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Steve James        
Published: Thursday, March 21, 2013

Due to the cold weather and frozen/unplayable field conditions across the state of Iowa games have been cancelled for March 23-24 and will be made up the weekend of May 11-12.  Unfortunately the cold wintry conditions haven't subsided to allow fields to become playable.  In order for pitchers and hitters to get some live pitching and hitting before next weekend, we will be having simulated games in the cages at PG Headquarters.  Players should report to PG Headquarters at the times listed below.  We will be handing out jerseys and caps and taking head shot photos for the PG website prior to each teams simulated games.  Please be to the PG Headquarters at the times listed below for your team.  Position players will get as many at bats as possible in their time slots.  Please notify Steve James via email if you will NOT be there.

Format for the simulated games are as follows:
Pitchers from each team in each time slot will throw two 20-25 pitch innings.  For instance in cage 1 at 9:00 AM, Bogert will throw a 20-25 pitch inning to opposing hitters, then Jagers will do the same to the other teams hitters.  Bogert will throw another 20-25 pitch inning, then Jagers will do the same.  Hitters will rotate from cage to cage getting as many at bats as possible in each 2 hour window.  

Perfect Game USA
1203 Rockford Rd. SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

March 24 Indoor Simulated Games Pitching Rotation
Below is the tentative pitching rotation.  It may change slightly due to player availability
All Navy and Orange players please report to Perfect Game between 8:15-8:30 AM
  Cage 1 Cage 2
9:00 AM Bogert/Jagers Jennings/Snider
9:20 AM Hilsenbeck/Jestel Stroschein/Brandt
9:40 AM Janssen/Knouse Wyant/Ulrich
10:00 AM Orvis/Belk Dunne/Waterman
10:20 AM Stickney/Broders Rutscher/Hill
10:40 AM Weiman  
All Royal and White players please report to Perfect Game between 10:15-10:30 AM
  Cage 1 Cage 2
11:00 AM Baughman/Bisenius Augustine/Biancalana
11:20 AM Herron/Jones Burkamper/McKinney
11:40 AM Johnson/Lewton Herrick/Johnson
12:00 PM Kaufman/McCay Miller/Schweers
12:20 PM Schreiner/Shultice Haller/Nelson
12:40 PM Scienszinski/Woods Denkinger
All Black and Red players please report to Perfect Game between 12:15-12:30 PM
  Cage 1 Cage 2
1:00 PM Adkins/Ausloos Puk/Henderson
1:20 PM Beckman/Heili Bruhin/Goodman
1:40 PM Cooper/Sadler Kellis/Wikel
2:00 PM Dostal/Shipman Szalo/Lang
2:20 PM  Sommerfield  
2:40 PM    
All Columbia Blue and Gold players please report to Perfect Game between 2:15-2:30 PM
  Cage 1 Cage 2
3:00 PM Anshutz/Hansen Greve/Flummerfelt
3:20 PM Baker/Hovick Hietpas/Good
3:40 PM Volkmann/Monosmith Carpenter/Morrissey
4:00 PM Maharry/Peterson Gaumer/Nowers
4:20 PM Mixon/Pierce Grove/Schlatter
4:40 PM Thousand/ Sorrentino Hassman/Urbanek
All Green and Steel players please report to Perfect Game between 4:15-4:30 PM
  Cage 1 Cage 2
5:00 PM Corson/Beals Baker/Keller
5:20 PM Farley/DeHart Jacobson/Cardamon
5:40 PM Merrill/Klabunde Kuntz/Greenlee
6:00 PM Vogel/Muilenburg BalthazorPick
6:20 PM McCarville  
6:40 PM    

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