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Tournaments  | Story  | 6/13/2024

UBC West Team Preview: Part 2

Lauren Nunez     
UBC West Team Preview: Part 1

Alpha Baseball

From San Rafael, CA, the Alpha Baseball organization comes to Irvine for the UBC West. Founded in 2019, it’s been this organization's mission to be one of the best of the highest level and do so with the heart of a real team. Following those goals they’ve managed to have over 70 Division I commits and plenty of tournament wins. In their run with Perfect game, they’ve tallied 36 top three finishes. In their history, and to show the talent this club represents, many of their commits have gone to Stanford, Oregon State, California Berkley, Santa Clara, and UC Santa Barbara. In this event, the Alpha Prime 14U and 15U teams will be representing the ball club in Cali. With well built players and team leaders in hitting and ERA, Landon King and Landon Miller to led the way for the 14U team. Ranked No. 20 last season, the 15U team has a chance to win a championship title with Perfect Game to add to the organization's 19. 

Garciaparra Baseball Group  

The Garciaparra Baseball Group, founded by Michael Garciaparra, will have their GBG National 2027/2028 team from Manhattan Beach, CA compete in the Ultimate Baseball Championship this weekend. This organization has teams from around the West but most originate from towns located within California. Established in 2013, this organization has grown into 58 total teams. In that time they had 1100+ college commits, 169 drafted players, and 25 MLB players. Through Perfect Game their players have won 84 MVPs, 62 MVPitchers, and have 253 Top Three finishes including 83 championships. GBG also has eight National titles and four teams ranked in the top 12 in the nation by Perfect Game with two in the top six. With plenty of experience, this organization is not shy of some heavy competition going into the UBC. 

Hawaii Elite 2G Baseball Club

Different Hawaii Elite 2G National teams will be competing in the Ultimate Baseball Championship at the ages of 14U and 15U. Formed in Honolulu, HI, this organization has eight teams with a total of 13 championships, five runner-up titles, seven third place titles, 54 college commitments, and two draft players. Those two players were Arizona Diamondback draft pick Aiva Arquette and Texas Rangers draft pick Elijah Ickes. They also collected 12 MVPs and eight MVPitchers awards across their ball club with Perfect Game. In this upcoming tournament, they have one nationally ranked team. Their 14U club is also competing and are ranked No. 21 in their west region. 

Trosky National 

Trosky Baseball Organization is considered one of the baseball world's best academies for developing infield players, led by mastermind and coach Nate Trosky. It is Coach Troskey’s mission and goal as an organization to make their players the best they possibly can be, learning both physical and mental tools. Coming up for the Ultimate Baseball Championships, their 14u Trosky National team will compete in the event for a chance at the championship title and to demonstrate what their best can be. In this organization's history of around 30 years, they’ve compiled 650+ college commitments and 150+ MLB draft picks. With Perfect Game, they’ve placed in the top three 77 times among their 15 teams and 17 of those were first place titles. This Trosky National 14u team currently has a 10-3-1 overall record and will be going into their fourth tournament in 2024 and their 15U team is also very promising ranked first in their regiona and an honorable mention nationally. 

Canes West 2028 Signature 

Canes West club will send down the Canes West 2027 and 2028 Signature, one of their best teams in the West out of their 35 in total, to represent them in the UBC. With over 250 committed players, the Canes West team stands tall as one of the top youth travel baseball clubs. But that’s just in the West, Canes Baseball organization altogether have over 15 years of experience producing 50 current or former MLB players, 20 1st round draft picks and 3,750 college commits. Going back to Canes West, they’ve placed in the top three or higher on the podium in 161 different events with lots of talent to watch as they’ve had 88 MVP and MVPitchers in counting. To highlight the Canes West 2028 Signature team, so far this year they’re 25-15-1 after their recent showing in the Memorial Day Classic where they reached the semifinals. There’s no doubt this club has a great chance to take the crown in Irvine, CA, their hometown. 

NorCal U 2028

NorCal Baseball is a club that has been following the same motto since 1992, creating an environment for athletes to reach their dreams as professional players by doing it “the right way.” Building good character and teams that’s bigger than just baseball. Some of their talents have committed to places such as LSU, Oregon and Oregon State.  They’ve had players go on to play in the Majors. Under Perfect Game, this club has 10 total teams with 28 top three finishes. Coming from Tracy, California, the NorCal U 2027 and 2028 teams hope to show the quality of a good player and take the first place title with them in the Ultimate Baseball Championships to start their participation in 2024 starting at a blank slate with a 0-0-0 record.