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2010 National Underclass Showcase-Main Event Blogs


Top Prospect Game: Team 5 vs Team 6 >>

In the last top prospect game Team 5 and Team 6 battled to a 4-4 tie at the Red Sox Spring training complex.  Team 6 pushed across three runs in the top of the first inning, before team Team 5 responded with a three spot in the second inning.  Some of the game’s top performers included:

-LHP Ryan Lawlor (2012, Calvary Day School, GA) threw two perfect innings striking out three batters.  He showed a feel for four quality pitches, including an 82-84 mph fastball and a devastating slider.

-RHP Sean Muller (2012, Centennial HS, GA) sat in the 84-85 range with his fastball which had hard armside run and sink.  He complimented it with a nasty slider.

-RHP Mason Cathcart (2012, J.L. Mann HS, SC) sat in the 81-84 range with his fastball and it is easy to see plenty more in him as his arm action and delivery are both smooth and easy.

-2B/OF Zach Storm (2012, North Laurel HS, KY) was very impressive at the plate in this game with a pair of hard hit balls.  He has very good present strength in his swing and the ball really jumps off his bat.

-3B/1B Tim Lynch (2012, Dwyer HS, FL) had a big day at the plate going 2-2 with a pair of doubles.  He produces excellent bat speed from the left side of the plate and did a good job of squaring the ball up.

-C/1B/3B Jason DeDevers (2012, Sycamore HS, OH), 1B Dean Ballenger (2012, Francis Howell Central HS, MO), OF Logan McQuerry (2012, George Rogers Clark HS, KY), C/3B Jerry Chevarria (2012, St. John’s College HS, DC) and MIF David Belt (2012, Flint Hill Prep, VA) all drove in a run during the game for their respective teams.

Top Prospect Game: Team 3 vs Team 4 >>

One of two ties in the top prospect games featured Team 3 and Team 4 battling to a 3-3 tie on Thursday morning.  In a game that featured several top 2013 prospect, some of the top performers were:

-1B/LHP Corey Baptist (2013, St. Petersburg Catholic HS, FL) had the game’s biggest highlight with a homerun to left-centerfeild.  He is a tall and projectable athlete and the ball really jumps off his bat.

-SS Derek Deler (2013, Boone HS, FL) was one of the top defensive prospects at the showcase and had a RBI single in the game.

-C Handsome Monica (2014, St. Paul’s, LA) showed some of the best power of any player at the event despite being one of the youngest players in attendance.

-MIF Ryan Gridley (2014, Milton HS, GA) was 1-2 on the day with an RBI.  The freshman does an outstanding job of squaring the ball up and driving it hard consistently.

-3B/1B Zach Krider (2013, Lake Brantley HS, FL) showed his impressive physical strength in the game hammering a ball at 89 mph off the bat.

-RHP Dan Hermann (2013, Christian Brothers College HS, MO) sat at 80-84 with good life on his fastball and a late-breaking curveball.

-RHP Adam Jelovic (2013, Parkway West, MO) featured a nice two-pitch mix with an 84-85 mph fastball and a tight curveball.

-OF/RHP Keenan Innis (2013, Blesse Trinity HS, GA) sat at 80-84 with his fastball that has good armside run and he also does a good job of commanding the strike zone.

Top Prospect Game: Team 1 vs Team 2 >>

Team 1 knocked off Team 2 5-3 on Thursday morning at the Red Sox Five-Plex.  The game featured several power arms and a host of talented other prospects.

-RHP/OF Duane Underwood (2012, Pope HS, GA) was easily one of the top overall prospects in attendance and it was easy to see why on Thursday, as he easily fired a fastball in the 87-91 range.  At 6-2, 195 lb he oozes projection and he is also a high-level hitting prospect.

-RHP Chris Elander (2012) also flashed outstanding velocity sitting at 85-88 and he shows outstanding arm speed.

-RHP Michael Hadden (2012, Prior Lake HS, MN) showed a nice feel for pitching with a fastball that sat at 85-88 and a quality breaking ball.

-RHP Danny Rosenbaum (2012) sat at 84-87 with his fastball and he also has good upside at the plate.

-LHP Matthew Crownover (2012, Ringgold HS, GA) has been a well known commodity for several years and it is easy to see why as he sat at 84-86 with his fastball, while showing very advanced pitchability for his age.

-3B/RHP Palmer Betts (2012, Cook County HS, GA) was loose and easy on the mound sitting at 84-85 with his fastball.  His upside is also very high as a position player as he has elite defensive tools and big offensive upside.

-RHP Jimmy Lough (2012, Newark Catholic HS, OH) sat at 83-85 with his fastball and has a clean and polished delivery.

-LHP Trey Marker (2012, Bixby HS, OK) is very deceptive on the mound and was in the 83-85 range with his fastball.

-RHP Brandon Castro (2012) was up to 87 with his fastball.  His velocity comes easy and he should project well down the road.

-MIF Jesmuel Valentin Diaz (2012, Puerto Rice Basebal Academy) was very impressive at the plate and shows an advanced hitting approach and good offensive tools.

 -3B Eric Neitzel (2012, Gulliver Prep, FL) was 1-2 on the day and projects as one of the top power hitters in attendance.

-C/OF Jason School (2012, Glenbrook North HS, IL) had a key two-run single to stretch the lead to 5-2 in the ninth inning.

