some impressive numbers: .550 average., five doubles, 13 RBI, and 9 scored runs. This hitter drives through the ball, reaching full extension, and giving a slight lift to pop. True competitor with a huge future in the sport.
Teammate Addison Gralund (2025, Marion, Iowa) is a strong partner in Eastern Iowa Select’s pitching staff. She keeps the pace of the game in rhythm and has a quick arm circle. This hurler controls the zone, hitting her corners. She has a rise ball with late life that results in swing-and-miss, having a total of 11 strikeouts, going 2-0 in the circle.
Kayden Apodaca (2026, Artesia, N.M.) is a top pitching competitor with a massive pitch-mix repertoire. She has a quick, complete circle movement and targets the zone with consistently tight spins and movement. Each of her spins present late breaking and leaves batters struggling with eleven strikeouts. She pitched a no-hitter against KC Ambush 07. Excited to watch this hurler mature even more in the game.
Allyson Orth (2026, Wichita, Kan.), hurler for 316 Elite 14U, has fluid arm speed and tight spins that keeps batters guessing. This 5-foot-6 right-handed pitcher hits her spots and finds all four quadrants. With this repertoire, she produces swing-and-miss results, tallying up 16 strikeouts. In the box, Allyson consistently finds the barrel of the bat. She has a simple swing that stays short to the ball. This two-way player finished with a .455 average.
Her partner behind the plate is Gabriella Uffendell (2026, Wichita, Kan.). A confident player with high softball IQ, this catcher is quick behind the plate, with solid blocking fundamentals. She takes charge of the field. At the plate, she takes the ball to all areas of the field. She has a consistent bat path, and a strong, balanced lower body. She hit .500 this weekend with six base hits.
Alexia Born (2025, Eudora, Kan.), 5-foot-7 catcher for Team Kansas - Rogers, is a talented two-way player both as a gifted hitter and catcher. The 5-foot-9 righty presents impressive blocking fundamentals and a cannon of an arm, catching runners attempting to steal. She also swings a mighty bat, with a smooth connect through the zone. She finds the barrel of the bat to produce plus pop on the ball and sprays the field with significant power. She racked up two home runs, five hits, five RBI, and crossed the pay station five times. An absolute competitor.
Jazmyn Brown (2026, Holden, Mo.) is a quick hurler with a diverse pitching combo, including a curveball that paints the corners, jamming batters with her late-life spins. She put a win under her belt in the circle, racking up eight strikeouts in a single game. Another right-handed pitcher, Alayna Vaeth (2026, Olathe, Kan.) is a young, aggressive pitcher who hits her spots. She can work both high and low finishing at the ceiling of the zone and low in the zone that produces ground balls. She fields her position in the circle cleaning. She knocked out a win against Team Kansas - Rogers, with five strikeouts.
Darby Burnett (2026, Roger, Ark.), a 5-foot-7 right-handed pitcher, commands the zone and throws strikes. This hurler is confident in her pitches and spins the ball well. She throws hard, with an incredible amount of speed in the 14U division. She has a five-pitch repertoire that sits between 56-58 mph. She stands out for her rise ball that hits the ceiling of the zone. Doing just the same is Kendal Morelock (2026, Cottleville, Mo.) is a young hurler who paints the corners and finishes with an elite rise ball. She has a four-plus mix pitch, each with tight spin and control in the zone. This weekend, she racked up 15 strikeouts.
Another two-way player is Hailey Prince (2025, Checotah, Okla.) of Oklahoma Intimidators 14U. This 5-foot-10 right-handed pitcher uses her long legs to create a huge stride and power to her pitch. She commands the zone and hits her spots. She has the ability to find those rivers, more impressively, she has a late-break curveball that cuts into that inside corner and jams batters. She accumulated 10 strikeouts. She is a presence at the plate as well, with a short cut to the ball and long extension through.
Teammate Hannah Focht (2025, Council Hill, Okla.) supported her offensively, leading the team with a .615 batting average. This hitter has neutral stance, with strong rotation in her lower half, producing major pop for power results. She smashed the ball, with amazing lift in her connection, spraying the field with hard hit balls. Her stats this weekend included eight hits, one home run, five RBI, and four runs. Absolute competitor with a bright future in the game. 
Hope Konkler (2026, Bentonville, Ark.) is a 5-foot-6 righty who throws a diverse pitching combo with late break movement. Her spins have batters chasing outside the zone. She has great stride length off the mound and hits the corners. Her most impressive numbers in the circle were nine strikeouts in a single game. At the plate, she marked up six RBI, but more impressively, her plus speed gave her the ability to execute five stolen bases. Teammate Macie Ramsey (2027, Huntsville, Ark.) has a smooth, clean cut that gets her bigs hits for Athletics Jendro 14U. This young slugger stays short to the ball and drives through, with great pull-side power. She knocked in five RBI with four base hits.
Abby Mecklenburg (2026, Marion, Iowa) has plus speed around the bases, with a strong baserunning IQ. She racked up nine runs across the pay station, including two stolen bases. At the plate, she is a disciplined hitter, with a great zone awareness.
