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High School  | General  | 4/16/2024

Iowa Spring League Notebook No. 2

Perfect Game Staff      Tyler Kotila     
Reece Reints (2024, Cedar Falls, Iowa) had a great weekend out at Prospect Meadows, handling the bat well and looking good on the mound. The uncommitted 2024 prospect showed off traits to like on both sides. He’s a 6-foot, 185-pound left-handed hitting first baseman and was bumping low-80s on the mound. He was up to 84 mph on the fastball and mixed in his 11-5 shaped breaking ball and diving changeup as well. Threw all 3 pitches over a 4 and ⅔ inning outing. At the plate, he tallied 3 hits on the weekend, including a double and a triple. He showed off a simple left-handed stroke with good turns and a clean feel for the barrel, working to the ball out in front. 

Owen Young (2026, Leclaire, Iowa) is a 6-foot-2, 160-pound frame with some length throughout a slender build. Lean frame overall with a good approach showing in the batters’ box. He uses a toe-tap trigger working from a slightly spread and bent-knee stance, to get working through the swing. He’s got a good feel for the barrel that yielded great results this weekend. He added a handful of hits on the weekend and got the job done for his team at the plate often. Young has hit .333 this spring with a couple of extra-base hits as well.  

Another bat from the Iowa Select Rima squad was Jackson O'Melia (2026, Bettendorf, Iowa), who also shined at the plate. He’s a 5-foot-11, 160-pound frame with a lean build and athleticism that showed. He swings from a spread right-handed base with slightly bent knees and a really fluid operation overall. He creates separation well and loads with the hands deep before exploding hard through contact with quick hands and good bat speed. He often drove through the ball with good intent, producing hard-hit contact. He had a handful of hits on the weekend, producing frequently for his squad. 

Max Waldschmidt (2024, Iowa City, Iowa) had some really loud swings this weekend. He’s known for his talent on the mound, but Waldschmidt delivered at the plate for his City High Hicks squad out at Prospect Meadows. Waldschmidt used the strength in his 6-foot-2, 205-pound frame to get the job done. He uses a simple base with the feet underneath the shoulders, back elbow up, and hands higher, lifting the leg to get on time. He loads deeper with a slight coil in the front side. There was hard turns with good strength to leverage that helped him get the job done at the plate. Waldschmidt finished the weekend with 4 hits, including 2 home runs. He also walked 4 times, with just 1 strikeout on the weekend.  

Dylan Mangler (2024, Maquoketa, Iowa) has a really long and lengthy 6-foot-6, 175-pound frame with plenty of room to keep filling out. It was the second weekend in a row he showed good stuff on the mound. The Southeastern commit worked up to 87 mph on the fastball with good life to it from a higher arm slot. He pulled downhill hard and created some angle on the fastball, making it challenging for opposing hitters. He also flashed a 10/4-shaped breaking ball in the mix with a feel to land it for strikes, showing good depth. Plenty to like from the right-hander with a projectable body. He threw 3.0 innings, striking out 7 opposing hitters while walking just 1 and allowing only 1 hit. Mangler, himself, also had a couple of hits at the plate, picking up 3 on the weekend handling the barrel well.  

Cal Bonifas (2026, Bellevue, Iowa) has continued to churn out quality starts this spring for the Iowa Select 2026 Scout team. The 6-foot-2, 170-pound right-handed pitcher has been rolling out quality appearances for his team. He works from a clean delivery with fluid actions working downhill, pitching from a three-quarters slot with some acceleration through his release. He worked into the low-80s on the fastball with tons of running life and arm-side sink to the pitch. He paired it with a diving change-up in the upper 70s and a slurvy 11/5-shaped breaking ball in the low-70s as well. He threw 4 and ⅓ innings, allowing 5 hits, but punching out 8 opposing hitters along the way. 