BP Highlights: Team 22 Columbia Blue >>
RHP/1B Louis Companioni (2014, Miami, FL) is listed as a primary pitcher but he'll have to be awfully good to surpass his potential as a hitter.  The 6-3, 190 lb freshman has a very loose, tension free swing with present bat speed and some lift and extension out front.  He could really develop into an offensive force.

1B Mack Hernandez (2012, Miami, FL) is big and fairly mature 6-2, 210 left handed hitter with very good strength.  He really excels when he is turning on the ball and trying to pull the ball and hit some bombs to right field.  He tends to loose aggressiveness and bat speed on balls on the outside half, not uncommon for a young hitter.

OF Bradley Ramon (2014, Miami, FL) is big and strong for a freshman (5-10, 195 lbs) and has very sound hitting mechanics for any age.  He has quick hands that he uses very well to get the barrel to the ball and drives the ball hard consistently.

SS Ismael Martinez (2014, Miami, FL) is very thin right now (6-0, 138 lbs) but also have very sound hitting mechanics and a loose, extended swing.  He manages to generates some bat speed now despite his age/size and that's just going to keep getting better as he gains strength.
BP Highlights: Team 21 Orange >>
Team 21 Orange was made up primarily of players from the Marucci Baseball program based out of Louisiana.  If there had been a pickup football game between games in the outfield I would have bet on them to destroy every other team at the event.  They are a group of big outstanding athletes whose swing mechanics and approach are still on the raw side but Marucci coach Chad Raley seems to have great success developing this type of athlete.

SS Perry Rigby (2012, Decatur, AL) is listed at 6-3, 190 lbs but appears bigger.  His swing is a bit long but he generates bat speed and has huge power potential.

1B Collin Carroll (2012, Ridgeland, MS) looks every bit of his 6-3, 220 lbs and has outstanding raw strength and the type of aggressiveness you want to see in a young power hitter.

OF Colton Freeman (2013, Hoover, AL) has a strong and live 6-1, 195 lb build and some of the best raw bat speed at the event.  He's going to have to tone down the effort in his swing and especially learn to keep his head still and balanced but he's a plus/plus athlete with big time power potential.

3B Harrison Spruiell (2012, Shreveport, LA) is very projectable and loose at 6-3, 170 lbs and already has present bat speed.  He tends to be overanxious and get out on his front side early, which isn't necessarily a bad thing for a young developing hitter.

MIF Chase Nyman (2012, Pascagoula, MS) has a strong 6-0, 185 lb frame for a middle infielder.  He has a very nice coil and load and moves through contact very well with balance and timing.  He pulled the ball hard and attacked the ball.

OF Matthew Sharp (2012, Shreveport, LA) had as good of bat speed as anyone on the team short of Freeman and has a consistent aggressive swing and handles the barrel well.  He'll take the next step forward when he develops a comfortable trigger to get his hands moving sooner.
BP Highlights: Team 20 Red >>
1B Corey Baptist (2013, Seminole, FL) is exceptionally strong for a sophomore and has an aggressive swing that generates very good bat speed.   The ball jumps off his bat hard and he should continue to develop over the fence type power, especially as he learns to improve his timing and getting his hands going forward sooner.

OF Tyler Lynn (2013, Phenix City, AL) has one of those smooth, tension free swings that you often see from left handed hitters.  He has a square and very balanced approach with quick hands that enable him to pull the ball easily.  He'll continue to improve with added physical maturity and strength.

MIF Tyler Wolfe (2012, Maple Plain, MN) is listed at 5-10 but that's obviously an old measurement as he appeared more like 6-1 with an angular, projectable build.  He has a loose, easy swing with nice extension out front and good core flow through contact.  The natural lift in his swing should translate into very nice power for a middle infielder as he gets stronger.  It's always nice to see quality prospects from the northern tier states, especially at this time of the year, as you know they are working on their games this time of year despite the conditions.
BP Highlights: Team 19 Navy >>
OF Grant Maris (2012, Gainesville, FL) is the grandson of the great Roger Maris.  He has a nice angular 6-1, 185 lb frame that should fill out nicely over the next few years.  He has an aggressive power type swing that generates good bat speed and will have more consistency when he improves his plate balance.

OF Sean Kamhoot (2013, Gainesville, FL) is a 6-2, 175 lb sophomore who hits from a spread stance with lots of natural lift in his swing and the strength and leverage to drive the ball up the gaps.

RHP/1B Matthew Vorbeck (2012, Corbin, KY) made the Top Prospect team as a pitcher but has potential with the bat as well.  He has plus present strength on his 6-2 frame and the ball comes off the barrel hard on contact.
BP Highlights: Team 10 Maroon >>
3B Bryce Pederson (2012, Houston, TX) is listed at 6-0, 190 but looks closer to 6-2.  He has a strong right handed swing with good length and extension to his swing out front that should ensure he hits with plenty of power in the future.  He has an aggressive approach but does a very good job maintaining his balance at contact.

MIF Luke Maglich (2012, Sarasota, FL) has a quick, compact swing from the left side, always a big plus for a middle infielder.  The ball comes off his bat hard and he should develop gap power in the future.
BP Highlights: Team 9 Red >>
SS Ty Amann (2012, Batavia, OH) is a left handed hitting middle infield with very strong hands for his size.  The ball comes off the barrel hard, especially when he's pulling the ball.

