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Who will Win the Jupiter Championship?
Perfect Game Staff        
Published: Thursday, November 10, 2005

68 teams will play in the rescheduled WWBA Championship. Over 1450 players are on these rosters including many of the top prospects in amateur baseball.

In the past we have always tried to handicap the tournament. It's a difficult job that seldom proves to be entirely accurate. For example in last year's championship there were several upsets and surprises. The final 8 included favorites like the champion Houston Heat team and the runnerup Ohio Warhawks. Another pre-tournament favorite Baseball America also made the final 8. However, an outstanding showing by College Select got them into the final 8 for the first time. All four of the teams mentioned above will be back this year.

Rather than make predictions, here are some of the top teams (on paper) in Jupiter this year. The information is taken from the rosters turned in this week. All the teams have several prospects, but the following teams standout the most. We did not mention the Puerto Rico teams because we're not that familiar with their players yet.

We have listed these teams in alphabetical order.

ABD Bulldogs (California) They have a chance to win it all with a loaded and deep roster. Could be the top hitting team in the tournament.

Top ranked 06 players include:

1B - Chris Parmelee (CA) - one of the nation's top hitters.
MIF/P - Tommy Pham (NV)
MIF - Luis Tovar (AZ)
OF/P - Matt Jaimes (CA)
C - Austin Rauch (CA)
And many others

Top ranked 07 players include:
MIF - Nick Noonan (CA)
MIF Courtney Morgan (CA)
1B/3B - Josh Vitters (CA)
P - Eric Hillenbrand (CA)
P - Deryk Hooker(CA)                                                                                                                   Chris Parmelee
OF - Ryan Pineda (CA)
And several others

All American Prospects (Florida) They are one of the favorites to win it all with a loaded and one of the deepest rosters of high draft prospects.

Top ranked 06 players include:

3B - Chris Marrero (FL)
P -Colton Willems (FL)
OF - David Christensen (FL)
P - Brandon Holden (FL)
OF - Ryan Lockwood (FL)
SS - Gabby Saade (FL)
SS - Adrian Cardenas (FL)
C - Sean Ochinko (FL)
P - Chris Armstrong (OK)
OF - Jonathan Edwards (TX) 
                                                                                                                           Chris Marrero
And several others

Top ranked 07 players include:
SS - John Tolisano (FL)                                                                                                                    Colton Willems
P - Mark Peterson (FL)
P - Kevin Quackenbush (FL)
P - Robbie Hubbard (FL)
And much more 

                                                                                                                        David Christensen

Atlanta Braves Scout Team (USA)
One of the favorites to win it all. They are absolutely loaded with top draft prospects!

Top ranked 06 players include: 
INF - Ryan Adams (LA)
INF - Ryan Jackson (FL)
INF - AJ Wirnsberger (AL)
P - Shawn Tolleson (TX)
P - Josh Ravin (CA)
P - Jason Stoffel (CA)
P - Bryan Morgado (FL)
P - Chase Anderson (FL)
P - Jacob Brigham (FL)
P- Kevin Chapman (FL)
P - Tyree Hayes (TX)
P - Zach Britton (TX)                                                                                                                Devin Shepherd         Ryan Jackson  
P - Kyle Snyder (FL)
P/OF - Michael Morrison (CA)
P - Blake Dean (FL)
P - Ryan Butner (FL)
C - Hank Conger (CA)
C - Monk Kreder (TX)
C - Jace Whitmer (GA)
OF - Devin Shepherd (CA)
OF - Drew Poulk (NC)
OF - Justin Jacobs (CA)
OF - Kevin Bishop (GA) 
Ryan Adams             Hank Conger
Top ranked 07 players include:


Baseball America (USA) Always in the running with a ton of draft type talent. Two time former champion of this event.

