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DateGMTimeVisitor TeamSProbable StarterHome TeamSProbable StarterLocationFieldBlogWrapBoxPlay-By-Play
09/22/200729:00 AMIndiana Mustangs0 Cangelosi Baseball White4 Kimes Xavier HS 
09/22/200739:00 AMHitters Baseball10 Cangelosi Baseball White2 Tyler Durant Kennedy HS 
09/22/20071111:30 AMCangelosi Baseball White6 Hoffman PG Wisconsin Navy1 Xavier HS 
09/23/2007592:00 PMSt. Louis Pirates 2010 Mattson4 Ryan Torgerson Cangelosi Baseball White2 U of Iowa (Duane Banks Field) 
09/23/2007684:30 PMCangelosi Baseball White1 Hitters Baseball6 U of Iowa (Duane Banks Field)