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3/26/2013 6:12:49 PM

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The Gods of the Schedule arranged Pac War for the weekend of 5/17/13. All of the Pac will be playing their traditional/instate rivals that weekend with the lone exception of our orphan, Utah. Here is how the stars will align:

Ariz at ASU
Stanford at Cal
OSU at Ore

Gentleman, tempers will be flaring, tongues will be lashing, and blood will be spilt (figurativley of course). This is the weekend of Civil Wars throughout the Pac. The mighty may fall, futures will be altered and the meek may inherit on the next to last weekend of conference play.
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3/26/2013 10:04:07 PM

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Hey.. I resent that.
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3/27/2013 1:06:29 AM

Dodger Matt
Dodger Matt
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Well, I don't know what kind of personal affiliation most fans have with their respective teams. I know at least one of our prediction participants was the father of one of the players, for example. So if a particular fan is a relative or friend of someone on the team, and that player has moved on, the fan will probably not be coming back to play predictions. When I was doing this on Rivals, we had two or three Trojan fans, three Cougs, a couple Cats and Bruins, and three for Stanford, plus a whole bunch of Devils (I think more than we had Beavers at one time). But that was before sanctions, which killed their online fan base. Never had a Cal fan. Smelled one once and personally invited him to play, but I think he had a US flag to burn or a nude TGBLT poetry contest to attend...something more important like that. Have yet to see anyone even express sympathy for Utah.
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