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Harrah High School (0-0-0)
Harrah, OK

2013 Coach Bob Invitational
3/18/2013 - 3/30/2013

Team Schedule
The schedule for this event has not yet been released.

Brad Burt OF 6-3 175 R/R 2013Harrah Harrah, OK  
Jordan Fredrickson RHP/OF 6-1 160 L/R 2015Harrah Harrah, OK  
Blake Freeman 2B 5-7 150 R/R 2015Harrah Harrah, OK  
Caleb Freeman RHP 6-2 230 R/R 2013Harrah Harrah, OK  
Ryan Gentry OF 6-0 175 R/R 2015Harrah Harrah, OK  
Holden Halferty C 5-8 165 R/R 2015Harrah Harrah, OK  
Braden Hobbs C 5-7 160 R/R 2016Harrah Harrah, OK  
Kostner Ingraham RHP 6-0 150 R/R 2016Harrah Harrah, OK  
Keagan King OF 5-10 150 L/R 2015Harrah Harrah, OK  
Zach Manek RHP 6-2 175 R/R 2014Harrah Harrah, OK  
Kyle Roberts 3B 5-7 150 R/R 2014Harrah Harrah, OK  
Matt Smith OF 5-7 145 R/R 2014Harrah Harrah, OK  
Parker Terry RHP 6-3 215 R/R 2013Harrah Harrah, OK  
Darrell Titsworth RHP 6-0 265 R/R 2015Harrah Harrah, OK  
Steven Turner RHP 5-9 145 R/R 2014Harrah Harrah, OK  
Jason Walden OF 5-8 165 R/R 2015Harrah Harrah, OK  

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Pool Standings