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Baseball Hamstring Injuries
Kevin Barr        
Published: Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Baseball Hamstring-Injuries

 Hamstring-Injuries are common in both professional & amateur baseball.

  A significant amount of time is lost from games, practice, & training due to hamstring- injuries.

20% of athletes will suffer set back & reinjure hamstring.

  Prevention & rehabilitation of hamstring injuries should be goal of baseball players of all ages.


  Improper sprint mechanics.

  Lack of strength.

  Sudden stop.

  Over-striding or reaching when sprinting.

  Slipping during lateral movements.



 Warm Up & Flexibility.

  Avoid machines and train legs with feet on the ground (lunge variations, step-up variations, & squat variations).

  Incorporate hip extension movements (RDL Variations) & avoid hamstring-curls.

  Train all leg movements through full range-of-motion.

  Train running mechanics.

  Incorporate turns & angles into runs (not just straight lines).

  Incorporate recovery & hydration strategies.

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