Maileigh King (2025, Gardner, Kan.) is a lefty slapper who has the ability to make good contact and play small ball. She has a plan at the plate, reads defenders, and makes adjustments to keep fielders scrambling. She keeps that barrel out in front, has soft hands, and is quick out of the box. This speed and skill got her six base hits and seven RBI, with a .563 OBP. Top prospect for a top-of-the-lineup hitter.
Maya Schroeder (2025, Stillwater, Minn.) is a dynamite hitter who racked up some impressive numbers this weekend including three home runs, six RBI, and six runs on the board. This slugger presents a wider stance, with strength in her bottom half. She has a smooth cut through the zone and strong feel for the barrel, with power to the middle of the field. She has plus speed and high running IQ, making extra bases out of fielding errors. Huge prospect as an offensive player.
5-foot-1 Emile Amezcua (2026, Greenwood, Mo.) is a slugger for Select Fastpitch 13U, and has a solid swing. She has a controlled load, with powerful hips and hands through the zone. She completed full extension through contact, and her swing is flat through the plane. She led her team offensively with a .727 average, eight base hits, seven doubles, four RBI, and four runs.
Emily Tracy (2025, Woodbury, MN) is a slugger who makes hard contact with gap-to-gap power. She has a clean cut that clears the zone and produces line drive, well hit balls. At the plate, she racked up really impressive numbers; seven hits, five singles, one homer, eight RBI, and averaged .583.
Addison Cole (2026, Kansas City, Mo.) presents a wider stance, with a long stride in her load. She keeps her hands inside the ball, clearing her hips to the inside pitch, and drives it deep into the outfield. She has fast hands and is aggressive early in the count, with gap power. She has a smooth cut and a strong feel for the barrel, having a .545 average for the weekend.
Mackenley Munson (2025, Oak Grove, Mo.), slugger for KC Peppers 07, consistently showed up at the plate. She has a quick, clean with with an elite pop on the ball. She makes solid contact and makes things happen on the field. This hitter sprayed the field with two base hits, including a home run and six hits for the weekend.
Mackenzie Turney, (2026, Blue Springs, Mo.) is a talented two-way player both as a gifted hitter and utility player. This 5-foot-9 hitter uses her strong bottom half to drive the ball through full extension. She has a great feel for the barrel and racks up base hits, including a home run and 5 RBI.
Tanna Howe (2026, Warsaw, Mo.), shortstop for KC Peppers 07, is an aggressive hitter who strikes early on in the count. She has a controlled load, with powerful hips and hands through the zone. She completed full extension through contact, and her swing is flat through the plane. This hitter produces base hits, including five singles and five RBI.
Jesenia Solis (2026, Lees Summit, Mo.) finished the weekend with a .444 batting average, including four base hits, eight RBI, and four scored runs. She finds a way to be productive in her at-bats, battles through the count, and gets the ball in play. She is patient and times the ball well, sending it back up the middle.
Addison Booker (2025, Leavenworth, Kan.) was a force at the plate, closing out with a .571 batting average. She racked up eight base hits and five RBI. She has a disciplined approach to the plate, with strong zone awareness. With a tall stance and quiet load, she presents explosive hands. Huge prospect as a 3-4 hole hitter.
Originals ’08 is a team full of hitters. Katie Stephenson (2026, Belton, Mo.) dominated the box, leading the team with a .647 average. This slugger takes the ball to all areas of the field. She has a consistent bat path, fast hands, and a strong, balanced lower body. She has high zone awareness, is patient in the box, and has a plan of execution. She went 4-for-4 against Team Kansas - Rogers. She impressive numbers this weekend: 11 base hits, seven, singles, four doubles, seven RBI, and seven walks. She ended with an OBP of .714.
Alesa Kastle (2026, Lees Summit, Mo.) is a 5-foot-2 lefty who has a massive presence at the plate. She has a quick, explosive swing with an elite pop on the ball and serious speed around the bases. She is patient and times the ball well, sending it back up the middle for base hits. She had seven base hits, three singles, two doubles, two triples, and led the team in RBI at 13 total. She crossed the pay station five times.
Teammate Mary Hoffman (2026, Lees Summit, Mo.) was just as impressive. This 5-foot-3 switch-hitter is a perfect duo with teammate Kastle at the top of the lineup. She puts the ball in play and makes things happen. She had a scrappy game and racked up six base hits, nine RBI, and was among the top in the tournament for stolen bases at six.
Keeping up in the trends for this team, Haylee Wait (2026, Buckner, Mo.) has a presence at the plate. This 4-foot-11 third baseman is a gifted hitter, who has a feel for the barrel, with seven base hits and eight RBI. Alongside her is Brynlee Johnson (2026, Kansas City, Mo.), who brought in nine runs, including seven base hits, four singles, two doubles, and a triple. This 5-foot catcher for Originals ’08 swings a big bat, with smooth connection. She finds the barrel of the bat to produce plus pop on the ball and covers the field with significant power.

