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6/28/2011 9:30:19 AM

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So what does everyone think about game two tonight between FL and SC?

Would be really tough to not see SC closing this thing out in 2 games now. They have all of the momentum, the Florida players just looked demolished after last night, SC has won 15 straight postseason games and thinks they can't lose, and SC has their ace Michael Roth on the mound who has the best ERA in the country. On paper at least, SC should win this one tonight and close it out.

But...Florida was the obvious favorite yesterday on paper as well and then they missed out on their opportunities and SC showed their normal killer instinct when it mattered. Roth has given up one earned run in his last six starts, and the SC defense is absolutely rock solid. If they have the lead after 6-7 innings, the ballgame is over because Taylor and Price have been so solid this year.

Florida has Whiston going, but he has yet to pitch seven full innings in a start this year as a true freshman. Brian Johnson will be a key wildcard, as I imagine FL will try to get everything they can from Whitson and then try to have Johnson get them to the 8th with a lead. Johnson really struggled down the stretch of the SEC season and hasn't pitched in a month since being hit in the head, so how does he do in his first Omaha appearance? He was rocked back in March by this same SC squad.

Also how will Roth bounce back on 3-days rest? He only threw 91 pitches which is pretty low for one of his starts, and he's such a competitor that you have to think he is close to 100% and if he can get them through 6 innings with the lead, the championship will be won. Zuzino looked to be swinging a better bat late in the game, and he had 3 hits off Roth back in March.

If SC was in this 0-1 hole, I wouldn't have second thoughts about forcing a game three because they are so battle tested, but how will Florida respond after being so heart-broken last night? Florida responded nicely against Mississippi State in their super regional in this exact spot, but that was at home against an inferior opponent. This is the defending champs smelling blood with their best pitcher on the mound (who happens to have an ERA under 1.00), so the odds would definitely seem to be stacked against FL to win game two.

So who wins game two?
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Home » College Baseball Clubhouse » CWS Game Two

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