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2/24/2011 3:02:50 PM
Pac-10 non conference week 2 Predictions

Here are your pac-10 non-conference games this week. Predict how each team will do:

San Jose State @ #1 UCLA(3)
#3 Vanderbilt v. #12 Stanford(3)
Delaware @ #9 Arizona State(4)
#30 California @ Caravelle Resort Baseball in Myrtle Beach, SC v. Coastal Carolina, NC State and Kansas State(3)
#18 Rice v. Southern Cal(3)
St Mary's @ #19 Oregon(3)
Long Beach State v. #23 Arizona(3)
Oregon State @ Kleberg Bank College Classic v.#28 Connecticut, Texas A&M-Corpus Christian and Indiana(3)
UC Santa Barbara @ Washington State(3)
Cal State Bakersfield v. Washington(3)

#1 UCLA 3-0: Easy series for the Bruins, lets see if the starters ERA can stay at 0 for another weekend.
#12 Stanford 1-2: Stanford morns the loss of Mooneyham but Vandy is also a national title contender.
#9 Arizona State 4-0: The Sun Devils have had the easiest schedule yet and they do not lose at home.
#30 California 1-2: Traveling all the way across the country will be tough on the Bears along with the talents from the teams they play.
Southern Cal 1-2: Trojans played well last week but they won't play well enough to win this series.
#19 Oregon 3-0: The Ducks are back home and prove to the nation how much better they are than last weekend.
Oregon State 2-1: There only loss will be to UCONN, but I see them playing the Huskies tough.
Wazzu 3-0: 3 feet of snow in Pullman leads to a home-field advantage that can't be matched in the Pac-10.
Washington 2-1: Huskies offense is pretty well rounded but there pitching will the story this weekend as they take this series.

Let me know your thoughts..
2/24/2011 3:15:22 PM
Week 2 Series Predictions -- Who you got?

Vandy 2-1
Fullerton 2-1
Texas 3-0
Virginia 3-0
Rice 2-1
Arizona 2-1
GT 2-1
Gators 3-0
Georgia 2-1
OK st 2-1
Elon 2-1
Miss 2-1
SM 2-1
San Diego 3-0
Fresno State 3-0
3/1/2011 3:22:53 PM
Pac-10 non conference week 3 Predictions

#6 UCLA @ Nebraska(3)
#7 Arizona State @ Coca-Cola Classic vs. Cal State Bakersfield, Northern Illinois, Kansas and UC Riverside(4)
#15 Stanford@ #12 Texas(3)
Southern Cal @ #14 Cal State Fullerton(3)
#20 Oregon @ Long Beach State(3)
Utah Valley @ #22 Arizona(3)
#24 California @ USD Tournament vs. San Diego, San Diego State, Oklahoma and Connecticut(4)
BYU @ Washington(3)
Hartford @ Oregon State(4)
Washington State @ Dairy Queen Classic vs. Oklahoma State, Minnesota and South Alabama

#6 UCLA 2-1: Last week was a big disappointment for the Bruins but I think their Coach has them ready to go at Nebraska.
#7 Arizona State 3-1: Sun Devils will have a great weekend but I think the thought of the sanctions makes them drop one game.
#15 Stanford 1-2: Could Stanford's' schedule get any tougher? Playing at Texas is the hardest thing about the series.
Southern Cal 0-3: I thought Southern Cal might turn there program but playing at Rice and Cal State Fullerton on back to back weekends is too tough.
#20 Oregon 2-1: Horton has the Ducks ready to play on the road and they take this series with a close win in the rubber match on Sunday.
#22 Arizona 3-0: This team is on fire but maybe that is because there schedule has been incredibly easy.
#24 California 3-1: Cal showed its ready for the national stage last weekend and I think there only loss to a powerful Oklahoma team this weekend.
Washington 1-2: I thought the Huskies might have a quality season and maybe a surprise birth in the NCAA tournament this year but they have shown that they have yet again, no pitching and their offense is not great.
Oregon State 4-0: Easy series for the Beavers at home and I expect them to be in the top-25 soon.
Washington State 3-0: This is my sleeper team to Omaha and they will show how good they really are against there first tests of the season. Expect Adam Conley to dominate Oklahoma State and show that he is one of the best pitchers in the nation. Even without Chad Arnold, I expect Spencer Jackson and James Wise to pitch Wazzu by Minnesota and South Alabama.
3/12/2011 3:47:36 PM

