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2007 South Top Prospect Showcase

Event Schedule

2007 South Top Prospect Showcase
Blinn College, Brenham, TX

Saturday August 18th
8:00 AMPlayer Registration
9:00 AMWorkouts begin with 60 yd
9:40 AMOutfielders throw RF, Infielders throw SS, First Basemen Throw, Catchers Throw

Batting Practice will start immediately following completion of Defensive Workouts, Please Plan Accordingly

11:15 AMBatting PracticeColumbia Blue- White in Field
11:40 AMBatting PracticeCrimson- Columbia Blue in Field
12:05 PMBatting PracticeGreen- Crimson in Field
12:30 PMBatting PracticePurple- Green in Field
12:55 PMBatting PracticeRoyal- Purple in Field
1:20 PMBatting PracticeWhite- Royal in Field

2:15 PMRoyal vs White

5:00 PMColumbia Blue vs Crimson

7:45 PMGreen vs Purple

Sunday August 19th
9:00 AMRoyal vs Crimson

11:45 AMWhite vs Purple

2:30 PMColumbia Blue vs Green