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3/29/2011 7:01:56 PM

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1. Virginia (It should be pretty clear by now that Brian O'Conner is one of the best in the business. Oh...and so is Danny Hultzen.)
2. Georgia Tech (The top spot is up for grabs next weekend if neither team stumbles between now and then)
3. N. Carolina (Solid play all around and the young guys are starting to really impress. A series win over a top 20 team would really validate this bunch)
4. Florida State (FSU would have been in the 3rd spot last week, but they need to refocus. The Saturday Wake game was a real downer)
5. Clemson (The Tigers have played a brutal schedule and have held it together, but need to start taking care of business from here on if they have any hopes of hosting)
6. Miami (This one is easy, just no pop at all. This team is just not the normal threat we've come to expect out of Coral Gables with the bats)
7. Boston College (A scrappy team that has played a brutal schedule, still hasn't played a true home game).
8. Maryland (Another team with tons of upside that has played a tough schedule, may not make the ACC tournament, but a team that will only continue to improve, big series this weekend with Miami)
9. Duke (Decent pitching and hitting, not a pushover, but nothing great to speak of yet...)
10. NC State (Would be in the 9th spot except they lost 2 of 3 to the Devils)
11. Wake Forest (Hey they did beat N. Carolina and flattened FSU 1 out of 3, other than that not much)
12. Virginia Tech (Truly disappointing, A terrible non-conference schedule and no signs of life in the ACC so far...)

The ACC seems to me to be a conference of pairs right now UVA/GT; UNC/FSU; Clemson/Miami; Boston College/Maryland; Duke/State; Wake/Virginia Tech...all of these teams are very close in position and almost interchangeable. You could argue that Virginia Tech has separated itself as the worst team, sorry to say.

There's no doubt that when Virginia travels to Atlanta next weekend it is going to be a big time series, one of the biggest regular season tilts we have seen in recent memory in the ACC.
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Home » College Baseball Clubhouse » ACC Week 6 Rankings

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