-Brianna Brooks

07’ Texas Glory KS was super competitive with a roster full of talent, and Izzy Pfannenstiel (2026, Wichita, Kan.) is one of those players. Izzy displayed an advanced approach at the plate. She knew the pitch she wanted to hit, once she saw it, she drove it to the big part of the field. Her seven hits coupled with a .500 batting average are proof of that approach. Izzy also was a consistent presence in the circle with 12 strikeouts in 20 innings pitched.

Joslynn Stiglitz (2026, Maize, Kan.) helped her Texas Glory-KS team with five hits on the weekend. Her ability to make solid contact aided her team with four RBI.

Intimidators 08-Pellegrino played hard every single game they played. Led by Londyn Bond (2027, Bartlesville, Okla.), with a .467 average with seven hits, shows she leads with her bat on the field. She has the ability to throw the barrel of the bat at the ball and make solid contact. When her teammates get on base she can bring them in evident by her nine RBI on the weekend. Once on base, Londyn uses her plus speed to steal bases and get her teammates RBIs, aiding in her defense with runs saved by her glove.

STL Aces 07 had some true spots on the field both in the circle and at the dish. Kendal Maddox (2025, Carlinville, Ill.) has a mix of pitches and uses late movement on her pitches to keep hitters off balanced and guessing. Her explosive rise ball made it possible to get back into counts or set up 0-2 protection.

Aces third baseman Kansas Craig (2026, Anna, Ill.) had a .600 average with six hits on the weekend. Kansas used her speed to steal two bases and score three runs and drive in three more.

Select Fastpitch 14u Bush squad has some offensive weapons. Elise Dickneite (2026, Jefferson City, Mo.) showcased her power with five hits, five runs scored and seven RBI. Eise’s ability to turn and clear her hips gives way to her pull-side power.

Her Select FP teammate Brooklyn Center (2026, New Bloomfield, Mo.) has some POP in her swing. Using good, clean extension at contact, Brooklyn drives the ball gap-to-gap. Having 11 RBI on the weekend made her dangerous to pitch to with runners on base. Her two home runs and three stolen bases makes her a threat no matter where she is on the field.

Select FP outfielder Ava Hanson (2026, Columbia, Mo.) displayed a classic, smooth swing. She launched the ball off the barrel with ease. Ava has advanced speed, swiping six bags and scoring 10 runs. Her 10 runs scored was in the top-5 of the whole division. Totaling nine hits and seven RBI helped Ava to one of the best offensive performances of the weekend.

