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PG, K-Motion join to create PG Tech

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa -- Perfect Game and K-Motion have announced that the two companies have joined forces, creating the brand new PG TECH, a new data-driven technology company poised to become the amateur player-development, assessment and scouting platform of the future.

PG TECH will utilize leading-edge technologies implemented throughout Major League Baseball and NCAA Division I baseball, along with a number of new emerging technologies. PG TECH will aim to provide amateur athletes access to the digital technology, data, and analytics that will help them improve and continue to play the sports they love longer.

"PG TECH will provide a level of personalization and insight that goes far beyond anything that amateur players have access to today," Perfect Game President Jerry Ford said. "For the first time, players, instructors, and scouts will see both cause-and-effect together, to better understand the 'why' of the results, and why what they do produces those results, and what needs to be done to improve."

Players participating in Perfect Game events across the country will be the first to have access to these unique, hi-tech analytical tools and receive the same personalized data set that MLB Clubs use in their scouting and player development departments. In addition to helping young players maximize their true potential, PG TECH will also be able to build the world’s largest next-generation scouting, assessment and development dataset in amateur baseball and softball.

"As a parent of an amateur athlete, I believe the best part of PG TECH is its ability to help keep young players engaged in the sports that they're passionate about," K-Motion Chairman and CEO Steve Diamond said. "Players will have a revolutionary set of data to raise their ceilings, while scouts and recruiters will have the ability to measure and evaluate players in a whole new way. PG TECH is an innovative, technology solutions company that is dedicated to addressing expressed customer needs, unarticulated needs, and future unmet needs."

By combining data from state-of-the-art technologies, including 3D body measurement, high speed cameras, launch monitors, radar and bat sensors in the proprietary PG TECH cloud, the platform will assist players, coaches, scouts and recruiters in making informed decisions. PG TECH will help players and instructors achieve their goals by understanding the cause-and-effect data of a player’s athletic movement to improve player development.

As ground-breaking technologies evolve, such as artificial intelligence, force plates, wearables, augmented reality, and virtual reality, these and other future technologies will be integrated into PG TECH, ensuring Perfect Game’s continued solid position at the forefront of amateur player scouting, assessment and development.

PG TECH will roll out its first products later this month during Perfect Game Showcases, providing participating youth with access to data, assessment and development tools that for many were previously inaccessible.

MEDIA NOTE: Steve Diamond, K-Motion Chairman and CEO and Ken Krasner, Perfect Game Chief Strategty, Marketing and Revenue Officer are available for Zoom interviews upon request. To schedule an interview, and for more information, please contact Daron Sutton at dsutton@perfectgame.org.

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