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6/12/2011 10:07:44 AM

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As some of you may recall I made a post about 1/3 of the way through the season talking about how I didn't think UConn deserved to be ranked. I felt that way much of the season but they continued to win so I let it go and couldn't argue with wins. When the game with USC was coming on ESPN I said I want to watch to see what this Uconn team is all about. After watching them my statement from 1/3 through the year stands. I'm not impressed at all. Here are some observations I got from them.

1. Very cocky, came in to USC's stadium running their mouths whenever they could
2. Not impressed with Barnes at all. If this is the best they have they are in serious trouble. South Carolina knocked the cover off of anything he threw for 4 innings.
3. Barnes is a childish punk. So you strike out 3 batters in the first inning. IT'S JUST THE FIRST INNING, don't go off the field on national TV dropping F-bombs to th crowd. Grow up. Then after getting shelled over the next 4 innings as he goes off the field the crowd is getting on him a little big and he again resorts to dropping F-Bombs to the crowd. Childish.. If i was the big league team that took this guy, I would be very worried right now.
4. Acted like they won the CWS with 1 run in th 1st. I know you haven't been there before, but you still have to act lik you have. Notice USC whn they won the game. Just a hand shake and leave the field.

After the way they acted I hope that USC, droppes 12 or 13 on them today, but they won't because they are respectful.

Other observations-

Vandy looked insanely good
USC looked pretty good as well
UNC looked great in their sweep
ALL the pressure is now on Florida while MS. St. is just having fun, they weren't even suppose to be here.
How about Texas' bats finally waking up. (Where did ASU's go? They scored 29 in 2 games at their regional)
Virginia still looks good.

I wish my Hogs were still in it, but I'm still enjoying watching one of my favorite college sports! Good luck to everbody today!
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Home » College Baseball Clubhouse » Just an observation

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