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Prescott High School (0-0-0)
Prescott, AZ

2013 Coach Bob Invitational
3/18/2013 - 3/30/2013

Team Schedule
The schedule for this event has not yet been released.

Eric Aranda C 5-11 200 R/R 2014Prescott Prescott, AZ  
Austin Barrett RHP 6-2 173 R/R 2013Prescott Prescott, AZ  
Jayce Cirzan RHP 5-9 155 R/R 2015Prescott Prescott, AZ  
Tyler Eder SS/RHP, 1B 6-3 175 R/R 2013Prescott Prescott, AZ  
Jacob Eder SS/3B 6-2 170 R/R 2015Prescott Prescott, AZ Yavapai College
Cole Fairbairn 1B/3B 6-0 210 R/R 2015Prescott Prescott, AZ  
Matt Fine C 5-9 170 R/R 2013Prescott Prescott, AZ  
Tucker Gilbertson RHP 6-4 210 R/R 2015Prescott Mayer, AZ  
Cade Jacobs RHP 5-10 200 R/R 2013Prescott Prescott, AZ  
Kolten Jones 3B 5-11 165 R/R 2015Prescott Prescott, AZ  
Brady Mengarelli OF 5-11 180 R/R 2013Prescott Prescott, AZ  
Michael Pirante OF/LHP 5-9 150 L/L 2013Prescott Prescott, AZ  
Garrett Schulz SS 5-9 145 R/R 2015Prescott Prescott, AZ  
Brian Smith C/OF, RHP 5-9 165 R/R 2015Prescott Chino Valley, AZ  
Tristan Soto RHP 5-11 185 R/R 2014Prescott Prescott, AZ  
John Winter 2B 5-11 170 R/R 2013Prescott Prescott, AZ  

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Pool Standings