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6/11/2012 7:40:48 PM

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Ok, now I'm sure no one will Boo Horton, but I feel justified in my persistent statements of how over-rated the Sucks down South were. (Told you I'd be back when they choked)

Talk about choke....a gimme of a host regional, a 3 seed from the MAC at home for the supers...pathetic. The commitee couldn't put any larger of a bow wrap on the squandered gift Oregon recieved...I mean heck you got paired with the Purdue regional!

2nd best in the state is all they achieved this year.

Go Beavs!

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6/12/2012 1:45:29 AM

Florida Beaver
Florida Beaver
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Calm......Easy......Imagine you're a duck......high above the clouds.......flying in the sunshine.......just you and all your duck buddies......flying north after a nice winter in the had some hot duck tail cares......all is good.....

AH ****!!!!


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6/12/2012 8:19:17 AM

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Come on now boys. Can ya'll table the civil war stuff till at least till conference play starts next year. You guys are beating a dead horse. Flog dead topic

We got the CWS to enjoy now.

Go Devils !!
Fork Off
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Home » College Baseball Clubhouse » Horton hears a BOO!

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