Top ranked 06 players include:
OF - Cristian Zapata (Dominican Republic)
P - Gedron Fabian (Dominican Republic)
P - Kyle Smit (NV)
C - Robby Alcombrack (CA)
C - Matthew Redding (FL)
C - Jared Avchen (FL)
SS - Jet Butler (FL)
MIF - Alex Hilliard (LA)
MIF - Davis Banks (NV)
3B - Josh Beard (TX)
P - Sam Sharpe (KS)
P - Michael Anderson (NY)                                                                                                                Robby Alcombrack
P - Zach Harwood (TX)
P - Yasser Clor (CA)
OF/P - Dominic Brown (GA)
And several others

Top ranked 07 players include:
Courtney Jefferson (AL)

Chet Lemon Juice (Florida) Always loaded with talent and a threat to win it all. One of the top programs in the country every year.

Top ranked 06 players include:
P - Carmine Giardina (FL)
SS - Marcus Lemon (FL)
3B - Chris Duffy (FL)
OF - Jonathan Pigott (FL)
C/P - Manny Martir (FL)
P - Billy Bullock (FL)
And many more
Top ranked 07 players include:
OF/P - Michael Burgess (FL)
P - Jonathan Bachanov (FL)
1B - Ryan Mathews (FL)
P - Casey Whitmer (TX)
And much more

Dirtbags (North Carolina) Loaded with talent, they will compete with anyone.

Top ranked 06 players include:
P/MIF - Graham Stoneburner (VA)
P - Ryan Morris (NC)
MIF - Kyle Seager (NC)
3B - Nick Liles (NC)
P - Ryan Woolley (VA)
And many more
Top ranked 07 players include:
P/3B - Greg Holt (NC)
P - Kyle Greenwalt (PA)
OF/P - Ben Bunting (NC)
OF/P - Quincy Latimore (NC)
And more

East Cobb Astros (Georgia) Always a favorite to win it all, they're absolutely loaded as usual. East Cobb has more national championships than any other program. They are a former champion of this event as well.

Top ranked 06 players include:
1B/OF - Cody Johnson (FL)
C - Torre Langley (GA)
OF - Cedric Hunter (GA) 
MIF - Michael Demperio (GA)
3B - Brandon May (GA)
1B - Mike Meschke (GA)
P - Nick Fuller (GA)
P - James Gilheeney (RI)
C - Mark Fluery (GA)
MIF - David Cunningham (GA)
P - Evan Parrish (GA)
MIF - Jonathan Merritt (GA)                                                                                                       Cody Johnson           Cedric Hunter
And several others
Top ranked 07 players include:
P - Josh Smoker (GA)
OF/P - Nathan Vineyard (GA)
1B/OF - Jason Heyward (GA)
OF - Hunter Morris (AL)
P - Michael Palazzone (GA) #1 ranked 08
And more 

                                                                                                                                                                                Torre Langley

Florida Bombers (Florida) Always one of the best teams in the country, lots of 07s, but some of the best ones in the country. Also several highest level 06s.

Top ranked 06 players include:
OF - Riley Cooper (FL)
SS - Cory Figueroa (FL)
2B - Cole Figueroa (FL)
P - Shane Hill (FL)
P - Alex Koronis (FL)
P - Nick Hernandez (FL)
And more
Top ranked 07 players include:
C - Danny Rams (FL)
OF - Hunter Ovens (FL)
1B - Austin Sheffield (FL)
P/1B - Iden Nazario (FL)
OF - Jose Rodriguez (FL)
OF - Denny Almonte (FL)
C - Yasmany Grandal (FL)
P - DJ Swatscheno (FL)
SS - Harold Martinez (FL) 08
And more

Houston Heat (Texas) Defending champions and one of the favorites again. One of the top programs in America with top talent always.

