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4/2/2013 9:13:11 PM

Dodger Matt
Dodger Matt
Posts: 2424
Sticking with ISRs again this week. All five conference series look competitive.
This week’s games
  • 1 OSU at 16 UCLA
  • 10 Ore at 19 ASU
  • 69 Cal at 83 Ariz
  • 60 Stan at 126 USC
  • 68 WSU at 136 Utah
  • 175 UW at 55 XP (Pepperdine)
An example ballot would look like this:

UCLA 2-1
Ore 2-1
Ariz 2-1
Stan 2-1
WSU 3-0
XP 2-1

Week 8 Series
  • The top series this week is between two top ten teams that both suffered series losses last week. Oregon State played its worst ball last week against San Diego. The Beavers outhit the Toreros 40 to 26, but they were outscored 25 to 21, the difference being they gave up 9 errors (to San Diego’s 7) and 11 of those 25 runs were unearned. UCLA lost the first two games last week to Arizona then rallied in the 9th inning of the third for 2 runs to break a 10-10 tie and escape with a win. After a 20-1 start, the Beavers have now lost 3 of their last 6 games.
  • Oregon sits alone atop the conference standings with an 8-1 record, having swept their last two opponents, Arizona and Washington at home. But they hit the road and take on red hot Arizona State, 1-2 series losers against Wazzu and OSU but victorious over highly ranked UCLA. In many ways, this looks very much like the pitching-and-defense Oregon versus the hitting-heavy Arizona matchup, as the Sun Devils look very similar to their in-state rivals statistically. But this series is in Tempe, where ASU is 9-4 (12-4-1, if you add the four Surprise games). The Ducks are 7-3 on the road.
  • Cal, at 16-13 and 5-4 in conference, is 4th in the standings. Arizona, at 18-11, 3-6, is 9th, but they opened conference play against the two top teams. The feast or famine Wildcats were swept by Oregon State and Oregon, then swept Utah, and seem to be on a slow climb back up the conference standings. Statistically, Arizona beats Cal in all categories. Cal is 8-11 on the road. Arizona is 17-7 at home.
  • Of course you look at these two and think Stanford is the favorite. But USC has shown some toughness, losing their first two series to Oregon and @Washington, although taking one game from each opponent, before beating Cal 2-1 on the road. USC’s batting is a moderate 30-some points higher than Stanford, but their pitching surrenders nearly twice as many earned runs.
  • Utah, at 2-7 and tied for last with UW, hosts Wazzu, coming off a home series loss to Stanford and tied with the Cardinal for 5th with a 3-3 conference record. The two teams are close in terms of pitching and defense, but they are at opposite ends of the standings in batting, Wazzu with a conference-leading .323; Utah next to last with .243. Expect some Wazzu balls to fly in the 4200-foot air in SLC.
  • The nonconference series again features a top WCC team hosting a Pacific Northwest school, this time Washington. Pepperdine is in first place in the WCC, a half-game ahead of San Diego. The Huskies are 11th in batting, 9th in pitching, and tied for last in the standings. This probably qualifies as this week’s blowout series.
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4/2/2013 9:41:40 PM

Dodger Matt
Dodger Matt
Posts: 2424
I often start out using them, but they don't have anything for the lower half of the league, so I stick with a rating system that provides #30 to #230. I'll refer to the rankings from one or another of the polls in discussions, but, when posted head-to-head matchups, it's nice to see some numbers for all teams.
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4/5/2013 8:45:03 AM

Posts: 1048
Dodger Matt wrote:
ASU74 wrote:
RD, I'm very disappointed. After all the time I've spent in hunting blinds, I've never heard Ducks go cluck, cluck, cluck.....they always go quack, quack, quack...either way good luck.

Fred, up here in Oregon, they're known as "green chickens".

ohhh, I found one....peculiar species

I just thought RD would have more than 8 bucks worth of faith in his team. Color me green with disappointment. Cluck, cluck, cluck.

Go Devils !!
Fork Off
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4/6/2013 7:32:22 PM

Florida Beaver
Florida Beaver
Posts: 1221
borgguy wrote:
apologies for the delay. been a crazy day. These are the standings following Friday's games. Opihiman returns to the top of the rankings and Florida Beaver is at the bottom (again) even though he actually picked all series this week.

1)OpihiMan 28 7
2)Rowdy 27 7
3)RiverDuck 27 6
4)WildCard85 26 8
T5)UOsportsguy 26 7
JCR 26 7
T7)SouthernBeaver 25 7
OregonStHomer 25 7
Borgguy 25 7
T10)Beaverstate69 24 9
YellowlabOSU 24 9
Dodger Matt 24 9
13)Hogfan4life 24 8
14)ASU74 24 6
15)BeaverBob 23 8
16)OregonG20 23 7
17)Florida Beaver 21 6

note this is friday only does not include any games that happened today

Yeah. At the bottom. I decided to see what it is about being down here that RD finds so comforting. Weird, but I find it uncomfortable being underneath all these other guys. Decidedly abnormal feelings for a beaver, but hey, maybe it's just me.
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4/8/2013 12:17:49 AM

Posts: 1465
DM, as always, thanks for managing this activity and being a leader on this PG Board.

I'm thinking I'm better at predicting non-PAC 12 conferences. Over on the Rivals Board, for SEC predictions, even with finishing last in week four, I'm still in third place. I did, however, finish first in week 3.

[font=Verdana]Week 3 winner:[/font]
[font=Verdana]Overall standings:[/font][font=Verdana]

Tommy Salami 68-16 (.810)
AsheGamecock 66-18 (.786)
Beaver1Bob 49-14 (.778) - has played 3 weeks
cmcjr99 65-19 (.774)
pegleggedgreg 65-19 (.774)
mikeboss1989 65-19 (.774)
Heisenberg 64-20 (.762)
peteyhill 64-20 (.762)
Gabriel's Bengal 58-19 (.753)
REBSontheRISE 63-21 (.750)
uam_hog 63-21 (.750)
HoldenOversoul 62-22 (.738)
Rod Dangerfield 61-23 (.726)
ThreeAndTwo 61-23 (.726)
citadel87 61-23 (.726)
Firestormthenuclearman 29-13 (.690) - has played 2 weeks[/font]
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Home » College Baseball Clubhouse » Pac-12 predictions: 2013 Week 8

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