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2005 Spring Top Prospect

Event Schedule

Saturday, April 30th      
10:00 AM Workout Begins with 60 yd dash  
10:20 AM Outfielders throw RF  
  Infielders throw from SS  
  Firstbasemen throw from 1B to 3B  
  Catchers Pop-Times  
11:20 AM Batting Practice (Maroon) Green/White Shag
11:45 AM Batting Practice (Green) White Shag
12:10 PM Batting Practice (White) Green Shag
12:50 PM Green vs White      
2:20 PM Maroon vs White      
3:50 PM Maroon vs Green      
Sunday, May 1st      
9:30 AM Infield (Maroon)      
9:40 AM Infield (Green)      
10:00 AM Maroon vs Green      
11:30 AM Infield(White)      
11:40 AM Green vs White      
1:10 PM Maroon vs White