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3/30/2011 5:59:13 PM

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What a week in SEC baseball. SEC West preseason top 3 are sitting at the bottom at the moment. South Carolina dominated UF in Gainseville. I really think Auburn and Arkansas are going to rise back up to the top of the West standings by seasons end. What's going on at LSU? Really reminds me of Auburn under Tom Slater. Would dominate the non conference and get into top 10 before losing first 4 or 5 SEC series before it was to late to make it to Hoover. For now until things change I have them out of Hoover. Lets take a look at the Road to Hoover and Power standings shall we?

Road to Hoover Top 8 (Based on where I think the teams will be at end of season)
1. South Carolina
2. Vanderbilt
3. Florida
4. Mississippi St.
5. Auburn
6. Arkansas
7. Alabama
8. Georgia

Divisional Power Poll
SEC East
1. South Carolina....Wow what a weekend! Defeated College of Charleston, Defeated Rhode Island, Took 2 of 3 at UF
2. Vanderbilt... Defeated Tennessee Tech, Took 2 of 3 at Arkansas
3. Florida... Defeated Winthrop twice, Won 1 of 3 versus South Carolina
4. Georgia... Anyone know what the deal is with this team?? Lost to Georgia Tech, Took 2 of 3 versus LSU
5. Kentucky... Defeated Cincinnati, Defeated Canisius, Won 1 of 3 at Alabama
6. Tennessee... Won at Lipscomb, Won 1 of 3 versus Ole Miss

SEC West
1. Alabama... Still not completely sold on this team based on SEC teams they've played so far.. Defeated Jack St., Defeated UAB, Took 2 of 3 versus Kentucky
2. Miss. St... What a statement weekend! Swept Auburn
3. Ole Miss... Another team still needing to prove a lot.. Defeated Samford, Won 2 of 3 at Tennessee
4. Arkansas... Defeated Memphis twice, Won 1 of 3 versus Vanderbilt
5. LSU.. Is Tom Slater the coach?? (Win the non conference but can't win when it counts in conference) Lost to La Lafeyette, Won 1 of 3 at Georgia
6. Auburn... Couldn't have a worse week for my Tigers, killed all momentum from Arky series win.. Lost at Jack St., Swept at Miss St.
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3/30/2011 6:58:30 PM

Out of Conference
Out of Conference
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Hard to imagine LSU not somehow working their way back in. Not sure who's the first to get nbumped out of that 8 to make room though...
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3/30/2011 9:32:07 PM

Carolina Mike
Carolina Mike
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AU I would post mine but I think you nailed it for this past week. I see the exact same at all positions 1-8.
Sorry your Tigers took it on the chin for the series, kinda surprised me to tell the truth.Maybe them guys in Starksville are getting their groove on.
LSU was another surprise as well, but the Jeckyl and Hyde of the SEC is alive and well (Georgia). I have the hindsight of a midweek game, but I thought they were gonna stick it to Clemson last night as well until the 6th. Then all hell broke loose.Sorry for Dave Perno's club in that one.
My Gamecocks could have easily have gone 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 last weekend.That's just how tight that series was.Great baseball none the less.
Vandy continues to pound it out though and I am looking forward to that series.
Great job again this week AU !
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Baseball is like church....many attend but few understand.
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4/1/2011 8:59:58 AM

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Alabama swept Kentucky FYI, but other than that your list looks about right. I don't think LSU will stay down all season. They'll make a run at Hoover, but I can't argue with having them out right now.

This weekend will go a long way in determining whether you're right about Auburn and Arkansas. Alabama's still got a tough road ahead with series against Florida, South Carolina, and Vanderbilt, Mississippi State (who is my biggest surprise so far), and on the road at Auburn where we seem to struggle at times. Not to mention Arkansas coming to town this weekend. EDIT--- Don't know how I forgot, but we've also got an LSU series in there. They'll probably turn it around just in time for us haha.

The next 8 weeks should be exciting.
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4/1/2011 11:45:05 PM

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Loved the results of last weekend for MSU but got off to a rough start tonight up in athens. Would be huge start to pull out the other in this series and be at 6-3 after 3 series and UF coming to town for Super Bulldawg weekend.
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Home » College Baseball Clubhouse » SEC Week 6 Power Poll

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