Tate Hermansen (2024, Cedar Falls, Iowa) had himself an incredible weekend at the dish for the Iowa Select CF 24/25 Coonradt squad. The 6-foot, 165-pound outfielder swings it from the right side and showed off a lot to like at the dish. He works from a spread and slightly open base with the hands set higher. He lifts the leg and turns hard through contact with hand speed and bat speed to do real damage. There’s some thump off the barrel and strength to produce loud impacts. He got it done for his squad with 5 hits on the weekend, including some real loud extra-base hits. He added 3 doubles and a triple, with a half-dozen or so really good swings for his squad — an uncommitted 2024 to take note of.  

Fletcher Yates (2025, Cedar Falls, Iowa) has a massive 6-foot-6, 215-pound projectable frame with physicality that shows and room to continue adding in more strength and filling out further. Plenty to like from the uncommitted 1B/RHP. Yates handled the bat superbly this weekend. He swings it from the right side with a wider base, the hands set high, and a quick shift of the weight to get on time for pitches. There’s a ton of strength to impact, with bat speed to create some real loud contact. He connected often with the barrel this weekend, adding 6 hits, including 2 big flies on the weekend, plating 6 runs. Not to mention, Yates got on the mound in relief and was nails for his team. He worked up to 89 mph on the fastball and held the mid- to upper-80s over 3.0 innings of work for his team. He flashed a slurvy 10/4-shaped breaker with great depth to it. He could mix the two well and produce some really uncomfortable swings from the opposition, striking out 8 opposing hitters with just 1 walk and 2 hits allowed — Tons to like from the uncommitted prospect.  

Foti Rigopoulos (2025, Dubuque, Iowa) got it done on both sides of the ball this weekend for his team. He’s a 5-foot-11, 180-pound frame with some strength throughout the medium but strong build. He handled the bat well, showing off a fluid, simple, and compact operation at the plate with good bat speed. He can do damage with fast hands and quick turns, doing damage, especially working to the pull-side portion of the field. He makes good swing decisions as well, with a really clean operation in the box. He added 4 hits on the weekend, including a couple of doubles, plating 5 runs on the weekend. Not to mention, he got on the mound in relief and was absolutely carving the opposition. He threw 4 and ⅓ innings, striking out 7 opposing hitters and allowing just 1 hit along the way. His fastball worked up to 84 mph from a three-quarters slot that generated some arm-side life. He showed a diving change-up in the mid-70s, pairing a low-70s breaking ball in the mix as well.  

Cooper Hummel (2025, Cascade, Iowa) swung a hot bat this weekend, getting it done for his team time and time again. Hummel had some good swings on the weekend, using his bigger frame and physical build to get the job done. He’s a left-handed bat with some pop in the bat, showing a good feel for the barrel on the weekend. He uses a more upright base with slightly open feet, using a leg lift trigger working inward. The hands are loaded deeper with the back elbow up, and then he uses his strength to leverage and lift the ball. There’s strength to impact, and it allows him to produce loud contact. Added 4 hits this past weekend with a couple of extra-base hits as well.  

Connor Soesbe (2026, Clinton, Iowa) had himself quite the weekend at the plate. The 6-foot-3, 219-pound infielder handled the barrel well for his squad. A corner infielder and right-handed pitcher who handled the bat really well. He has a simple stroke at the plate with an upright stance and then a quick move to launch. He turns hard through the zone with quick hands, being able to get the barrel on the ball and do damage to produce results. He was 5-for-8 on the weekend with a trio of triples. This spring, he’s walked 6 times and struck out just 4 times, showing off quality swing decisions all around. Projectable frame with a right-handed stroke that has produced results, especially this past weekend.  

Luke DeGabriele (2024, Cedar Falls, Iowa) is an uncommitted 2024 prospect looking for a home. DeGabriele handled the bat exceptionally well this weekend and also shined on the mound. The 5-foot-11, 205-pound physical and strong frame is a right-handed hitter who had a couple of knocks this weekend. He has an upright stance with deeper hands and then uses a leg lift trigger to work through the zone. He swings hard with impact strength and the ability to leverage it well. He extends well through the swing, staying shorter to it and longer through it to produce results. He 5 hits on the weekend, including 2 doubles and 2 triples, with 4 RBI to his credit. He jumped on the mound as well, delivering a quality outing. He worked the low- to mid-80s on the fastball, getting up to 86 mph with some life. He flipped an 11-5 shaped breaking ball, with a feel to land it as well. Threw 3 and ⅓ innings, allowing 2 hits, walking 1, and striking out 8 opposing hitters. 