C Jason DeFevers (2012, Cincinnati, OH) hits from a very spread stance but is able to get some flow and weight shift though the ball.  He takes a full, aggressive cut at the ball and uses his 6-1, 200 lb frame to generate very good bat speed.
BP Highlights: Team 8 Royal >>
1B Justin Bellinger (2014, Weston, MA) is already firmly on the PG radar after a strong performance in October at the WWBA World Underclass Championships.  It's hard to imagine a freshman having more raw power than the 6-5, 215 lb left handed hitting Bellinger, whose swing still needs plenty of refining but who launches the type of bombs that has everyone stopping and looking.

OF Edwin Gabriel Rios (2012, Kissimmee, FL) had one of the top half dozen swings at the showcase.  At 6-3, 165 lbs, the left handed hitting Rios is hugely projectable physically.  He has an easy, tension free swing with very good hand quickness that takes the barrel right to the ball.  I'd be shocked if he wasn't a high level hitter when he physically matures.

1B Jeremy Vasquez (2014, Palm City, FL) has a strong and mature 5-10, 185 lb build for a freshman but very impressive bat speed as well.  The left handed hitter has a very aggressive swing approach and is looking to pull the ball hard.

SS Chris Scheadel (2012, Naples, FL) is an interesting proposition for coaches and scouts.  He has a relatively small 5-10, 160 lb frame and needs lots more strength, but he has outstanding swing mechanics and consistently squares up the ball.  If he gets stronger he can become a high average hitter at the next level.

1B Nick Longhi (2013, Venice, FL) was yet another very strong first baseman on the Royal team, only from the right side.  He's listed at 6-0, 185 but looks bigger and stronger and the ball jumps off his bat.
Steel (17) vs. Columbia Blue (15) >>
2012 RHP Brandon Castro topped out at 90 mph Wednesday afternoon in a 1-0 Columbia Blue win at the Boston Red Sox 5-Plex. Castro sat between 87-89 and struck out six through two hitless innings, showing a quick arm, tight spin and sharp break on his 74-mph curve, a balanced delivery, and good arm strength.

2012 RHP Bo Decker and 2012 RHP Kaelan Jacobs also impress on the mound, each touching 88 in relief. Jacobs went three innings, struck out six and showed good arm speed, a medium-effort delivery, sink on his fastball, projectable velocity, and nice sinking actions on his change up. Meanwhile, Decker struck out four in two innings and showed run on his fastball, good arm speed on his change up, some deception, a low-effort delivery, and good projectability.

2012 LHP Trey Marker sat between 84-86 through three innings, fanning seven while showing good deception in his delivery, nice extension, sink on both his fastball and change, and tight spin on his curve.

SS Zachary Culvahouse went 2-for-3 with two singles and a stolen base for the Steel squad, showing a solid approach as well as smooth actions at shortstop.
BP Highlights: Team 7 Texas Orange >>
OF Alex Dickerson (2013, Roswell, GA) has a nice projectable 6-2, 180 lb build and some present strength.  He has a simple, smooth swing with good use of his lower half to help create bat speed.  He definitely will keep improving as he gets stronger.

OF Stephen Wrenn (2013, Marietta, GA) has a similar build as Dickerson.  He has very nice flow and balance though contact and keeps his hands short and quick to the ball.  He showed nice pop to right centerfield that will continue to grow.

C Ian Rice (2012, Huntsville, AL) hits out of a spread stance with some natural lift in his swing.  He has an aggressive swing and pulls the ball hard showing good raw bat speed.

1B Nathaniel Maggio (2013, Alpharetta, GA) was one of the strongest players at the showcase with a well proportioned 6-4, 225 lb build.  His swing mechanics are still raw, especially with his big leg lift trigger and his extension out front, but he generates big bat speed and his left handed power potential is obvious.  I wonder if he has a sister named Dee.
BP Highlights: Team 4 Navy >>
Team 4 Navy was comprised of player's from the East Cobb Astros and having watched the young Astros teams play for much of the last decade, I'm confident in saying that this might be coach Guerry Baldwin's most talented group of position players.  That is saying a mouthful.  The team is made up mostly of 2013 and 2014's but is both physically imposing and physically talented. 

Ten of the Astros players graded out with high Top Prospect type tools.  They included:

