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Knoxville Yard 17U (0-0-0)
Knoxville, TN

2006 WWBA 17U/07 Grad. National Championship
7/3/2006 - 7/9/2006

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Team Schedule

Joshua Anderson C 5-9 172 R/R 2007Alcoa Maryville, TN  
Chad Bell LHP/OF 6-2 180 R/L 2007South Doyle Knoxville, TN Memphis
Bryce Brentz RHP/OF 6-1 185 R/R 2007South Doyle Knoxville, TN Middle Tennessee State
Andrew Clabough OF/1B 6-0 180 L/L 2007William Blount Greenback, TN  
Eric Conley RHP/1B, 3B, OF 6-3 200 R/R 2007South Doyle Knoxville, TN  
Tom Dolinak 3B/RHP 6-3 200 R/R 2006Webb School Of Knoxville Knoxville, TN  
Shane Glarrow RHP/UT 5-8 160 R/R 2008Farragut Knoxville, TN  
Cody Hawn OF/3B, C 6-1 195 L/R 2007South Doyle Knoxville, TN Arkansas
Paul Hoilman 1B/RHP 6-4 220 R/R 2007Science Hill Johnson City, TN  
Ryan Holland LHP/1B, OF 6-0 180 L/L 2007South Doyle Knoxville, TN  
Barton Ivy SS/2B 5-10 170 R/R 2007Farragut Knoxville, TN  
Bo Johnson OF 5-10 165 R/R 2007Webb School Of Knoxville Knoxville, TN  
Drake Little RHP/OF 6-0 180 R/R 2007Bearden Knoxville, TN  
Andrew Littleton C/3B 6-1 185 R/R 2007Loudon Loudon, TN  
Justin Miller SS/2B 6-0 170 R/R 2007Bearden Knoxville, TN Middle Tennessee State
Ty Nelson C/1B, OF 5-11 195 R/R 2006Farragut Knoxville, TN  
Jacob Nipper SS/2B 6-1 180 R/R 2007Gibbs Corryton, TN  
Jordan Pleasant 2B/SS 5-11 158 R/R 2007Farragut Knoxville, TN  
Curt Powell MIF 5-11 165 R/R 2009Farragut Knoxville, TN Vanderbilt
Dylan Pratt 1B/3B, RHP 6-2 205 R/R 2007Daniel Boone Gray, TN Walters State CC
Matt Sanders OF/OF 6-0 180 R/R 2007Gibbs Knoxville, TN  
Matthew Scruggs OF 6-0 145 R/R 2008Bearden Knoxville, TN  
Cory Stooksbury 2B/SS 5-10 160 R/R 2007Anderson County Clinton, TN  
Chad Zurcher MIF 5-11 145 R/R 2007South Doyle Knoxville, TN Memphis

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