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High School  | General  | 5/13/2021

Summer Preview: 2024 RHP

John McAdams     
Photo: Jack Frankel (Perfect Game)
As high school baseball is starting to get going across the country in most regions, with some states actually heading into the playoffs, it all means the summer circuit is right around the corner. Over the next several weeks we will look at the top-ranked players at each position, in each class, while also taking a look at some gut-feel players that could be big risers. With players having more access to individual development, things will undoubtably change at a rapid pace in the early months of the Perfect Game schedule. This provides a good look at some of the top performers coming into 2021 who look primed to continue dominance or make their mark on a national level. 

Class of 2022: Catchers | Corner Infield | Middle Infield | Outfielders | RHP
Class of 2023: Catchers | Corner Infield | Middle Infield | Outfielders | RHP
Class of 2024: Catchers | Corner Infield | Middle Infield | Outfielders
Class of 2025: Catchers | Corner Infield | Middle Infield | Outfielders

Jack Frankel (Texas)
6’2 186 R/R  
PG Events: 24 
Key Stats: 67 innings pitched, 7-0 record, 70 strikeouts, 1.06 WHIP 

Short Story: Displays polish beyond his years with a dynamic three-pitch mix and plenty of physical upside as he continues to mature. Fastball has already been up to 89 mph with more in the tank as he continues to grow. 

Big Moment: Frankel has been a consistent performer throughout his PG career, evident by his 7-0 record and numerous all-tournament honors. Pinpointing one specific moment may be hard to do, but we will go with the 2020 14U Deep South Louisiana Wood Championship for his big moment. The young right-hander came out of the gate in the mid-80s after previously hitting 81 mph with fastball and established a new high of 88 mph. With impeccable command already at his disposal, the additional velocity only furthered Frankel’s near limitless projection and gave us a glimpse of things to come. 

Bold Prediction: One would think that the velocity only continues to rise as the 6-foot-2,185-pound righty continues to mature. As long as he does not lose the aforementioned pinpoint command and advanced feel for secondaries with the uptick in velocity, look for Frankel to continue ascending up the rankings as time goes on. 

Landon Victorian (La.) 
6’3 165 R/R 
PG Events: 9 
Key Stats: 15 1/3 innings pitched, 23 strikeouts, Upper-80s FB, 1.24 WHIP 

Short Story: The 6-foot-3, 170-pound right-hander exudes projection with his high waist and broad shoulders, coupling that with a clean delivery and a fastball that has already been into the upper-80s, and you get one of the higher upsides within the class. Victorian has also shown the ability to land two secondary offerings for strikes in any count, only adding to the near limitless projection we mentioned. 

Big Moment: The 2020 14U World Series is where the young right-hander really stood out, flashing additional velocity up to 86 mph and the clean, repeatable delivery we already mentioned above. Victorian parlayed that into impressive showings at the 14U WWBA and 14U National Showcase a couple weeks later, ultimately leading to his invitation to the 2020 14U Select Festival. The velocity seemingly rose at every stop throughout the summer, topping out at 88 mph in Oklahoma. 

Bold Prediction: Victorian almost assuredly has added good weight and strength since our last look, so look for him to continue adding velocity as the young prospect continues to fill out his frame. The additional velocity will only aide in the further development of his secondary offerings, which should allow for an already impressive repertoire to become even more dynamic.  

Zach Edwards (Utah)
6’2 190 R/R 
Commitment: Oregon State 
PG Events: 9 
Key Stats: 16 2/3 innings pitched, 22 strikeouts, Top FB 89 MPH, .96 WHIP 

Short Story: Edwards is already a physical presence at 6-foot-2 and 190 pounds, the tall and athletic right-hander exudes projection as his broad-shouldered frame can hold additional weight. Fastball has already been up to 89 mph during our looks and has shown ability to land a quality slider for strikes. 

Big Moment: The Utah native burst onto the scene during the 2020 14U Mountain West Select Championship by firing seven, one-hit/no-run innings against a loaded Trosky National squad, where he punched out 13 batters and sat in the mid- to upper-80s for the entirety of his outing. 

Bold Prediction: Look for Edwards to continue refining his overall repertoire, while continue to fill out his vastly projectable frame. I would not be surprised to see the young right-hander come out firing in the low-90s this summer.  

Noah LaFine (Ohio) 
5’11 160 R/R 
Commitment: Vanderbilt 
PG Events: 7 
Key Stats: 14 innings pitched, 16 strikeouts, Top FB 89 MPH, .86 WHIP

Short Story: The 5-foot-11, 160-pound LaFine has one of the best arm speed/projectability combinations, when it comes to pitching prospects within the ’24 class. The Ohio native already runs his fastball up to 89 mph from a clean arm stroke that projects for much more velocity as he physically matures. Mixes in firmer changeup for strikes as his secondary offering at present. 

