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4/3/2012 11:18:08 AM

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Here are the latest projections:

Kendall Rogers, College Baseball Managing Editor
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4/4/2012 10:11:34 PM

Dodger Matt
Dodger Matt
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Riverduck wrote:
If things play out- and both Oregon and OSU deserve a regional host would it, could it happen, or would they play with a different venue and spread it out. Would it ever happen?
edited by Riverduck on 4/4/2012

Would/could it ever happen? Absolutely. Clemson and SoCar have hosted regionals the same year. CSF, UCI, UCLA...there are often cases where multiple sites within a short distance of each other, even in the same metropolis, occur.

This year? Unlikely but not impossible. Both teams would have to be at the top of the Pac-12. Yes, both currently are in the upper half of the conference, but I mean UCLA would have to drop considerably (a good Duck showing this weekend in Westwood might begin the process), and Stanford would have to continue their poor conference play. Will that happen? And it would also require other west coast teams (not in the Pac-12) to NOT be in the top 16-plus nationally. The NCAA likes to have regional representation for "regionals". (Seems like a duh statement, huh?) As Kendall noted in his explanation above, if one of the two Beaver State schools is only a little better than the top LA school for consideration of the last regional site, LA will get the nod. But if both Oregon and OSU are so good by year's end that there is discussion of both being national seeds, it would be nearly impossible to prevent both from hosting, even if only one gets one of the top eight seeds.

But do you think either is national seed material at this point in the season? Keep your eye on the teams in Kendall's regional hosting projections that are ahead of the Ducks and watch how they do. And compare to the Ducks' performance here on out.
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Home » College Baseball Clubhouse » PG 64: Projecting the NCAA field (4.3)

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