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Nov 23, 2002 - Nov 24, 2002   

The SportZone - Indianapolis, IN
Jeff Zielke
RHP IF, OF 6-3 165   R/R

Exit Velo
Zielke is a sophomore from Wisconsin that can swing the bat and play a good first base, but we think he has his biggest upside on the mound. Initially he swung the bat well, kept his weight back and hit it hard to left field a lot. He was slightly around the ball on the inner half and his swing was a little long but he got it through the zone smoothly and quickly. At times he looked very strong and showed a good long extension and follow-through. He worked on different hitting drills throughout the weekend and we saw that he did not drop his hands as much by the end. He improved his ability to use the whole field. Defensively he showed a good glove at 1B and threw the ball easily at 74 mph across the diamond to third. His body is very projectable and has the potential to add an extra 20 - 30 pounds over the next 2 years. He controls his long and lean body well when he is fielding, pitching and running. In the 60 he ran a 7.5 and showed some athleticism and body control doing so. As a pitcher he showed very well, with a good arm path, but he did show an occasional short-arm with some curveballs. He is a good looking pitcher mechanically, for the most part. He has good balance and keeps his hips closed until the proper moment to open them for maximum power. He also showed a good stride and finish, most of the time. Jeffrey threw the three standard pitches, fastball, curveball and change-up. His fastball showed natural sink making it real interesting. It was clocked at 78-80 mph and he might throw it 90 mph someday. His curveball showed a good tight spin in the 62-64 mph range and he even had a good feel for his change-up which registered at 68 mph on our radar gun. He was comfortable with the change-up, threw it a lot and it might end up being one of his best pitches. His stuff is all good and his potential is even better. We think he has the chance to be a high level division 1 pitcher and would not be surprised if he created interest in the draft as a pitcher one day. Keep a close watch on this pitcher’s development.