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4/21/2011 6:47:34 PM

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Is Virginia benefitting more from the new bats than any team in America? It seems like they are really being helped out by this change. I am a huge Virginia fan, but the data I pull seems to suggest that they are a club who likes the new bats more than most teams. See Below:

1. Virginia plays in basically the largest park in the ACC (408 Center Field with a high wall in deep center, 335 in the corners)
2. Virginia is 7th Nationally in ERA (2.35)
3. Virginia is 2nd Nationally in walks allowed per 9 innings
4. Virginia is 3rd Nationally in Hits allowed per 9 innings
5. Virginia 14th Nationally in Doubles per game

Basically, this says to me that Virginia, a staff that rarely ever walks a batter, and when they do it is virtually impossible to clear the bases, at their place, due to the size of the park.

I still think that Virginia has the best pitching staff in the NCAA, and that they would be a Top 5 team no matter what bats were being used, but they do seem to be working with the new bats better than any other team.

Another team that probably is liking the bats is Texas.

What do you think?
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Home » College Baseball Clubhouse » Kendall Question (Virginia/New Bats)

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