Kennedy Watson (2026, Columbia, Mo.) was not to be outdone by her Select FP teammates. Kennedy helped her team by driving in five and getting on base eight times via the hit.

Another team that shows great promise is Texas Glory 07 IL. Jaylynn Hamilton (2025, Erie, Ill.) keeps her hands inside the ball, hitting gap-to-gap and uses her plus speed to beat out infield hits. Collected five hits and hit .556 on the weekend.

Texas Glory-IL teammate Addison Seitz (2025, Stronghurst, Ill.) gets her hands to the ball and powers the barrel through the zone with solid contact. A .500 batting average and five hits on the weekend prove her skill at the plate.

Nebraska Gold 515 Dillinger is a talented group of young players all capable of doing damage to any mistake presented to them. Jada Daye (2026, West Des Moines, Iowa) showed how capable she was of capitalizing on mistakes. Jada is a talented, all-around athlete. She had five hits with four runs scored, coupled with four stolen bases showcased her ability to make things happen at the plate and on the basepaths. Jada also showcases an advanced glove that saves runs and shortens the game.

Nebraska Gold teammate Katelyn Weathers (2027, Ankeny, Iowa) has a power approach all day at the plate. When she makes contact the ball explodes off the bat. A .500 batting average and six RBIs are proof of Katelyn’s ability to drive the ball.

Louisville Lady Slugger 07- Black had a team full of hitters. Starting things off is Kamryn Waters (2026, Lees Summit, Mo.) has leadoff power with plus speed. Eight runs scored and three stolen bases sets the table for her teammates.

Aly True (2026, Kansas City, Mo.) uses her speed for LLS to beat out infield throws for eight hits, six runs scored and three stolen bases on the weekend. Aly makes a good top-of-the-order prospect.

Slugger Brooke Paalhar (2026, Liberty, Mo.) has great range, with a backhand glove that is hard to teach. She also gets things done with solid contact at the plate with a .563 batting average, nine hits, and 10 RBI and gets the rally started over each time she gets up to the plate.

Another Lady Slugger, Cheyenne Burge (2026, Blue Springs, Mo.), has a solid feel for the barrel with a true pop and power in her hands. Cheyenne had three-of-a-kind over the weekend tallying eight hits, runs and RBIs.

Adelyn French (2025, Kansas City, Mo.) was a dual threat over the weekend, scoring eight runs, notching five RBI and collecting six stolen bases on offense, and had a 2.10 ERA and 1.83 WHIP while pitching. Adelyn’s ability to change speeds froze hitters. Her advanced speed and true swing path made her a threat to score each plate appearance.

Vision Gold AR 2026 Barham was an all-around team. Hitting, fielding, throwing and pitching all worked for Vision propelling them into the semifinals. Kyla Overton (2026, Bartlesville, Okla.) showed off some true power at the plate. Kyla’s ability to engage her lower half, to and through the ball, helps her drive it to all fields in a line drive trajectory. Six runs scored and seven RBI show how tough an out she can be.

Finlee Allred (2026, Muskogee, Okla.), a right-handed pitcher for Vision, was able to keep games close and record the outs her team needed to be successful. Finlee has a good changeup that is low in the zone. Swing-and-miss is the norm for this pitcher. Her 1.30 ERA and 1.88 WHIP kept her team close and helped in that deep run on Sunday.

Vision shortstop Lucely Kutz (2028, Oklahoma City, Okla.) was a spark for this team all weekend. Lucely has a reliable glove with plus range, tracking balls down anywhere on the left side of the infield. Her pop-for-power bat was on full display collecting seven hits and seven RBI with six runs scored and a .583 average. Middle infield prospect, and a bright, high ceiling for Lucely.

Vision all-around player Audrina Herber (2026, Chandler, Okla.) was showcasing her skills everywhere her coach placed her. Audrina’s approach at the plate is power all the way. Waiting for a pitch she can drive, then seeing that pitch to drive was the norm, evident by the .500 average and six hits she collected on the weekend. When she is not driving the softball she is dominating hitters, with 18 strikeouts over 15 innings pitched coupled with a 3.30 ERA and 1.33 WHIP is an impressive slash line for any player.

