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2/18/2011 12:14:37 PM
UCLA Cautiously Optimistic About Their Bullpen

B.B. the Bruin Baseball Bear
B.B. the Bruin Baseball Bear
At noon today UCLA kicks off what could be its 1st National Championship in baseball against San Francico.
What will the bullpen look like by the time Pac 10 play begins?
It is wide open at this point.
Look for Scott Griggs to be this years closer, it is a must that we find out who can be counted on to finish with gusto.
The rest of the club is looking solid.
Don't miss these guys if you have an opportunity.
They are something special.
Good luck to all!
2/25/2011 9:39:39 AM
UCLA 9-0 win over Pepperdine Kids looked good

B.B. the Bruin Baseball Bear
B.B. the Bruin Baseball Bear
It's one thing to get great games out of Cole & Bauer. It's something else when Soph. Scott Griggs and a team of Freshman pitchers dominate a Pepperdine team!

However, the hitting is not where we hoped it would be , yet?
Hitting home runs this season looks near impossible at Jackie Robinson Stadium, does anyone know the stat on the the quantity of home runs hit the first week of the season compared to last year??

3/7/2011 6:28:09 PM
Nebraska - UCLA Series

B.B. the Bruin Baseball Bear
B.B. the Bruin Baseball Bear
MostUnknown wrote:
Cole and Bauer have been throwing out of their minds. It's a shame they can't get any support from the bats. It'll be interesting to see if Plutko gets some help tomorrow.

HELP on the new bats?????
Something is wrong regarding the bats that the Bruins are using?
These guys should be hitting their stride about now and they are not.
Have there been hitters that switched their bat weight from a year ago to accomadate the weaker power in this years bats?
Let me know, please. The Cornhuskers were able to hit some big home runs over the weekend.
We will have to find out this Dodgertown Classic weekend, ajustments have to be made or it could be a long season for some very good pitchers.
4/15/2011 8:39:18 AM
TCB time for the Bruins

B.B. the Bruin Baseball Bear
B.B. the Bruin Baseball Bear
We need to make a strong showing as a team beginning this weekend!
It's time to quit complaining about the bats that make a "thud" instead of a "ping"
It's time for the bullpen to realize that without them being effective, Omaha is a long way off.
It's time for our coaching staff to understand that best pitch to hit is the 1st one; and remove the "handcuffs" from our best hitters.
All of that said, it's time to put "intense" Bruin baseball on display beginning tonight!

5/18/2011 1:32:11 PM
50 IN 50: UCLA's Trevor Bauer

B.B. the Bruin Baseball Bear
B.B. the Bruin Baseball Bear
Clearly the best bargain in a very good field!
5/18/2011 2:08:42 PM
Don't take UCLA to lightly

B.B. the Bruin Baseball Bear
B.B. the Bruin Baseball Bear
This has been a tough season for our beloved Bruins.
This week we officially lose what many think is our best
position player Tyler Rahmatulla who has been suspended
for the remainder of the 2011 season (academics).
Easton bats have removed our offence for the most part.
We are 0 for 12 when trailing in the late innings.
Tuesday's prospective starter Scott Griggs, has had trouble finding
the strike zone. He will be lights out once we get this issue corrected.
He is another high 90's guy.
Kevin Willaims apppers to have earned the job as full time 2nd baseman in
place Rahmatulla, still a work in progress however.
IMO, we have a pitching staff that could get us all the way to Omaha.
Cole, Bauer, Plutko and closer Vander Tuig along with help from freshman
Zach Weiss (current Tuesday starter) southpaw specialist Mitchell Beacom
and the previously mentioned Scott Griggs.
Don't take this team to lightly; though at times our hitting has been pathetic.
Our pitching has kept us in almost all games.
There is no reason to think that won't continuein the post season.
Now it's in the hands of our coaching staff to find ways to keep us from falling
to far behind early in games. We have not done well when that happens.
However, don't take us to lightly this post seaon.
We just might surprise some folks.
What do you think?
5/31/2011 11:16:58 AM
Bruins have tough road to Omaha . . .

B.B. the Bruin Baseball Bear
B.B. the Bruin Baseball Bear
We worried about a possible rematch with Fullerton in the Super Regionals.
It got alot tougher . . Virginia at Virginia, should we get that far?
That's what makes June Madness just that, isn't it?
Getting to the 64 is what makes your regular season a success, IMO.
Post season is always a wild ride!

Lets get it on!
(But, please remember, take the Regional games 1 at a time)
5/31/2011 11:26:03 AM
UCLA Regional

B.B. the Bruin Baseball Bear
B.B. the Bruin Baseball Bear
Fresno State will be tough for us. They actually Hit home runs in the "Frank Baker era." With Cole & Bauer throwing 95-101 MPH their hitters will be waiting on the fastball to drive for the BIG FLY.
We will have to score some runs if we're to keep up with their output.
Last year LSU paid for televising the entire LA regional.
They will be sorely missed.
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