Brandon Bea (2026, Davenport, Iowa) has been insanely accurate with the barrel this spring, and this weekend, he hit well once again. His 5-foot-10, 165-pound frame shows off his athleticism in the more lean frame. He swings it from the right side with a more upright but slightly spread stance, using a leg lift trigger to get on time for pitches. He turns hard and shows off a ton of bat speed and hand speed to do damage. Plenty to like from the right-hander who has found the barrel often. He’s short and direct to the ball, with a clean path through contact. Bea had 4 hits this weekend, including 3 doubles, bringing his average on the spring to .423 for the Iowa Select 2026 Scout squad.  

Lincoln Dalton (2026, Bettendorf, Iowa) put together another quality start on the mound for his Iowa Select Very squad. Dalton’s a 6-foot-4, 220-pound right-handed pitcher with a bigger, physical, and thick frame with strength throughout the projectable build. He worked into the mid-80s, holding the 82-84 mph mark on his fastball with arm-side life to it, working from a higher three-quarters arm slot with good acceleration working downhill through his release. He showed two distinct breaking balls as well. The curveball was bigger with a hammer 12-6 depth to it, working the upper-60s. Then he would get around a more 10/4 shaped breaking ball with good horizontal in the low-70s. He mixes well and was able to cause havoc on the opposition. He threw 4.0 innings, walking 2, allowing 2 hits, and striking out 7 opposing hitters. Dalton also got it done at the dish on the weekend. He swings it from the left side of the plate with an open stance and higher-set hands. He turns hard with some lift in the swing and was able to belt a home run this weekend. 

Tait Tierney (2026, Fairfax, Iowa) operates from the right side on the mound with an uber-clean and deliberate delivery on the mound. He repeats it well every pitch and constantly finds ways to get the job done. He hides it well through the back with a higher slot and uber-clean release. He worked into the upper-70s on the fastball. He flashed his usual bigger 12-6 curveball in the mix as well, landing it for strikes in the mid-60s. He mixed in the occasional changeup in the low-70s as well. Tierney also commands exceptionally well, working the zone, throwing 65% strikes in his outing last weekend, going 4.0 innings, allowing 4 hits, walking 2, and striking out 7 opposing hitters. Tons of pitchability here from the right-hander who fills up the zone. 

Colton Arndt (2026, Ankeny, Iowa) put together a quality outing for Iowa Select 2026 Scout this weekend, after a solid weekend before that, on both sides of the ball. Arndt is a 5-foot-11, 190-pound frame with some physicality and strength throughout. He showed off deliberate movements with a clean and fluid delivery, working through his higher three-quarters release. He has some whip to the arm. The fastball worked up to 87 mph, holding the mid-80s on the fastball, working well east/west. He showed an upper-60s (70ish mph) curveball with an 11-5 shape to it. He also showed an upper-70s changeup with good diving action to it as well. Mixed all 3 pitches in the outing and settled in after a shakier start. 

Collin McClintock (2026, Fairfax, Iowa) looked good in his relief outing for Iowa Select 2026 Scout. McClintock has a lengthy 6-foot-1, 165-pound frame with a lean build. He has long levers with some length to his three-quarters release. He worked 82-85 mph on the fastball with good arm-side life to the pitch. He commanded it well and was able to miss some bats with the pitch, including up in the zone. He also showed a bigger, upper-60s breaker to air. McClintock threw a ton of strikes on the day and was solid. He threw 3.0 innings, allowing 2 hits, walking 3, and striking out 7 opposing hitters.  