Top ranked 06 players include: 
P/SS - Kyle Drabek (TX)
1B/P - Aaron Miller (TX)
P - Daniel Meadows (TX)
P - Blake Williams (TX)
MIF - Diego Seastrunk (TX)
SS - Raynor Campbell (TX)
OF - Cody Podraza (TX)
And many more 

                                                                                                                                                Kyle Drabek              Aaron Miller
Top ranked 07 players include:
SS - Kevin Ahrens (TX)
And a bunch more that are about to become very well known

Midland Redskins (Ohio) Great program with great talent, both 06 and 07s. Midland has a storied past of turning out Major League stars.

Top ranked 06 players include:
P - Brett Anderson (OK)
P - Josh Thrailkill (NC)
P - Andy Oliver (OH)
OF - Jared Mitchell (LA)
OF/P - Alan Oaks (MI)
OF - Brian Adams (FL)
And More
Top ranked 07 players include:
SS - Christian Rodriguez (UT)
SS - Justin Jackson (NC)
P - Sam Runion NC)
P - Tanner Robles (UT)                                                                                                                                              Brett Anderson
SS - Ryan Dent (CA)
3B - Todd Brazeal (FL)
P - Tom Toledo (FL)
And much more

                                                                                                                                                                               Jared Mitchell

Midwest Blazers (Wisconsin) Always high level competitor at the national level. They have produced an amazing number of draft picks over the years.

Top ranked 06 players include:
P - Tony Sedlmeyer (IN)
MIF - Chris Roberts (WI)
P - Tony Butler (WI)
MIF - Grant Simotes (IL)
MIF - Wes Munson (WI)
P - Nick Kurash (IL)
3B - Keith Mauney (NC)
C - Derek Mosher (MI)
Top ranked 07 players include:
P - Julian Sampson (WA)
MIF - DJ LeMahieu (MI)
P - Nick Rice (WI)
And more

NY/SF Bandit Stars (New York / Dominican Republic) Tons of talent including a few of the very best young prospects out of the Domican Republic, but that's not all they have.

Top ranked 06 players include:
P - Chris Andujar (DR)
P - Dagoberto Pena (DR)
OF - Jonathan Reyes (DR)
C - Jayson Hernandez (NJ)
C - Joe Mercurio (NY)
P - Matt Petiton (NY)
P - Glen Gibson (NY)
P - Joe Miller (NY)
P - Artie Clyde (NJ)
INF - Casey Frawley (CT)
And much more

Ohio Warhawks (Ohio) One of the heavy favorites, loads of talent and very deep. They are more than capable of winning it all.

Top ranked 06 players include:
OF - Jason Place (SC)
3B/P - Cory Rasmus (AL)
OF - Travis Snider (WA)
P/3B - Evan Cox (AR)
3B - Steven Englund (WA)
IF/P - Joseph Sanders (AL)
C - Jay Ponciano (WA)
P - Robert Fish (CA)
Top ranked 07 players include:
P - Robert Stock (CA)
P - Danny Danielson (AL)
And more                                                                                                                                                                  Cory Rasmus

Orlando Scorpions (Florida) Outstanding team with big time talent.

Top ranked 06 players include:
OF - Derrick Robinson (FL)
C - Max Sapp (FL)
SS - Mike Freeman (FL)
OF - Ohmed Danesh (FL)

And much more

                                                                                                                                                                             Derrick Robinson

                                                                                                                                                                                   Max Sapp

Tidewater White Sox (Virginia)
Maybe the top pitching staff in the tournament including two of the top ranked pitchers in the 06 class. Both have throw mid 90s or better.
Top ranked 06 players include:
P - Matt Latos (FL)
Jeremy Jeffress (VA)
Rob Whitley (VA)

                                                                                                                                                                                Jeremy Jeffress

The rest of the teams playing have outstanding talent. The best from Puerto Rico will be there. The PG teams have many top prospects this year. Some of the top draft prospects in the country are on these teams not listed above. Those talented players unsigned in the early college signing period are going to be known by every college coach in America.

So... Who will be the big surprise teams this year? More important is who will be the surprise prospects, there are always a lot of surprises.
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