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PG Super25 2015 Grads or 17u STX Qualifier Oct 5-6

The dugout and playing field is restricted only to uniformed coaches and players. Coaches and players uniforms must match (pants, jersey and cap).

Top 2 will advance to STX Regionals

Weather Update: We are on a 2 hour delay. Any questions please contact Bobby at 8179052626

Perfect Game USA Player Rating System
Alegria, Roberto J. 20152BDonnaTX The Pride2
Amador, Ryan 2015MIFEdinburgTX The Pride17
Arebalo, Luis A. 2015OFMcAllenTX The Pride45
Blest, Mark Alden 2017LHPAtascocitaTX Lone Star Baseball14
Cavazos, Jr., Jose R. 2015OFMissionTX The Pride1
Chapa, Edgar 20163BMcAllenTX The Pride7
Dennett, Ryan M. 20163BSan JuanTX The Pride29
Flores, Brando I. 2015RHPMissionTX The Pride5
Gutierrez, David L. 2015RHPMissionTX The Pride25
Lozano, Christopher 2016CBellaireTX Lone Star Baseball28
Manak, Devon 2015OFMont BelvieuTX Lone Star Baseball13
Martinez, III, Leovigildo M. 2015LHPMIssionTX The Pride16
McWilliams, Andrew 2015SSTexas CityTX Lone Star Baseball7
Mendez, Jr, Armando 2015CMcAllenTX The Pride24
Partida, Jr, Robert 2015SSMcAllenTX The Pride44
Pena, Edward 20153BMissionTX The Pride11
Prentice, Adam 2015SSSeabrookTX Lone Star Baseball11
Ramierz, Ethan J. 2015RHPMcAllenTX The Pride32
Rodriguez, Brandon L. 20143BMIssionTX The Pride15
Sosa, Matthew O. 20153BWeslacoTX The Pride22
Stone, Cody 20151BHuffmanTX Lone Star Baseball27
Wilson, Blake 20152BHuffmanTX Lone Star Baseball10
Wilson, Peyton 2015RHPCrosbyTX Lone Star Baseball25
Wisener, Tanner 20152BNacogdochesTX Lone Star Baseball17
Wisener, Travis 2015RHPNacogdochesTX Lone Star Baseball15