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PG Super25 17u NTX Qualifier - Texoma - June 5-8
2013-2014 season

June 05, 2014- June 08, 2014

Tulsa Area - Tulsa, OK
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The PG Super25 17u NTX Qualifier - Texoma - June 5-8 will be held in Tulsa, OK, June 5-8, 2014. This tournament is for teams eligible to play in the 17u age division for the 2013-2014 National Championship season and players must meet the age limit criteria.

Qualifier tournaments are a great way to start your team’s journey to the PG Super25. All teams participating in a qualifier are also eligible to play in super regionals. Only teams from the designated region or the bordering regions are eligible to participate in the Qualifiers and Regionals.
PG Super25 Mission

Age Eligibility: All players must have been born after April 30, 1996.

Bat Type: Wood

Coolers: Not Allowed

Entry Fee: $1000    Gate Fees Included

Game Guarantee: 4 (weather permitting)

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Advancement: Qualifying teams will advance to the PG Super25 17u NTX Regional May 29 - Jun 1. Teams who do not advance to the regional are still eligible to play in another qualifier and/or any of the five 17u Super Qualifiers

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For more tournament information contact:
Nathan Ritchey
PG Super25 17u NTX Qualifier - Texoma - June 5-8 Director

Don Myers
PG Super25 North Texas Regional Director

For more information about Perfect Game please contact:
Bob Barth
PG Super25 National Director

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