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3/19/2013 2:12:08 PM

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With both AZ teams visiting the state of Oregon this week, I guess it is not too early for you guys to start your trash talking and get it out of your systems. blah All of you against Rowdy, Caught by Sparky & myself.

RD: be careful, as a Duck hunter, singles are easy pickin's & more often than not end up on the dinner table.
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Go Devils !!
Fork Off
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3/21/2013 1:55:23 AM

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ASU74, thanks for starting this thread. I'm trying to develop some antagonism against the AZ schools, but I am really feeling some love for the Wildcats, especially after the Greek loving we gave to them last weekend. It sounds like you, Caught by Sparky, and Rowdy have some kind of special love going on down South. That's okay, I make no judgment, I'm very much a Libertarian. There are only two teams I could never root for -- Oregon and Washington. I despise everything about these teams and the cities where they hang their hat.

Get your St. Pauli Girl out. Have some fun and enjoy the weekend.
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3/19/2013 6:06:02 PM

Florida Beaver
Florida Beaver
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Trash talk? We'll let Boyd's, Moore's, Wetzlers' and Childs' arms, Conforto's, Davis', Rodriguez's and Smith's bats and our awesome bullpen do all the trash talking needed on the field. No reason for us to open a wound, rub salt in it and then smack ya in the face with a beaver tail.
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3/20/2013 9:04:15 AM

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Eugene would be the wrong place to Eugene you can find flukey baseball, whiners, a plethera of bunts, poor base running, batters leaning into pitches, a team purposefully delaying the game, and a team that bats like a Girls Under 10 Softball team.

Riverduck wrote:
Then Kendall would be able to watch what real baseball is about.
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