Easily one of the top 10 pitchers in the country. 4-0 w/ a 0.93 ERA in his first four starts (29 inn). This kid is going to earn a million bucks come draft time. I can't wait to see him matched up against Gerritt Cole of UCLA. He's a special player.
3/12/2011 8:16:19 PM

Yes I get to see him pitch. Everything he does is very impressive. He is mature beyond his years as he knows that baseball is his ticket and he's accepted that by becoming an incredibly responsible human being. Now back to baseball. He throws low to mid 90s and has great control but his off speed pitches need some development. I see him as a setup guy in the big leagues because he attacks with his fastball but if he can develop his other pitches he could he a #1 or #2 starting pitcher someday.
3/14/2011 3:54:52 PM
Week 5 Pac 10 non-conference predictions

Sorry about last week for not posting this. I had a few mid terms in school and was incredibly busy so this week I'm starting this early!

#8 Arizona State v. Oral Roberts(3)
#13 Arizona v. San Francisco(3)
#16 UCLA @ Cal Poly(3)
#18 Stanford v. Michigan(3)
Washington @ #20 Cal State Fullerton(3)
Washington State @ #25 Fresno State(4)
#27 California v. Ohio State(3)
#28 Oregon @ San Diego(4)
#30 Oregon State @ Long Beach State(3)
Southern Cal v. Pacific(3)

#8 Arizona State 2-1: ASU plays a 2 game series against Oklahoma during the week so I think they made be a little gassed from those games and won't be able to complete the sweep against Oral Roberts.

#13 Arizona 3-0: Arizona is on fire so far this year but it has been against mediocre competition so I think there streak continus against mediocre competition.

#16 UCLA 2-1: UCLA has struggled this year but I still feel they will win the series against Cal Poly.

#18 Stanford 2-1: Home series against a quality big ten opponent will be tough and if they had mooneyham, they would have the sweep.

Washington 0-3: Huskies are having a terrible start and it should get worse when they visit Cal State Fullerton.

Washington State 3-1: Toughest matchup yet for the Cougs but I think they show they can play with the Bulldogs and win this series when Chad Arnold returns.

#27 California 2-1: Cal is red hot but they'll trip up on one game against Nick Swisher's alma mater.

#28 Oregon 1-3: The Ducks are the biggest disappointment so far this season and San Diego is a tough team that will take the series at home.

#30 Oregon state 2-1: The Beavers are off to a great start and it will continue.

Southern Cal 2-1: Home series for the Trojans equals a win.
3/17/2011 12:12:08 AM
Weekend series predictions -- Make your picks!

Florida 2-1: The Gators are solid in every aspect.

Oklahoma 2-1: I thought Oklahoma was going to make a serious run after starting 14-0 but the Sun Devils have showed their weaknesses but they still pull the win out against the Aggies.

Virginia 2-1: Too much pitching for the Cavaliers.

South Carolina 3-0: Georgia has had a rough start and it wont get easier in South Carolina.

TCU 3-0: TCU will bounce back and show why they will be crowned national champs at the end of this year.

Arkansas 2-1: Tough test for the Razorbacks as they start SEC play but they will win the series.

UC Irvine 2-1: Loyola Marymount has been one of the early surprises for college baseball but they'll face a tough task against Irvine.

Georgia Tech 3-0: G Tech is better.

Wazzu 3-1: The arrival of Chad Arnold will spark the Cougs back into the rankings. Also their offense has started to show up lately because they finally have had a chance to play outside.

Oregon State 2-1: Beavers look like there back to their old ways.

Vanderbilt 3-0: Start of conference play won't slow down one of the best pitching teams in the country.

Texas 3-0: Sweeeeeep.

Stetson 2-1: Don't know much about either team.

Bama 2-1: Mississippi has seemed to struggle the past few years and it will continue at home.

Florida International 2-1: Rubber match will decide this series.

I don't know much about the national scene but these are my predictions and I hope they come true just like my college basketball bracket.
3/21/2011 1:10:28 PM
Week 5 Pac 10 non-conference predictions

Yeah i'll add standings, power rankings and predictions for this upcoming weekend by wednesday afternoon.
3/22/2011 8:41:13 PM
Week 5 Pac 10 non-conference predictions

I just think its fun
3/26/2011 10:34:49 PM
Week 5 Pac 10 non-conference predictions

No got for it dodgermatt.
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