Evan Barr (2026, Bettendorf, Iowa) has handled the barrel quite well this spring, and he continued again this weekend. Barr is a 5-foot-11, 170-pound frame with length throughout and some athleticism. He’s hit well and has shown off a fluid operation at the plate. It’s short and compact with good barrel accuracy. It’s a simple leg lift trigger-driven swing with tons of feel for the barrel, allowing for some quality swings. He added 4 hits, including a double, driving in 4 runs, with just 1 strikeout this entire spring. 

Elijah Starr (2026, Ankeny, Iowa) had a great weekend for Iowa Select 2026 Donahoe. Starr — a lean and compact frame with room to keep filling out, swings it from the right side and he had a couple of quality swings on the weekend. He set up with a wider base, higher set hands, and some good whip through contact. He extends well with the hands and was able to work on the barrel often to do damage. Starr was 3-for-5 on the weekend with a double to his credit. He also jumped on the mound and shined as well. Starr worked into the low-80s on his fastball, pitching from a three-quarters slot with some crossfire. The fastball had life to it, running arm-side. He showed a slider with good horizontal depth to it as well, around 70 mph. Starr threw 3 and ⅔ innings with 4 walks and 4 strikeouts, allowing 2 hits. He looked good on both sides of the ball. 

Bradyn Fairman (2024, Bettendorf, Iowa) handled the bat well this weekend, showing off some loud swings. Fairman is a 6-foot-3, 210-pound frame with some physicality and strength that shows up in the batters’ box. Fairman loads up over the backside with a wider base, using a leg lift trigger to gather over the backfoot and then work hard through the zone. He has hard turns and the ability to generate some loft in the swing, creating barrel whip through contact. Fairman had a good weekend, adding a couple of hits, including a double and home run, with 5 RBI to his credit on the weekend. The Marshalltown CC commit had himself a good weekend at the dish.  

Cooper Harris (2025, Vernon Hills, Ill.) is a 6-foot, 200-pound frame with some strength and physicality showing. He’s an uncommitted left-handed bat with some traits to like at the dish, and this past weekend, he showed off some quality swings in the batters’ box. Harris tallied 3 hits on 7 trips to the plate, with 6 runs driven in for his squad. He starts with an upright but slightly open setup, with a low back elbow and hands around the chest. He uses a leg lift as the hands drift deeper and he starts to work inward with his move through contact. He creates a good whip through contact and has the ability to generate some bat speed and strength off the barrel. Harris looked good for his Iowa Select Waterloo squad. 

Kyle Henkenius (2027, Iowa City, Iowa) showed off some serious skills to like in the batters’ box this weekend. The 6-foot-1, 190-pound frame has room-to-fill and long levers throughout. He has an upright stance with slightly open feet, the back elbow up, and the hands higher. He lifts the leg and loads up over the backside before striding into contact with good whip and accuracy with the barrel. He’s super short and direct with the hands, working direct to contact with clean swings and bat speed to impact, especially working pull-side into left field. Henkenius has been solid for his Iowa Select 2027 Hein squad. He had 6 hits this weekend, bringing his average this spring to .563 with 3 doubles, a triple, and 4 runs driven in while walking 6 times but striking out only twice. He swiped 7 bags as well.  

Nick Schryver (2027, Eldridge, Iowa) is a compact frame and lean build. He handled the barrel exceptionally well this weekend with clean path through the zone. He has a deeper hand load with quick hands and a good shift of the weight through impact. He has room to keep adding strength. He works on an uphill path through contact, with some feel for the swing. He’s hit well this spring, and another red-hot weekend at the plate only helped his numbers. Schryver had 5 hits, bringing his average to .421 where he has 2 doubles as well. He’s driven in 3 runs as well, with some good swings for the Iowa Select Hein squad. 