Big Moment: The 2020 14U World Series should be considered LaFine’s coming out party, as the young right-hander threw eight scoreless innings over two appearances, punched out 13 hitters against two tough lineups, and showed a velocity uptick (85-88 MPH) that left our scouting department thoroughly impressed. 

Bold Prediction: As stated above, LaFine’s ultra-projectable frame and present arm speed should only continue rising as he puts on weight and matures. Look for the Vanderbilt commit to take the next step from a velocity standpoint, while refining his pitch arsenal and solidifying his place amongst the classes best. 

Brady Davis (Ky.) 
6’1 175 R/R 
Commitment: Louisville 
PG Events: 8 
Key Stats: 90 MPH FB; Extremely projectable 6-foot-1, 175-pound frame 

Short Story: Davis is an extremely athletic young prospect that has some of the best physical projection within the class. Has legitimate two-way abilities with a fastball that has been up to 90 mph previously, offensive upside at the plate and plenty of room to add more strength down the road. 

Big Moment: The 2020 14U Sunshine Showcase at Prasco Park is where Davis shined on both sides of the ball and gave us a glimpse into what his potential may ultimately be. The young right-hander showed impressive arm strength across the diamond, while showcasing a solid hit tool and some power potential at the plate. 

Bold Prediction: Davis takes the next step and completely harnesses his potential on the mound, expanding upon his immense arm strength and really starts to command his hellacious slider. The fastball life, coupled with the ability to spin the baseball at the rate he does on his slider, should allow for Davis to have a true power arm-type profile as he continues to mature.  

Jake McKowen (Calif.) 
6’4 155 R/R 
Commitment: Oregon State 
PG Events: 1  
Key Stats: 88 MPH FB; Feel for explosive three-pitch mix

Short Story: McKowen checks just about every box when it comes to predicting a high-level pitching prospect. His 6-foot-4 frame will surely continue to evolve and add strength as he matures, couple that with explosive present arm speed and a near limitless upside, and you get a prototypical West Coast arm that will only continue to get better. 

Big Moment: The Oregon State commit made two appearances for Meta Prime 24 in his only PG event appearance at the 2020 PG Fall Freshman National Championship in Arizona. The young right-hander sat in the mid-80s during both outings, topped out at 88 mph and showed good feel for a pair of secondary offerings. 

Bold Prediction: The ultra-projectable frame, the already present arm speed, and feel for spin leads me to believe McKowen only continues to improve. With additional strength and maturity, the velocity could exponentially rise rather quickly. Look for the California native to continue ascending up the rankings if this happens like expected. 

Anson Seibert (Kan.) 
6’7 226 R/R  
PG Events: 9 
Key Stats: 88 MPH FB; Monster physical upside w/ clean arm action and limitless velocity projection

Short Story: Seibert is a massive 6-foot-7, 226-pound right-hander with near limitless potential, loads of present arm speed and good coordination despite his immense stature. Has already been up to 88 mph with plenty of projection for more velocity down the road. Shows developing secondary offerings that will only continue to evolve as he matures. 

Big Moment: The Overland, Kan. native left quite the impression on our scouting staff after his performance at the 2021 Pitcher/Catcher Indoor Showcase. The aforementioned physical upside and present arm speed were on full display as Seibert ran his fastball up to 88 mph during his outing, while displaying good body control within his compact delivery and intriguing potential with both his changeup and curveball. 

Bold Prediction: Look for the uncommitted 2024 to take the next step with his full arsenal, as he continues to gain velocity and refine the spin traits on his secondary offerings. Would not be surprised to see him work into the low-90s this summer with an uptick on the movement/spin profile on his curveball and changeup. 

Christian Chatterton (Ala.) 
6’ 175 R/R 
Commitment: Auburn 
PG Events: 12 
Key Stats: 46 1/3 innings pitched, 71 strikeouts, 1.19 WHIP

Short Story: Chatterton is a polished young right-hander with exceptional feel for his present three-pitch mix. Fastball has already been up to 88 mph in previous looks with plenty of velocity upside as he continues to physically mature. 

Big Moment: The Auburn commit saw a pretty significant velocity jump over the winter, as he came out sitting in the mid-80s at the 2021 Preseason HS Prospect Showcase. Chatterton worked his fastball all the way up to 88 mph during the event, after previously attaining a high of 84 mph. The late running life on the fastball coupled with his excellent feel for his full arsenal only continued to solidify his place amongst the more refined pitchers within the class. 

Bold Prediction: Look for Chatterton to continue adding velocity as his physically matures. The sharpness of his breaking ball and the replication/movement on his changeup will certainly continue to be one of the better secondary pairings for any of the immensely talented arms in the ’24 class. 

