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Tournaments  | Story  | 6/9/2024

National Select Scout Notes: Days 1-3

Isaiah Burrows      Geoff Billock     
Jorge Arcia (2025, Houston, Texas) has impressed on both sides of the ball throughout the first few days here. Arcia has a medium sized frame with good athleticism and really looks the part behind the dish. He has the mobility to keep the ball in front and catches a quality game. He pops out of the crouch athletically with a quick transfer and release and has plenty of arm strength to get runners out. In the box, Arcia swings it with intent and was on the barrel a good bit to open up. He’s got plenty of bat speed to get it done in the box. He is batting 667 on the week so far and has shown good feel for the barrel. Arcia is a big uncommitted name to keep an eye for his defensive ability behind the dish alone but the bat is also coming along.

Nicholas Foster (2

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