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2/27/2012 10:27:37 AM

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I was happy to catch one of Michael Cederoth's appearances early in his college career. First of all I have to point out that if you switched the #35 on his back to the #37 you would may mistake Cederoth for former Aztec Stephen Strasburg. That comparison is for their physical statures, as Cederoth is listed at 6-6, 210 with plenty of projection yet a lot of current maturity in his frame, with a well proportioned build and strong lower half.

He uses his size well, throwing downhill to the plate with long limbs and very good extension off the mound. That make his low-90s fastball, that can touch the mid-90s, appear that much harder, and he started his 3 inning outing by doing a good job keeping the ball down in the zone. Similar to Mark Appel, when he does so, his fastball gets some nice sinking life to it. Cederoth also has the stuff to throw his 4-seamer up in the zone, in which he got some swings and misses as it's difficult to catch up with.

He snapped off a handful of good curveballs and 2-3 changeups. One of these changeups was particularly promising.

Of his 5 strikeouts, 2 came swinging on high fastballs, one looking on a fastball that caught the outside corner to a RH hitter (Jordan Dunatov), another came looking on a curveball and he used another curveball to get a batter swinging. His appearance was in a relief outing, but I'm sure we'll be seeing Cederoth used as a weekend starter moving forward, and could give SDSU a promising staff to go along with soph. Cole Swanson.

Dylan Davis also pitched in relief, throwing 2 innings for Oregon State. Davis was a PG/Aflac All-American a few summers ago, and his arm strength will probably point to a future as a RHP despite being a very athletic player that also excels at the plate and in the field as an OF.

He looks like a pitcher, with broad shoulders and a high waist and a mature, athletic build. He has a much more compact delivery than Cederoth, but can throw just as hard. His breaking ball isn't as refined, and he threw both a slow curveball that had short, tight break and a slider. He also threw a changeup that showed promise. He pitches aggressively, and wasn't afraid to bust RH hitters inside on their hands. Like Cederoth, he too is being used as a reliever at this point in time, but should be an accomplished weekend starter in the next year, if not by the end of the season.

Of course neither of these guys factor into this year's draft, or even next year's, but will be in the conversation for the early rounds in 2014.
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Home » Draft Insider Forum » Michael Cederoth, RHP, San Diego State

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