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DateGMTimeVisitor TeamSProbable StarterHome TeamSProbable StarterLocationFieldBlogWrapBoxPlay-By-Play
07/18/2011194:30 PMCannons Baseball5 Taylor Owens East Cobb Braves 17U3 CenturyLink Sports Complex (Twins)Field 5 Box Box
07/18/2011337:00 PMFlorida Xcel9 Steven Fleming East Cobb Braves 17U7 South High School  Box Box
07/18/2011632:00 PMEast Cobb Braves 17U9 5280 Baseball7 CenturyLink Sports Complex (Twins)Field 2 Box Box
07/19/20117811:30 AMFlorida Baseball Academy Red0 East Cobb Braves 17U2 CenturyLink Sports Complex (Twins)Field 5 Box Box
07/22/20111479:00 AMEast Cobb Braves 17U3 Next Level Baseball1 City of Palms ParkAuxiliary Box Box
07/22/20111482:00 PMBullets Baseball0 East Cobb Braves 17U0 City of Palms ParkStadium Box Box