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5/28/2011 12:00:35 AM

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They have Wake and UNC wait around for a first pitch at 12:10 am with yet more rain on the radar but they start the game anyway. We get to the top of the 7th, UNC up 5-0 (and Patrick Johnson throwing a no-hitter) when the rains start again. At that point, the morons running the show decide to suspend the game...but not to Sunday....IF NEEDED.

That's right....if Miami loses tomorrow and UNC beats UVA, UNC would then have to show up on Sunday morning before the championship and play a Wake team whose season is over for 3 innings in order to finish that game and then advance to play in the championship. Oh, and UVA would have to stay around as well because if Wake were to pull off the comeback in that 3 inning thriller, then Virginia would be in the championship.

Kendall, how about an interview with the ACC officials where somebody grills them about what the hades they are thinking.
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5/28/2011 9:52:47 AM

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What else can you expect when the tournament, itself, has been reduced to little more than a post-season exhibition tournament sandwiched in between the parts of the season that really mean something? Two pools and a single-elimination "championship" game...and to think that they call the winner of it the "Conference Champion."

Frankly, it's an insult to the regular season champion, even though the regular season has been marred by the conference's ludicrous insistence that baseball divide itself in the same way that football does.

So what happens? One division's winner finishes with the 5th best record (despite the fact that they didn't have to play the conference's 2nd-place finisher), and they're awarded the second seed in the "championship" tournament! As this topic's heading goes, "What a complete and utter joke."

Please return some sanity to the end of the season:
1.Scrap the needless exhibition tournament.
2. Eliminate football's divisions for baseball.
3. Allow each team to play every other conference team in a weekend series during the regular season.

In the process, the conference would restore credibility to the "champion" designation and put each teams' most representative résumé in front of the NCAA Selection Committee.
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Home » College Baseball Clubhouse » The ACC is a complete and utter joke

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