Drake Obermueller (2025, Iowa City, Iowa) has always gotten it done on the mound, with a ton of consistency to his performance on the mound. He handled the bat well this weekend as well. Obermueller operates from a 5-foot-11, 160-pound frame with a lean and athletic build. He works with a simple and fluid delivery, pitching from a higher three-quarters arm slot, creating some whip working downhill through his release. It’s a clean and repeatable delivery & arm action. Obermueller worked into the low-80s on his fastball with some angle and life from the higher slot. The slider has worked in the low-70s, with plenty of horizontal depth to it, getting around it and generating that “sweep.” He threw 3.0 innings, allowing 2 hits and striking out 6 opposing hitters, walking zero. He hit well, 5 hits on 10 trips to the plate. He added a double and triple with 4 RBI to his credit, showing off quick hands and good bat speed. He walked 4 times and has struck out just once this spring. He works from a wider base with the bat just above the shoulder before lifting the leg and turning hard through it, with quickness. Obermueller has plenty to like on both sides of the ball — an uncommitted 2025 prospect to keep eyes on.  

Bo Collingwood (2025, Leclaire, Iowa) had a downright dominant outing on the mound this weekend. Collingwood is a 6-foot-1, 180-pound frame with a taller and more lean frame. He has length throughout. He threw from a higher three-quarters arm slot with a ton of whip through release. He pushes down the mound well and was able to throw a ton of strikes on the day. Collingwood worked in the mid-80s, getting up to 89 mph on the fastball, holding the 84-88 mph range. The fastball had some life to it. He showed a mid-70s curveball with a ton of 12-6 depth to it, being able to miss bats and make for an uncomfortable at-bat for the opposition. Flashed a diving changeup but mostly relied on the fastball/curveball. Collingwood threw 4.0 innings, not allowing a hit, walking 4, and striking out 10 opposing hitters. He was also 2-for-3 at the plate. 

Anthony Harrington (2026, Lost Nation, Iowa) shined on both sides of the ball this weekend for the Iowa Select PG Renegades squad. He’s a 5-foot-11, 191-pound frame with strength throughout a medium build. He looked great on the mound against a tough Iowa Select Scout team. He had a controlled delivery with clean actions and a fluid release from a higher over-the-top arm slot, with good acceleration. He hid it well through the back and showed a fastball working the mid-80s in the 83-86 mph range. The pitch has some angle to it from the higher slot. He showed a low-70s curveball in the mix with good depth to the pitch as well. Harrington mixed both pitches and cruised through 4.0 innings of work, allowing just 4 hits, walking 3, and striking out 10 opposing hitters along the way. Harrington was 4-for-9 on the weekend at the plate as well. He added a double and put some good swings on the ball. He has a more simple even base with higher-set hands and a higher back elbow. He stays short to the ball with a compact and direct path. He’s short to it and long through it to do damage — plenty to like from the two-way prospect. 

James Very (2025, Bettendorf, Iowa) has been downright exceptional in the batters’ box this spring and he had himself another great weekend at the dish. Very is an uncommitted 2025 prospect who has manufactured a ton of quality swings from the middle of the order. He’s a 6-foot-3, 210-pound frame with strength and physicality that show. He’s got a wider and slightly open base in his setup in the right-handed batters’ box with higher set hands deeper in his stance. He’s able to work direct with his hands and loft pitches, especially working pull-side. Very has some quality swings with strength off the barrel, and the results speak for themselves. He’s 10-for-21 this spring with a double, triple, and a home run, with 7 runs driven in. Plenty of loud swings overall.  

Jase Canfield (2025, Dubuque, Iowa) is a more compact build and frame with some strength off the barrel, showing quality swings for his Iowa Select PG Renegades team. The middle-infielder swings it from the right side and has been solid with the barrel in his hands. He’s hit 10-for-19 this weekend with a couple of extra-base hits, driving in 3 runs, walking 4, and striking out only 4 times as well. He has a slightly spread stance with the hands deeper and back elbow lower. He loads up on the backside, lifting the front foot before striding forward, with a ton of quickness in the turn. He has good bat speed with some extension through it. Canfield showed off some good swings on the weekend overall, keeping his quality spring performance going for him. 

