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3/25/2011 6:47:07 PM

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Danny Hultzen struck out another 9 batters tonight in 6 IP. He is avg. 15.9 SO per 9 innings, which would be the 6th highest avg., in a season, going back to 1957...Of course, he has a potential 9 games left. So, it is not a record unless it holds up until the end of the season, still, he is sitting them down at a record pace.

However, I was looking at the some of the record books for strikeouts and found the following...

Highest avg. per 9 IP All-Time is 16.8, Ryan Wagner, Houston, 2003

Most SO in a single season is 234, Derek Tatsuno, Hawaii, 1979

Most SO in a career is 602, John Powell, Auburn, 1991-94 (does anyone remember this guy? What an unbelievable number...did he pitch twice a week or what?)
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Home » College Baseball Clubhouse » Strikeouts

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