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Colt 45's (0-0-0)
Pleasant Hill, CA

2006 WWBA 2008 Grad or 16U West Grad.National Championship
7/18/2006 - 7/23/2006

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Team Schedule

Chase Beecroft RHP/OF 6-1 150 R/R 2009Acalanes Lafayette, CA  
Keith Bullok RHP 6-5 225 R/R 2007Monte Vista Alamo, CA  
Patrick Byrne OF/LHP 6-0 180 L/L 2007De La Salle Danville, CA  
David Casper C/1B 6-1 180 R/R 2008Monte Vista Alamo, CA  
Justin Clark MIF/3B 6-1 180 L/R 2008California San Ramon, CA  
Tyler Costa RHP/OF 5-8 170 R/R 2007California San Ramon, CA  
Nicholas Costanza MIF 5-6 130 R/R 2008De La Salle Pttsburgh, CA  
Warren Cotton RHP 5-11 155 R/R 2008Benicia Benecia, CA  
Paul Davis OF 5-11 150 R/R 2008Amador Valley Pleasanton, CA  
Cody DeMara 3B/C 5-7 160 R/R 2008Foothill Pleasanton, CA  
Nicholas Fong MIF/3B 5-10 150 R/R 2008San Ramon Valley Danville, CA  
Philippe Fortaleza RHP/OF 6-0 190 R/R 2007Benicia Benecia, CA  
Patrick Garvin RHP/1B 6-2 200 R/R 2009Monte Vista Alamo, CA  
Tyler King LHP/OF 5-11 190 L/L 2008California SAN RAMON, CA  
Brian Macmillian C 6-1 150 R/R 2009San Ramon Valley Alamo, CA  
Tyler Mattos 1B/LHP 5-9 160 L/L 2009Amador Valley Pleasanton, CA  
Tony Mills RHP/OF 5-10 130 R/R 2009San Ramon Valley Danville, CA  
Kevin Peters MIF/OF 5-9 140 S/R 2008De La Salle Danville, CA  
Michael Randall OF/1B, 3B 6-2 170 R/R 2008Monte Vista Alamo, CA  
Tyler Rucker OF/MIF, RHP 6-1 160 R/R 2008Monte Vista Danville, CA  
Max Seely 1B 6-1 190 R/R 2008California San Ramon, CA  
Sean Susa RHP 6-1 147 R/R 2008Monte Vista Danville, CA  
Donald Walter 1B/OF 6-1 215 R/R 2008De La Salle Lafayette, CA  
Jake Whitney C/2B, 3B 6-1 190 R/R 2008San Ramon Valley Alamo, CA  
Harold Zosel 1B/RHP 6-4 180 R/R 2008Amador Valley Pleasanton, CA  

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