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6/2/2011 3:41:16 PM

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[font=Verdana]Based on AD Mark Massari's comment from the SB Press Register that Pat Murphy is not a candidate but that there are a couple of Head Coaches in the regionals that are calling him and interested...Here is a list of those that are familiar with the western half of United States and could be candidates..they include...

Nino Giarratano...USF...Does a lot with very little...

Ray Birmingham...New Mexico...same as above.

Mike Batesole...Fresno State...Not sure if he is the, don't see him moving unless the Gauchos are offering big money.

Ty Harrington..Texas State...Southland COY...a winner and great recruiter and coach...the Big West is an upgrade and could be a great fit.

Dan Heefner...Dallas Baptist...He got his team in and LSU, Oregon and Bakersfield didn't...Young, personable and energetic..he probably would like to be part of a team that is in a conference...another good fit.

Pat Casey...Oregon State...Long, Long, long shot, but Massari is from Oregon State and Casey...according to the OSU web site... "was instrumental in the drive to build Goss Stadium at Coleman Field, the 1999 renovation to Oregon State's longtime ballpark. The OSU head coach was heavily-involved in fundraising for the $2.3 million project; when the go-ahead was given for construction, he had a hand in the ballpark's design to assure that it would be one of the most user-friendly facilities in college baseball. In 2002, the ballpark also received its first set of lights for night play"...Isn't that just what the gauchos are looking for???

As far as Pat Murphy, I still don't think that is dead...He no doubt would be the best candidate, but that could also scare other coaches away from applying, knowing that he is the best candidate. The Gauchos must do their due diligence to make sure that they are interviewing ALL of the qualified candidates...this next hire is crucial to the future of UCSB baseball and the viability and strength of the entire conference .....But..the fact that Murphy's name was even mentioned in the first place is a win-win for both he and the Gauchos...It's like they are using each other to further strengthen the search process and Murphy's inclusion into other opportunities.[/font]
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Home » College Baseball Clubhouse » UCSB Job Search

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