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6/18/2012 3:55:03 PM

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6/18/2012 11:27:33 PM

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Riverduck wrote:
Dodger Matt wrote:
I just watched the 9th inning on ESPN's replay. That pitching by Kent State was atrocious. If I were a Golden Flash fan, I would have died or destroyed something just watching 11 straight balls to lead off the inning. And that guy who was called out on the check swing SHOULD have been walked on the previous pitch, which was way outside. But I guess the home plate ump failed to call a couple other pitches that were much closer already. Still, Kent State was lucky.

And then they get to face either Arkansas again or South Carolina in a couple days.

I say it is fixed.. lol good for them I guess. If they go on and win it all, at least the ducks could say they got beat by the eventual national champions.. but you and I know that will never happen.

No one cares or remembers the losers. You got to win it. Or, you got to go to the CWS many times like the old Southern Cal teams, Stanford in the 80s/90s, Arizona State, LSU, or the old Oklahoma State teams (those Charlie Lau hitting fiends).

You remember the winner, though. I remember Fresno State. I remember Oregon State. I remember Pepperdine years back. LSU. I remember George Horton's Fullerton State 2004 team. But, I remember Augie Garrido's teams even more.

So what I'm trying to say is that your Ducks are doing good. But, Cal State Fullerton at Eugene ain't there yet. Not even UC Irvine circa 2007 close. .......even with Horton on the committee and Phil Knight bankrolling the team. Baseball is a little different. It's tough. It takes the right players, coaches, chemistry, etc. .......and a little luck. Like those golden flashes. I liken your Ducks to the Anteaters of UC Irvine. They started up their program in 2002 and made the CWS in 2007 and are pretty solid. Your ducks are so close, yet, so far away, especially with so many teams going after it in the pac. Good luck, Riverduck.
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Home » College Baseball Clubhouse » Florida vs Kent State

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