3B Palmer Betts (2012, Adel, GA):  Along with  having an outstanding arm, the 6-3 Betts has a loose, fast swing with very good extension out front.
1B Morgan Bunting (2012, Atlanta, GA):  The 6-4, 180 lb Bunting bears a strong resemblence to 2011 1st round pick (Marlins) Christian Yelich with his build and left handed swing.
OF/RHP Duane Underwood (2012, Marietta, GA):  Underwood will be among the top 2012 prospects in the country both as a pitcher, where he throws in the low 90's, and as a power hitting outfielder.
CF Josh Hart (2013, Lilburn, GA):   Hart was a standout during the 2010 summer and has grown 3 inches and gained 15 lbs since then.  He has both tools and high level game skills.
OF Terry McClure (2013, Atlanta, GA):  McClure is the most impressive of the Astros players physically, with a cut 6-2, 190 lb build that really projects.
1B Jacob Heyward (2013, McDonough, GA):  Jason's younger brother has made huge strides with his swing over the last year and should develop into a dangerous hitter in his own right.
OF Keenan Innis (2013, Cumming, GA):  Innis has a live, tightly wound athletic body and very good raw bat speed.
SS Wesley Jones (2013, Lithonia, GA):  Jones is still a bit at the coltish stage with a long limbed 6-2, 185 young build but he projects a very high ceiling both offensively and defensively as he matures physically.
C Handsome Monica (2014, Mandeville, LA):  Monica was compared to former East Cobb slugger Miles Head, now with the Red Sox, by the Astros coaches.  He's a very strong 6-0, 190 lb right handed hitter.
SS Ryan Gridley (2014, Milton, GA):   Gridley has a very advanced and aggressive swing for a freshman and drives the ball hard to all fields.
Red (20) vs. Orange (21) >>
RHP Corey Baptist (2013 St. Petersburg Catholic HS, FL) and RHP Mason Cathcart (2012 J L Mann HS, SC) both topped out at 85 mph during a 3-3 tie between the Red and Orange squads Wednesday afternoon at the Boston Red Sox 5-Plex.

Baptist showed good mound presence, nice raw potential, and good break on his 74-mph curve. He struck out four and allowed one hit through three innings.

Meanwhile, Cathcart fanned six in two hitless innings, showing good arm-side run, some deceptiveness, nice break on his 74-mph curve, a solid two-pitch mix, and a strong arm.

RHP Matthew Sharp (2012 C E Byrd HS, LA) also touched 85, showing some arm speed, deception in his delivery, and a 72-mph curve with solid 11-5 break.

LHP Colton Freeman (2012 SPain Park HS, AL) topped out at 89, showing a quick arm, good arm-side run, some life, and a hard two-plane 73-mph curve with bite.

RHP Harrison Spruiell (2012 C R Byrd HS, AL) hit 87 and showed a quick arm, long and loose arm actions, a fast tempo, projectable velocity, and good command.
Columbia Blue (22) vs. Navy (19) >>
LHP Michael Emigh (2012 West Broward HS, FL) topped out at 84 mph and struck out six through four innings during a 3-2 Navy win over Columbia Blue Wednesday afternoon at the Boston Red Sox 5-Plex.

Emigh sat between 81-83 and showed clean and fast arm actions, athleticism on the mound, a 68-mph hammer curve, aggressiveness, and pitchability.

Offensively, Dustin McAlpin (2013 Tift Area Academy) and Luis Diaz (2013 Miami Christian HS, FL) both recorded two hits with Diaz managing a single and a double and McAlpin tallying two singles.

RHP Toby Thomas (2012 Fairhope HS, AL) touched 85 in two scoreless innings of relief, striking out four and showing some run on his fastball, late life, short and quick arm actions, a hard 73-mph slider with late break, and a repeatable delivery.
BP Highlights: Team 3 Orange >>
C Alffredi Ramos (2013, Monsignor Pace HS, FL) is very strong for a catcher at 5-10, 195 lbs and has lots of quick twitch muscles.  He has a very quick swing from the left side and is very aggressive, looking consistently to drive the ball hard while still maintaining his balance and swing rhythm.  Quickness plus strength plus aggressiveness is a good combination.

SS Connor Teykl (2012, Sugar Land, TX) has a nice, long well proportioned body, although he's not nearly as tall or lanky as his brother Trevor, a 6-7 right handed pitcher who is a freshman at Texas.  Connor has a clean, smooth swing with a very good loading action and balance through contact.  He's got some pop now and is going to keep improving as he gets stronger.

OF Chase Vogelbach (2012, North Fort Myers, FL) is the cousin of highly ranked 2011 1B Daniel Vogelbach.  Although they don't resemble each other physically, the 6-0, 190 lb right handed hitting Chase has good bat speed and makes consistent hard pull contact.

C Jason Sierra (2013, Sarasota, FL) has an extra big and strong 6-3, 215 lb build.  His swing is a bit stiff and grooved but he has very quick hands getting the bat started and obvious strength.  He should continue to improve and could develop eye opening power.
Gold (2) vs. Maroon (10) >>
RHP Sean Kelly (2013 Cherokee HS, NJ) topped out at 88 mph in a 3-1 Maroon win Wednesday afternoon at the Boston Red Sox 5-Plex. Kelly sat between 85-87 and showed good arm speed, a medium-effort delivery, nice mechanics, solid arm strength, and some arm-side run. He struck out three through two innings of relief.

LHP Joe Gorman (2012 Ss. Neumann-Goretti HS, PA) touched 85 in his two innings of relief. Gorman showed some arm speed, a high leg lift, a medium to low-effort delivery, and a 73-mph curve with 1-7 spin.

RHP Nicholas Sciortino (2013 Haddon Heights HS, NJ) sat between 83-85 in one inning, showing a medium-effort delivery, clean mechanics, and some arm-side run on his fastball.

LHP Brian Daphnehy (2012 East Lake HS, FL) proved to be an interesting follow. Daphney topped out at 84 through three no-hit innings, striking out eight and showing a quick arm with short arm actions, some projection, good extension, clean mechanics, and a nice 73-mph curve.

RHP Dylan Dore (2012 John's Creek HS, GA) sat between 80-84 in two innings and showed a loose arm and a 65-mph curve with 11-5 spin.

