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4/12/2012 11:20:07 AM

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Oregon State vs. Arizona State

Deven Marrero: If you don't already know about Marrero he is a great all-around athlete with a well-proportioned, tapered frame. He went 2-5 in this game, with his 1st hit being a push bunt infield single in which he showed very good straight line speed down the line. His second hit he smoked a slider on the outer half through the hole on the left side of the infield. He hasn't been driving the ball much this spring and overall his numbers are down, but he continues to excel defensively and has promising upside.

Brady Rodgers: Rodgers is all about pitchability. I had the chance to see him first-hand last summer for Team USA when the CNT travelled to Omaha to face Team Japan. 80 of the 106 pitches he tossed in this game were called for strikes, as he went 8 innings, allowing 7 hits, 2 unearned runs and 1 walk while striking out 6. He also posted a 13 to 4 groundout to flyout ratio, a very good indication of his ability to induce weak ground balls. His pitch sequencing is excellent, and while he's not a flamethrower, his success is predicated off of the command of his sinking 87-89 fastball that peaks around 90-91. He throws a sharp, slow overhand curveball at 70-74, a sharp 82-83 slider and a 79-81 changeup. He sets up hitters well, working away before busting them inside, or even climbing the ladder to get some swinging on high heat. His fastball looks to be thrown harder than it is given how well he commands it and uses his offspeed stuff to accentuate it. His delivery is clean and he's a good overall athlete. While his ceiling his limited, his floor is very high, as he has a good chance to not only get to the big-leagues, but do so quickly.

Dan Child: I had the opportunity to follow Child last summer when he was named PG's No. 9 prospects in the Northwoods League when he was throwing in the 93-94 range with a sharp 82-83 slider. That is the exact repertoire he showed in this game, although he tended to rely more on his slider than to trust his fastball. There is quite a bit of deception to his delivery, and he gets a lot of sink on his fastball, which in this game was 89-93. His slider was 81-85, showing very good break down and away from right-handed hitters. The throws over the top and has some downhill plane to his delivery. He's a big-bodied athlete with a sturdy, thick build, which drew some comparisons to Brad Lidge last summer from the scouts and coaches I talked to. He works slow, nearly Steve Tracshel slow, and he looks to lull hitters asleep before his FB/SL explodes out of his hand. He had a strong outing outside of a 4-run 3rd inning.

Michael Conforto: Conforto is a freshman outfielder for the Beavers that is enjoying a very good season at the plate. He has a crouched stance and a patient approach with an easy/smooth LH swing. He went with an outside fastball from Rodgers to stroke a double down the left field line in the first inning, and later worked the count to draw a walk, the only one Rodgers issues, in the 3rd. It's easy to envision him hitting for more and more power as he has a loose, strong frame to go along with his powerful swing. Keep an eye on this young man the next few years.
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Home » Draft Insider Forum » College notes wk 8 - Rodgers, Gausman, Zunino

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