2012 National Academic Showcase (min GPA 3.0)

2013 Top Prospects

Paul Barnhill - RHP - 2013 - Charlotte, NC
Paul Barnhill (2013, RHP) from Charlotte, NC showed two good pitches with a fastball and sharp breaking slider, and he mixed those pitches up well to keep hitters off balance. Barnhill's fastball was 83-87 mph while also throwing a curveball at 73 mph, a slider at 77 mph, and a changeup at 78 mph.

Robert Ewald - RHP - 2013 - St Louis, MO
Robert Ewald ( 2013, RHP) from St. Louis, MO attacked hitters with his fastball and sharp curveball and displayed good arm speed. Ewald's fastball was 83-87 mph with a curveball at 71 mph.

Tommy Gambon - RHP - 2013 - Bethesda, MD
Tommy Gambon (2013, RHP) from Bethesda, MO attacks hitters with his fastball and also showed good command. Gambon's fastball was 82-85 mph with a slider at 75 mph and a changeup at 76 mph.

Eric Garza - SS - 2013 - San Antonio, TX

Joe Gomez - C - 2013 - Wellington, FL

William Griffin - RHP - 2013 - Kennesaw, GA
William Griffin (2013, RHP) from Kennesaw, GA had an online delivery with a sharp curveball with good command of that pitch. Griffin's fastball was 83-86 mph and his curveball was 71 mph.

Matt Kellogg - LHP - 2013 - , TX
Matt Kellogg (2013, LHP) from Houston, TX showed a good curveball with some good depth. Kellogg attacked hitters with his 82-86 mph fastball, mixing in a curveball at 68 mph and a 79 mph changeup.

Alex McGathey - RHP - 2013 - Treasure Island, FL
Alex McGathey (2013, SS, OF/RHP) from Treasure Island, FL showed good arm strength and good footwork from both the infield and outfield. McGathey recorded both the fastest outfield velocity at 91 mph and the top infield velocity at 88 mph. He also had the top pitching velocity peaking at 88 mph while sitting 85-88 mph with a 75 mph curveball, a 76 mph slider and a 79 mph changeup.

John Monte - LHP - 2013 - Wellington, FL

Cristian Perez - C - 2013 - Miami, FL
Cristian Perez (2013, C) from Miami, FL showed a short, quick arm action with a good transfer and release. Perez had the top catching velocity at 79 mph, while making hard contact at the plate by squaring the ball up consistently.

Chad Powers - SS - 2013 - La Canada, CA
Chad Powers (2013, RHP) from La Canada, CA had an online delivery with a good fastball. Powers also showed the ability to throw a late breaking 72 mph curveball. His fastball was 84-86 mph.

Anderson Proctor - RHP - 2013 - Vero Beach, FL
Anderson Proctor (2013, 3B/RHP) from Vero Beach, FL showed good arm strength, hands and footwork on the infield. Proctor also showed the ability to pitch with a good fastball and attacked hitters with a 83-84 mph fastball. He also threw a curveball at 70 mph and a changeup at 73 mph.

Michael Ray - LHP - 2013 - Bushnell, FL
Michael Ray (2013, LHP) from Bushnell, FL showed good arm speed with a very fast delivery. Ray was very aggressive on the mound and attacks hitters with a 81-85 mph fastball, a 65 mph curveball and a 77 mph changeup.

Sergio Rodriguez - C - 2013 - Clermont, FL
Sergio Rodriguez (2013, C) from Clermont, FL showed good receiving skills with solid arm strength. Rodriguez had a balanced swing with a line drive swing plane.

Kody Ruedisili - OF - 2013 - Jupiter, FL
Kody Ruedisili (2013, OF) from Jupiter, FL displayed a short arm action with good arm strength. Ruedisili uses a short, compact swing with a line drive swing plane.

John Suskauer - LHP - 2013 - Tampa, FL
John Suskauer (2013, LHP) from Tampa, FL showed a good fastball with late life and an online, balanced delivery. Suskauer's fastball was 84-86 with a curveball at 73 mph and a changeup at 75 mph.

Matthew Vaccaro - 3B - 2013 - Marietta, GA

Ryan Zentko - RHP - 2013 - Canton, GA
Ryan Zentko (2013, RHP) from Canton, GA showed a good fastball with arm side run. Zentko also displayed a 77 mph slider with sharp late break. Ryan’s fastball was 84-87 mph and he also threw a 78 mph changeup.

2014 Top Prospects

Rafael Amanau - OF - 2014 - Weston, FL
Rafael Amanau (2014, OF) from Weston, FL showed good arm strength and footwork in the outfield. Amanau made hard contact with a line drive swing plane.

Brandon Campos - C - 2014 - Florida, NY
Brandon Campos (2014, C) from Florida, NY showed a good arm and footwork from behind the dish. Campos also showed quick hands making hard contact at the plate.

Tanner Dallas - OF - 2014 - St. Louis, MO
Tanner Dallas (2014, OF) from St. Louis, MO had online carry with good footwork and accurate throws. Dallas has a live bat, a quick bat and good extension.

David Peterson - LHP - 2014 - Denver, CO
David Peterson (2014, 1B/LHP) from Denver, CO showed good arm strength and footwork. Peterson recorded the top first base velocity at 83 mph, and he also showed a plus fastball on the mound hitting 87 mph with arm side run. Peterson's fastball was 84-87 mph with a curveball at 71 mph, a slider at 74 mph, and a changeup at 77 mph.

Gerrio Rahming - OF - 2014 - Rabun Gap, GA
Gerrio Rahming (2014, OF) from Rabun Gap, GA showed plus arm strength and good footwork. Rahming has a live bat and consistently made solid contact.

Hunter Siniard - C - 2014 - Aragon, GA
Hunter Siniard (2014, C) from Aragon, GA showed a short arm action with good footwork. At the plate, Siniard showed good extension with promising bat speed.

2015 Top Prospects

Dominic DiCaprio - C - 2015 - Coral Springs, FL
Dominic DiCaprio (2015, OF/C) from Coral Springs, FL displayed a good arm in the outfield with a quick transfer and release. DiCaprio also showed good footwork and both a quick transfer and release from behind the plate. DiCaprio had the top catching velocity from the event at 79 mph and the top pop time at 1.83.