SS Pedro Perez and C/IF/OF Zack Renna both went 2-for-3 with a pair of singles for the Gold squad. 
BP Highlights: Team 2 Gold >>
Team 2 Gold was comprised of players from the Jack Cust program in New Jersey.   They all have very similar swing approaches and swing mechanics, with an emphasis on staying inside the ball with the hands while keeping the lower half balanced and directional to contact.

3B Danny Rosenbaum (2012, Lafayette Hill, PA) has a solid 6-0, 195 lb build and good overall strength.  His swing is quick and simple, with good balance at contact and he showed the strength and bat speed to get the ball up the gaps.  He has a verbal commitment to Louisville.

Fellow 3B John Adryan (2012, Delran, NJ) has a leaner and more projectable 6-2, 185 lb build and nice loose extension out front.  Like Rosenbaum his swing approach is very simple and compact with good balance and that enables him to consistently square up on the ball.

MIF Nicholas Sciortino (2013, West Chester, PA) has good strength for a sophomore, with a nice compact swing and good extension through contact.  He should keep improving over the next few years and should develop some power.
Batting Practice Highlights: Team 1 White >>
LHP/1B Daniel Payne (2012, Pooler, GA) is a primary pitcher but at 6-5, 215 lbs he also has the strength and bat speed to be a top hitting prospect as well.  He has a short, simple repeatable swing, notable for his size and generates very good bat speed.  He squared up almost every pitch he saw in BP, driving many hard to right field.

OF Macan Wilson (2013, Houston, TX) showed very quick hands at the plate and good upper body strength.   He needs a better trigger to get his hands started at a higher level and get his flow moving through the ball but he is young and the strength and bat speed are prospect level.

2B Zack Storm (2012, London, KY) is very, very strong and generates solid bat speed from a short, compact swing.  He is an example of what we see frequently in young hitters in that he has almost no forward weight shift in his swing, which gives him a rotational "spin" swing that robs him of extension and bat speed.  When Zack learns to get some flow and rhythm from his strong 6-0, 185 lb body through the ball, it's really going to start jumping.
Dark Green (24) vs. Gold (26) >>
OF Cameron Dishon (2012 Bridge City HS, TX) went 2-for-2 with a single and a double in a 6-1 Dark Green win over the Gold team Wednesday afternoon at the Boston Red Sox 5-Plex. Dishon proved to be a solid base runner and showed a good contact approach.

SS/OF Michael Abreu (2012 Key West HS, FL) also went 2-for-2, hitting two singles while showing a pull approach, good contact, and nice bat speed. One hit registered 84 mph off the bat.

OF/MIF Robert Staten (2012 Episcopal Collegiate HS, AR) went 1-for-3 with a RBI double in the second inning, showing solid contact and good bat speed.
Purple (5) vs. Black (11) >>
3B/OF Eric Neitzel (2012 Gulliver Prep HS, FL) went 2-for-2 with two singles in a 0-0 tie between the Black and Purple squads Wednesday morning at the Boston Red Sox 5-Plex. Neitzel showed a pull approach in the batter's box, good bat speed, and nice leverage.

Meanwhile, RHP Andy Bonifay (2012 Brentwood School, GA) topped out at 83 mph and showed long arm actions, life on his fastball, and a good 6-0, 171-pound build.
Texas Orange (7) vs. Red (9) >>
IF/3B Glenn Sawyer (2012 Woodward Academy, GA) went 2-for-3 with a single, a double, and two stolen bases during a 2-1 Texas Orange win over the Red squad Wednesday afternoon at the Boston Red Sox 5-Plex. On defense, Sawyer showed solid actions at shortstop and good body control.

F Stephen Wrenn (2013 Walton HS, GA) also showed some nice offensive abilities, going 1-for-3 with a triple to lead off the game. Wrenn has some nice speed, and showcased his arm on the mound, topping out at 85 mph while allowing one hit in two relief innings. He showed some projectable tools and some good arm speed.

RHP Connor Justus (2013 Cartersville HS, GA) touched 84 on the mound, showing a solid tempo, late arm-side run, simple mechanics, and aggressiveness.

Royal (8) vs. Navy (4) >>
Four different pitchers threw 84 mph or harder Wednesday afternoon during a 3-3 tie between the Royal and Navy squads at the Boston Red Sox 5-Plex, including RHP Hunter Swilling (2013 Russell County HS, AL) who touched 87 through three relief innings.

Swilling sat between 84-85 and showed a strong, whipy arm, a medium-effort delivery, and good arm-side run on his 76-mph change.

RHP Jordan Brown (2013 North Gwinnett HS, GA) also topped out at 87 during his three innings of work in which he only allowed one hit and struck out two. Brown proved to be a consistent strike thrower and showed tight spin on his curve, good tail on his fastball, loose and easy arm actions, a low-effort delivery, and solid command.

RHP Wesley Jones (2013 Redan HS, GA) sat between 84-86 through two innings and showed good late break on his curve, good deception, and a good mix of pitches.

LHP Nick Longhi (2013 Venice HS, FL) also touched 84 and showed a strong arm, a tight, two-plane curve, and sharp slider with hard downward break, and a 76-mph change up.