Central Iowa Alliance 14u was having great success at other showcases in the Midwest, and they continued that run this weekend as well, making a deep run to the semifinals on Sunday. Bailey Kraklio (2025, Durant, Iowa) had a .571 batting average, collecting four hits and driving in five runs.

CIA 14u teammate Jensyn Tenpas (2025, Johnston, Iowa) displayed her elite swing and advanced power. Jensyn had a .611 batting average with 11 hits and 11 runs scored. Both were in the top-five of the entire division. Jensyn also hit two home runs, further solidifying her spot as one of the best players in her class.

Avery Veeder (2027, Johnston, Iowa), a CIA right-handed pitcher, got things done for her team at the plate and in the circle, posting a stat line of 2.40 ERA and 19 strikeouts in 17 1/3 innings pitched. If that was not enough, Avery also collected 12 hits and drove in 10 runs, giving her one of the best showcases in this entire division.

CIA 14u's Grayce Reiners (2026, Grimes, Iowa) has a feel for the barrel and speed to collect infield hits. Once on base Grayce moves into scoring position any chance she gets, collecting seven stolen bases on the weekend, which was tied for second in the division. Her 11 hits and one home run helped CIA make that semifinal run.

Berkley McClish (2025, Urbandale, Iowa) also helped CIA get deep into the bracket, collecting seven hits and scoring five runs with a great feel for the zone and an ability to drive the ball. In her 8 1/3 innings of pitching, she had an ERA of 1.70 and a WHIP of 1.44 keeping hitters guessing and off balance.

Spartans Fastpitch has some of the best players in the Midwest and this team put on an all-around show at the Fall Showcase this weekend. Macy Person (2026, Adel, Iowa) set the table nicely for her teammates posting a .412 average collecting seven hits, driving in six runs and stealing two bases.

Another Spartan who did damage at the plate was Jillian Karsjen (2025, State Center, Iowa), who had nine hits on the weekend and drove in eight runs posting a .500 average. Her true bat plane leads to solid contact making those stats possible.

Tessa Gripp (2026, Indianola, Iowa) had one of the best offensive performances of her entire division. Her .476 batting average collected 10 hits and drove in 11 runs, both at the top of the division. She also showcased baserunning awareness by swiping three bags.

Zoey Kirchhoff (2026, Atlantic, Iowa) will be one of the best players in her class, and has the potential to be one of the best softball players in the country. Doing damage on both sides of the ball, Zoey was overwhelming in the circle and a force at the plate. In the circle, Zoey notched 41 strikeouts with a 1.00 ERA and 1.60 WHIP in 20 1/3 innings. Her explosive delivery froze hitters. Mixing her pitches to all quadrants, both rivers, she had command and control all weekend. She had an advanced rise ball that kept climbing to the mitt that produced many of those 41 strikeouts. At the plate, Zoey made things happen and forced defensive actions. Swiping six bases, scoring 11 runs and driving in another eight, helping her Spartan team to a finalist finish in the showcase.

Watching Iowa Premier 13/14u Gold, you can see into the future of softball. Iowa Premier went undefeated on the weekend, 9-0, with both championship MVPs on the team. Addy Ballard (2026, Des Moines, Iowa) was one MVP for hitting. Addy used her feel for the barrel and solid, raising bat path to collect 10 hits, score five runs and drive in another six runs. Her .476 batting average proved to be a difficult out for the opposing teams.

Addy’s Iowa Premier teammate Alexi Thigpen (2026, North Liberty, Iowa) showed off her elite speed, stealing nine total bases in the showcase, the top number among all players. She was able to steal second and pop up from the slide before the throw reached the base. Alexi’s 10 hits and eight RBI were key to her team winning the championship.

Another key piece to Iowa Premier's success was Kylee Hill (2027 Burlington, Iowa). Kylee posted a staggering .625 batting average with one home run. Kylee has a true and smooth swing with rise through contact, elevating the ball on a line drive path, creating a high ceiling for Kylee.

-Russell Wohler
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