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David Rawnsley
Vice President of Player Personnel

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since 2/2/2005
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1 Top 10 2012 draft slots determined 11/29/11 20955 views
2 WWBA World Top 20 Teams 10/18/11 18653 views
3 World Showcase top prospects 1/9/14 18079 views
4 The Jupiter Top 20 10/24/12 17119 views
5 2012 Mock Draft (v.1) 4/17/12 15398 views
Northwest Showcase top prospects    
Oct 1, 2014
The top prospect list from the 2014 Northwest Showcase is now available, which includes 2015 righthander Skyler Swords of Lake Stevens, Wash.  read 
PG/Evo Upperclass Day 3 recap    
Sep 22, 2014
Tyler Nevin, son of Phil, helped power CBA Marucci into semifinal play on Monday and was one of several standouts from Day 3 at the PG/EvoShield National Upperclass Championship.  read 
PG/Evo Upperclass Day 2 recap    
Sep 21, 2014
Outfielder Tyler Williams continues to display impressive development gains and was one of several prospects that stood out on Day 2 at the PG/EvoShield National Uppderclass Championship.  read 
PG/Evo Upperclass Day 1 recap    
Sep 20, 2014
David Rawnsley and Todd Gold provide their scouting observations from Day 1 of the 2014 PG/EvoShield National Upperclass Championship, including those on CBA Marucci infielder Niko Navarro.  read 
PG/Evo Underclass Day 3 recap    
Sep 15, 2014
Kevin Gowdy had a strong performance on the mound on Day 3 of the PG/EvoShield National Underclass Championship as David Rawnsley and Todd Gold provides notes on the day's action.  read 
PG/Evo Underclass Day 2 recap    
Sep 14, 2014
Jacob Gonzalez, son of long-time MLB star Luis Gonzalez, was one of several players that made a positive impact on Day 2 of the PG/EvoShield Underclass National Championship.  read 
PG/Evo Underclass Day 1 recap    
Sep 13, 2014
David Rawnsley and Todd Gold provide their thoughts on players from the first day of the 2014 PG/EvoShield National Underclass Championship, including those on shortstop Nick Quintana.  read 

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