Offensively, OF/IF Edwin Gabriel Rios (2012 Osceola HS, FL) went 2-for-3 with two singles — one for a RBI — and showed an aggressive swing.

C/1B/3B/OF Handsome Monica (2014 St. Paul's HS, LA) went 2-for-3 with a single and a double, showing an even swing and solid contact. OF Terry McClure (2013 Westlake HS, GA) went 1-for-3 with a RBI triple, showing good speed on the base paths.
Maroon (25) vs. Steel (23) >>
2014 LHP Dash Wimingham topped out at 86 mph and struck out five through three relief innings during a 4-2 win for the Maroon team Wednesday morning at the Boston Red Sox 5-Plex. Wimingham sat between 84-86 and showed a very strong arm, good tail on his fastball, some hard bite to his slider, and a solid curve with 1-6 spin and nice depth.

2014 LHP Katon Harwood also flashed some nice potential, going four innings and allowing just two hits while fanning four. Harwood showed some arm-side run on his fastball, good shape and downward break on his curve, and nice athleticism. He also showed nice power and a quick, short swing at the plate.

Offensively, 2012 3B/1B Miller Bonds (2012 Mountain Brook HS, AL) went 2-for-3 with a single and a double, showing some power potential, a good eye at the plate, and aggressiveness on the base paths.

OF Josh Greene (2013 Forest HS, FL) also impressed in his 1-for-3 effort. Greene proved to be a solid, aggressive contact hitter with a short swing, a good eye, and a level swing path.

MIF Ronald Oberg (2012 Palm Beach Gardens HS, FL) went 1-for-3 as well, hitting a RBI double in the ninth inning.
Vegas Gold (6) vs. Crimson (13) >>
C/1B Alejandro Mangano (2012 Southwest Senior HS, FL) impressed at the plate Wednesday morning during a 6-3 Crimson win at the Boston Red Sox 5-Plex. Mangano went 3-for-4 with two singles and a first-inning triple and stole a base as well.

OF Eduardo Santiago (2012 Lake Howell HS, FL) finished with a nice offensive outing as well, going a perfect 3-for-3 with two singles and a double while stealing three bases. 

Meanwhile, 2013 RHP Brandon Gracey topped out at 84 mph and struck out five through three innings of relief. Gracey proved to be a solid strike thrower and showed nice bite on his 67-mph curve and good arm-side run on his fastball.

2014 RHP Jeffery Passantino showcased some potential as well, touching 83 mph while showing a fast-paced tempo, a balanced delivery, and an ability to throw his 70-mph slider for strikes.

RHP Mike Hadden (2012 Prior Lake HS, MN) hit 87 and fanned four through two relief innings, showing a low-effort delivery, arm-side run on his fastball, and a nice 72-mph curve with 11-5 spin.

Offensively for Vegas Gold, 1B/OF Joseph Nicolace (2012 Cranston West HS, RI) and 2B/C/SS/OF Kyle Metzger (2012 Liberty Christian HS, TX) both went 2-for-3 with a pair of singles. 1B/OF Kevin Pulone (2012 Auburndale HS, FL) went 2-for-2 with two singles as well.
Royal (14) vs. Teal (12) >>
Seven players recorded multiple hits in a 7-5 win for the Royal team Wednesday morning at the Boston Red Sox 5-Plex, including 1B Ryan Prather (2013 Wadsworth HS, OH) who tallied a single and a double in a 2-for-3 effort.

3B/OF Mikey Perez (2013 Killian HS, FL),  C/3B Corbin Weeks (2012 Evangelical Christian HS, FL), MIF Joshua Bunselmeyer (2012 Glendale HS, MO), and SS/RHP Hayden Jones (2012 Tift County HS, GA) also each recorded two singles for Royal.

RHP Matt Paciello also went 2-for-3 for the Teal squad, hitting a single and a double while showing quick hands at the plate. 1B/3B Jack McAvory went 2-for-3 as well, managing two singles.
Orange (3) vs. White (1) >>
Chase Vogelbach (2012 Island Coast HS, FL) and Jason Sierra (2013 Cardinal Mooney HS, FL) both recorded multiple hits in a 5-4 win for the Orange squad Wednesday morning at the Boston Red Sox 5-Plex.

Vogelbach went 2-for-3 with a pair of singles — one for a RBI — and three stolen bases, while Sierra went 2-for-4 with a first-inning double and a single in the tenth.

Brandon Gomez (2013 Monsignor Edward Pace HS, FL) and Connor Tekyl (2012 Kempner HS, TX) both went 2-for-4 with a single and a double as well, and Ian Rodriguez (2013 Miami Springs HS, FL) went 3-for-4 with three singles — one for a RBI.

Andrew Herrera (2013 Don Bosco Prep HS, NJ) hit well for the White team, going 2-for-3 with two singles, and Logan Dennin (2012 Howell Cheney RVT, CT) went 1-for-4 with a RBI double in the fourth. Macan Wilson (2013 Kinkaid HS, TX) went 1-for-3 with a double and a run scored.