- Tyler R. Kotila 

Jake Miller (2025, Marion, Iowa) was by far one of the most impressive players on the field this weekend. Miller went off for 9 hits out of the clean-up spot for Iowa Select Scout Miller. Miller looked pretty well-balanced on both sides of the plate this weekend, taking a healthy dose of at-bats from each side and producing enormously. Miller has a mature plate presence and does a good job of shifting his weight pre-pitch and getting his barrel through the zone early. Listed at 5-foot-10, 175 pounds, Miller has a ton of room to keep adding tools along with muscle. A ton of fun watching this kid, excited to see what the future holds for him.

Jordan Woodhouse (2025, Cedar Rapids, Iowa) showed good two-way upside this weekend, throwing an almost perfect 3.2 innings on the mound with 8 strikeouts and just 1 hit allowed. Woodhouse is a lanky right-handed pitcher and sat 82-84 mph topping out with his fastball at 85. Woodhouse has a fluid motion with short arm action and an over-the-top delivery. The fastball has good life and plays well at the top of the zone. Woodhouse also showed a curveball with good 12/6 break that dipped all the way down into the 71-73 mph range. At the plate Woodhouse added a long home run that he pulled over the left field wall. Athletic movements all over the field for Woodhouse are very projectable as he continues to add weight and polish mechanics.

Dominic Salibi (2025, Iowa City, Iowa) got the bats rolling out of the leadoff spot for Iowa Select City High Hall. Salibi finished his weekend with 5 hits, including 2 doubles, a triple, and a home run, bringing his average for the Spring up to an impressive .500 mark as we make our way to the back half of the season. Salibi is a left-handed hitter with a long 6-foot-1, 175-pound frame. Salibi has an unique swing that begins with an open stance and low handset and from there he gathers his weight on his back foot, sinks into his hip, propels forward upon contact. Salibi impressed this weekend with a lot of pop in his bat along with his ability to go and get pitches on the edge of the zone and put good barrels on them. Hard to miss the athleticism in Salibi and he carries a hot bat going into next week and will be a must-watch at bat going forward.

Jaxton Schroeder (2025, Iowa City, Iowa) looks to be warming up after this weekend with Iowa Select City High Hall. Schroeder, one of the premier bats in the league, finished his weekend two-for-four with a double and a triple. Standing at 6-foot-5, 205 pounds, Schroeder bats left-handed and carries a upright & quick to launch stroke into the box. Starting with high hands and a slightly wider base on impact. Shows great barrel control, sending his triple the other way down the line. Lots of upside in his bat as he continues to add muscle and repetition. Schroeder’s athleticism at his size is rare, being a force on the basepaths and adding 4 stolen bags to his line as well. Schroeder is another prospect whose name I would not be surprised to see taken off the board pretty soon.

Landry Haberichter (2026, Burlington, Iowa) is making an impression for his first season in the Perfect Game Spring League. Haberichter finished his weekend with 3 hits, including 2 doubles. This brings his average to a .400 mark for the Spring and an outstanding OPS of 1.475. Haberichter is a right-handed hitter with an athletic frame at 5-foot-9, 165 pounds. Haberichter has a clean and quick stroke. He starts with a wide base and uses a simple toe-tap before unloading on the ball. Does a great job of staying connected all the way through and keeping his hands inside the ball. Shows good pull-side power and plus speed on the bases. Look forward to seeing Haberichter continue his progression as the season moves forward.

Mason Bechen (2025, Walker, Iowa) impressed in his outing for Iowa Select Schulte this weekend, finishing with three innings pitched, five strikeouts, and surrendering just one earned run. Bechen sat 84-86 mph throughout with his fastball as well. Clean and repetitive mechanics. Sinks deep into back hip after leg lift and delivers over the top with good arm speed. Bechen showcased a curveball that he threw for strikes and with confidence. Curveball carries an 11/5 shape and proves to be a good change of speed any time during at-bats. Bechen has plenty of upside down the line as he continues to work on the arsenal.

- Aiden Moeller