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Draft  | Rankings  | 12/26/2022

2023 MLB Draft: Top 300 Prospects

Brian Sakowski      Vincent Cervino      Tyler Henninger      Isaiah Burrows     
Photo: Dylan Crews
Usually I save these long, rambling draft board intros for the spring once we have some more data under our belts, but this felt like an appropriate time. It’s been the 2023 draft cycle, officially, for about 5 months now, though those in the industry have actually been working on this class for several months beyond that given the timing of the draft last summer. As you can glean simply by looking at the board below, the class skews heavily towards positional players at the top right now, with LSU’s Dylan Crews the most unanimous wire-to-wire 1:1 since Adley Rutschman in 2019. He’s more or less in a tier of his own in this class right now, though that’s subject to change and isn’t universally agreed upon. Beyond Crews you’ll find some disparity as far as rankings go, but Tennessee right-hander Chase Dollander, Ole Miss shortstop Jacob Gonzalez and Florida outfielder Wyatt Langford are widely viewed as in that top tier of this class amongst college p

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