RHP Jake Cosart (2012 Clear Creek HS, TX) impressed on the mound, topping out at 86 mph and showing a medium-effort delivery, simple and repeatable mechanics, and good spin on his 67-mph curve.
Top 50 60 yard dash times.  >>
Top 60 Times at the 2010 National Underclass Main Event

Stephen Wrenn 6.55
Zack Storm 6.58
Chris Schaedel 6.60
Nathaniel Adams 6.60
Zachary Polito 6.61
Cameron Dishon 6.62
Macan Wilson 6.64
Derek Bland 6.64
Nolan Sponsler 6.65
Dylan Dore 6.66
Matthew McPhearson 6.66
Terry McClure 6.67
Grant Maris 6.67
Mark Gottsacker 6.67
Jesmuel Valentin Diaz 6.68
Andrew Stevenson 6.69
Sean Davis 6.69
Jordon Austin 6.69
Michael Abreu 6.70
Luke Parker 6.71
Nicholas High 6.72
Kendall Pleasant 6.72
Jamari Moore 6.73
Jake Cosart 6.74
Cory Craig 6.76
Evan Hart 6.76
Robert Gerdung 6.76
Keenan Innis 6.77
Chase Vogelbach 6.78
Keven Delgado 6.78
Brandon Whiteford 6.78
Brooks Kennedy 6.80
Matthew Menard 6.81
Tyler Lynn 6.83
Duane Underwood 6.84
Colton Freeman 6.84
Zachary Culvahouse 6.85
William Mullen 6.85
Josh Hart 6.87
Glenn Sawyer 6.87
Nicholas Edwards 6.87
Connor Norton 6.87
Anthony Gonzalez 6.87
Michael Hadden 6.88
Josh Greene 6.89
Dakota Dean 6.90
Jarvis Miller 6.90
Cristian Munoz 6.90
Alexander Murphy 6.90
Batting Practice: 23-Steel/24-Dark Green >>
C/3B Jerry Chavarria (2012, St. John’s College HS, DC) packs plenty of strength in to his 5’11, 180 lb frame and the ball really jumps off his bat.  He has quick hands and squares the ball up well.

OF Cameron Dishon (2012, Bridge City HS, TX) showed some of the best hitting tools of the day.  He produces outstanding bat speed from the right side and he has serious juice in his bat.

C Matthew Menard (2012, Bridge City HS, TX) was one of the strongest players in attedance and used his impressive strength in his swing and good bat speed to put on a very impressive display in batting practice.
Batting Practice: 25-Maroon/26-Gold >>

C/3B Connor Adamski (2012, Naperville North HS, IL) hit one of the days homeruns in batting practice.  He has a short and simple left-handed swing and he produced consistent hard contact with his quick hands.

OF/3B Jordon Austin (2013, Ocala Forest HS, FL) showed solid hitting fundamentals and does a good job of staying inside the ball.

MIF Ronald Oberg (2012, Palm Beach Gardens HS, FL) has very good raw hitting tools to work with highlighted by his quick bat and good hands.

SS/RHP/OF Nolan Spangler (2012, Chaminade HS, MO) has the tools that should project well down the road with quick hands and good bat speed. 

OF/C Mark Gottsacker (2012, Highland Park HS, TX) showed good strength in his swing and the ball comes off his bat well.

Batting Practice: 17-Steel/18-White >>

MIF/RHP Alexander Murphy (2013, Chopticon HS, MD) featured impressive strength in his swing and has tools that project well with his quick hands and good bat speed.

C/OF Jason Scholl (2012, Glenbrook North HS, IL) has impressive raw power potential and his upside is high as he already possesses outstanding strength.

MIF Zachary Giczewki (2012, Cardinal Mooney HS, FL) was one of the top switch-hitters on the day showing nearly equal ability from both sides of the plate.  Right-handed, he has a smooth and balanced swing and does a good job of staying inside the ball.

Batting Practice: 15-Columbia Blue/16-Kelly Green >>

RHP/OF Colin Tindall (2013, South Broward HS, FL) uses his hands well in his swing and does a good job of staying inside the ball.

3B/1B Zach Krider (2013, Lake Brantley HS, FL) has outstanding strength in his swing for his age and has good balance in his swing with the chance to feature very good raw power down the road.

MIF Anthony Gonzalez (2012, Westminster Christian, FL) was one of the day’s top hitters and has an advanced approach at the plate.   He has very high upside at the plate and does a very good of staying inside the ball with his quick hands.

Batting Practice: 13-Crimson/14-Royal >>

OF Jack Simons (2012, Bullis School, VA) has good present strength and produced consistent hard line-drive contact to the pull side.

C/3B Cristian Munoz (2012, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy) was one of the top bats on Tuesday and put on a show in batting practice.  He has outstanding power from the left side and produces plus bat speed.  He was one of the few players on the day to go deep in batting practice.

MIF Joshua Bunselmeyer (2012, Glendale HS, MO) showed good offensive tools and has good bat speed.  He does a good job of squaring the ball up and his upside is high.

Batting Practice: 11-Black/12-Teal >>

3B Eric Neitzel (2012, Gulliver Prep, FL) is an early commit to Miami and it is easy to see why.  He has outstanding raw power potential in his strong frame and the ball really jumps off his bat.

RHP/1B Max Beerman (2012, Jesuit HS, FL) put on a show in batting practice easily putting balls over the right field wall with ease.  He produces outstanding power from his short and simple left-handed swing and there is plenty to project in him.

3B Lazaro Romero (2012, Coral Reef HS, FL) showed good raw power at the plate and he has good present strength in his swing and the ball jumps off his bat.

