Columbine High School (0-0-0)
Littleton, CO

2013 Coach Bob Invitational
3/18/2013 - 3/30/2013

Team Schedule
The schedule for this event has not yet been released.

Austin Anderson SS/2B 6-0 175 R/R 2014Columbine Littleton, CO UNLV
Michael Burns SS/OF 5-9 165 R/R 2013Columbine Littleton, CO Wichita State
Tanner Degutis LHP 5-11 165 L/L 2014Columbine Littleon, CO  
Landon Delosier C 5-8 180 R/R 2014Columbine Littleton, CO  
Michael Dowling OF/LHP 5-11 190 L/L 2013Columbine Littleton, CO  
Tommy Gillman SS 5-7 150 S/R 2016Columbine Littleton, CO Texas A&M
Jori Grossman OF 6-0 200 R/R 2013Columbine Littleton, CO  
Patrick Huffaker C 5-10 155 R/R 2014Columbine Littleton, CO  
Ethan Lanz OF 5-9 185 R/R 2016Columbine Littleton, CO  
Kyle Lopez 1B/LHP 6-1 205 L/L 2014Columbine Littleton, CO  
Nolan Mclaughlin RHP 6-0 210 R/R 2013Columbine Littleton, CO  
Tyler Mohr 3B/1B, OF 6-0 175 L/R 2014Columbine Littleton, CO  
Donny Ortiz 2B/OF 5-7 150 R/R 2014Columbine Littleton, CO  
Billy Ramsey RHP/2B 6-0 165 R/R 2013Columbine Littleton, CO  
Logan Smith SS/3B, 2B 5-11 185 L/R 2013Columbine Littleton, CO  
Michael Tait 3B 5-9 160 R/R 2015Columbine Littleton, CO  
Adrian Trujillo C/3B 5-6 160 R/R 2016Columbine Denver, CO  
Chance Ward OF 6-0 170 L/L 2013Columbine Littleton, CO  
Blake Weiman LHP 6-4 195 R/L 2014Columbine Littleton, CO  
Cameron Ziegler RHP 6-1 165 R/R 2015Columbine Littleton, CO  

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Pool Standings