Ridge Morgan (Texas) 
6’3 175 R/R 
PG Events: 10
Key Stats: 36 2/3 innings pitched, 43 strikeouts, 1.50 WHIP

Short Story: The 6-foot-3, 175-pound Morgan has tons of physical projection remaining, as he continues to expand his already powerful fastball/slider combination. Has been up to 87 mph in previous looks with heavy life to the fastball and all the makings of a true swing-and-miss slider. 

Big Moment: The 2019 14U South Fall Championship is where Morgan started to show glimpses of what was to come, as he worked in the 81-84 mph range throughout 6 2/3 innings. He punched out 10 hitters over the course of his outing. He eventually was named the event's MV-Pitcher and left our scouting staff yearning for more looks. Morgan then parlayed an exceptional three-week stretch in 2020, where he was named all-tournament at the 2020 14U WWBA, 14U World Series and 15U South World Series. This stretch, coupled with the upticks in velocity, eventually led to an invitation to participate in the 2020 14U Select Festival. 

Bold Prediction: Morgan should continue adding strength to his immensely projectable frame, look for him to see an uptick in velocity as the additional physicality comes into play here. Added refinement to his secondary offerings will only continue to expand his already impressive repertoire.  

Chase Mobley (Fla.)
6’4 185 R/R 
Commitment: Florida State 
PG Events: 23 
Key Stats: 91 MPH FB; 33 strikeouts in 18 1/3 PG innings

Short Story: The vastly projectable 6-foot-4 frame and quick arm are what stand out with Mobley. The young right-hander has already been up to 91 mph with his fastball and projects for more as he continues to physically mature. Flashed ability to turn over the changeup fairly well at the 13U Select Festival. 

Big Moment: The 2020 13U Super 25 National Championship was just a precursor to the emphatically quick arm that Mobley presently possesses, as the young right-hander worked in the low-80s with his fastball out of the ‘pen. The Florida State commit continued to show the very same intrigue throughout the summer, ultimately leading to an invitation for the 13U Select Festival. Mobley continued to show steady gains over the past calendar year, recently running his fastball up to 91 mph at the 2021 14U East Spring Opener. 

Bold Prediction: If Mobley can start to make strides from a command perspective, he could possess some of the largest upside within the class. Look for him to reel in and harness his already electric arm speed and start to show better command within the strike zone. If he is able to do just that, he should ascend up the rankings rapidly.  

Gut Feel Risers/Names to Know 

Bailey Thorne (Ala.)
Legitimate two-way prospect with a fastball that has been up to 88 mph. Showcases some of the better raw power potential in the class with plenty of projection and upside on both sides of the ball. 

Tag Andrews (Ark.)
Another two-way standout with plenty of physical projection and upside remaining. The Arkansas commit's fastball has already been up to 86 mph in previous looks with good feel for spin. 

Ishaan Khambal (Calif.) 
Immensely projectable frame with a high waist and plenty of room to add strength as he matures. Displays easy velocity that has been up to 87 mph in previous looks, while flashing one of the better spin profiles on his hard biting slider. 

Lazaro Collera (Fla.)
Massive 6-foot-4 frame with loads of physical projection. Fastball has been up to 88 mph with late arm-side life and explosion out of the hand. Shows good feel for quality breaking ball that will only continue to improve. 

Joey Tonnotti (Conn.) 
High-level two-way prospect with immense physical projection and upside. Flashes good present arm speed with loads of future velocity and feel for spin. Fastball has been up to 86 mph with plenty more in the tank. Smooth left-handed stroke with exceptional feel for the barrel and gap-to-gap power potential. 

Brock Lansville (Colo.) 
The Arizona State commit has good bloodlines, as his brother Cale was a 2020 PG All-American Classic participant. The compactly-built right-hander has been in the mid-80s already with his fastball, while displaying polish and good command of his three-pitch mix. 

Maclelland Stiffler (Md.) 
Massively projectable 6-foot-5 frame with plenty of time and room to add strength. Fastball has been up to 86 mph already with plenty more in the tank as he continues to mature. 

Ryan Maggy
Has performed extremely well in various events thus far in ’21. Fastball is up to 84 mph now with command to both sides of the plate and late life through the zone. Flashed sharp biting curveball that he was able to land for strikes, while also manipulating its spin profile for swings-and-misses. Exciting two-way prospect with tons of upside remaining. 

Daviel Fernandez (N.J.) 
The young right-hander has seen a steady climb in velocity over the past year, as he is now comfortably in the mid-80s. Has thrown exceptionally well for a talented Gloucester Catholic team during the N.J. high school season thus far. 

Gavin Soares (N.J.) 
Soares was a standout at the 2021 Northeast Indoor Showcase where he ran his fastball up to 86 mph and flashed a tight, late-biting curveball.