Tuesday Batting Practice >>

Perfect Game’s largest annual showcase, the National Underclass Showcase kicked off on Tuesday morning with 430 players converging on Fort Myers, Florida.  With temperatures hovering around freezing at 7am, the workout kicked off at 9am with the 60-yard dash and defensive drills.  At 1:00 batting practice got going with 14 team going on Tuesday and the rest of the teams hitting on Wednesday.

Here are some of the highlights for Tuesday’s batting practice session.

5-Purple/6-Vegas Gold

MIF Jesmuel Valentin Diaz (2012, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy) showed outstanding skills from both sides of the plate and has big offensive upside.  He has a polished swing from the right side of the plate with good bat speed and he also went deep from the left side of the plate.

3B Tim Lynch (2012, Dwyer HS, FL) has good tools from the left side of the plate with good bat speed and raw power potential.

C/1B Wilfredo Rodriguez (2012, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy) has outstanding strength in his swing and projects to have very good raw power down the road.

OF/LHP Tom Stoffel (2013, Northmont HS, OH) has a smooth and easy left-handed swing and took a very quality batting practice, driving the ball hard consistently.

C/IF Nick Bisplinghoff (2013, Cardinal Mooney HS, FL) has a polished hitting approach and a smooth and balanced swing with good hand speed.

Maroon (25) vs. Gold (26 ) >>
C/IF/OF Logan Boyher (2012 Parkway Central HS, MO) went 3-for-3 with two doubles and a single to lead the Gold squad to a 6-4 win over Maroon Tuesday night at Terry Park. OF Lucas Tamaren (2012 Ladue, MO) also had a solid outing offensively, going 2-for-3 with a pair of doubles, and 3B/C Andrew "Tucker" Davison (2013 Highland Park, TX) also went 2-for-3 with two singles.

RHP Clay Brast (2012 Spring Woods, TX) topped out at 88 mph and struck out three in 1 2/3 innings of relief. Brast showed a quick, strong arm, some tail on his fastball with nice run, solid command, a tight, short 76-mph slider, and a down-hill delivery.

1B Raymond Cantena (2013 Park Vista HS, FL) went 2-for-3 with a single and a double.

RHP Adam Jelovic (2013 Parkway West HS, MO) touched 85 in three innings of relief work, showing some effort in his delivery, a strong arm, and some arm speed.
Teal (12) vs. Black (11) >>
RHP Max Beerman (Tampa Jesuit HS, FL) pitched three outstanding innings in relief during a 7-5 win for the Black squad Tuesday night at Terry Park. Beerman topped out at 85 mph and struck out nine, showing a down-hill delivery, good leg drive, a late-breaking 74-mph curve, good strength, and a raw arm.

MIF Kyle Bartelman (2013 Culver Military Academy, IN) and 3B/2B Noah Rosenberg (Dwight-Englewood HS, NJ) both went 2-for-2 for Black with Rosenberg tallying a RBI.

Several Teal team players recorded multiple hits, including SS Evan Dougherty (2014 Bishop Verot HS, FL) who went 2-for-3 with a double and a single with one hit registering 88 mph off the bat. MIF/C/3B Steven Bench (2012 Bainbridge HS, GA) and OF Nicholas High (2012 Marietta HS, GA) both went 2-for-3 with two singles
Crimson (13) vs. Royal (14) >>
SS Hayden Jones (2012 Tift County HS, GA) and MIF/3B/OF David Belt (2012 Flint Hill Prep, VA) both managed a double in a 3-0 win for the Royal squad Tuesday at Terry Park. Jones showed solid contact at the plate, while Belt showed some lift in his swing.

Meanwhile, 3B/SS/RHP Colby Bragon (2012 Urbandale HS, IA) showed a smooth, compact swing with some lift, and C/3B Alejandro Mangano (2012 PR Baseball Academy, PR) showed strength in his swing and recorded a 2.18 pop time in between innings.

OF/2B Karl Schultz (2012 Walled Lake Central HS, MI) flashed a short, compact, inside-out swing with some pop.
Navy (19) vs. Red (20) >>
RHP Matthew Vorbeck (2012 Corbin HS, KY) and RHP Jeffery Ortiz (2012 Seacrest County Day School) both topped out at 87 mph in a 4-1 win for the Red squad Tuesday afternoon at Terry Park.

Vorbeck, who sat between 84-86, showed late life on his fastball, short arm actions, a compact, low-effort delivery, a tight 73-mph curve with late break, and an ability to pitch down in the zone. Meanwhile, Ortiz sat between 83-85 and showed quickness in his arm, good arm-side run, deception in his delivery, an ability to hit pitch inside, and a 74-mph curve with 10-4 spin.
Top Catcher Pop Times >>
Top Catcher Pop Times recorded at the 2010 National Underclass Main Event

2-Gold 16 Joseph Frey 80 1.94
13-Crimson 14 Cristian Munoz 75 1.96
26-Gold 64 Logan Boyher 79 1.96
4-Navy 15 Jack Berry 73 1.96
17-Steel 13 Jason Scholl 76 1.97
5-Purple 30 Wilfredo Rodriguez 77 1.98
18-White 66 Chris Stewart 77 1.99
8-Royal 5 Clay Harrell 71 1.99
21-Orange 43 Blake Voyles 79 2.00
15-Columbia Blue